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Important links and things!

This is where all our links are!

The region was created for me and my friends on Iwaku roleplay forums! This is a rare region created for a forum rather than having a forum created for the region! My sister Diana Ordhagan is currently head admin of Iwaku Roleplay forums and I am known there as Isabella Hime!

LinkIwaku Forums
You might have to poke me for invites though..

Also due to recent recruitment telegram I made up some activities we will do each day of the week!

Sunday: We all count how many birds fly by.
Monday: We break big rocks into smaller rocks.
Tuesday: We all spin around really fast to see who falls down first.
Wednesday: We all fall asleep.
Thursday: We nibble on the wings of winged creatures.
Friday: We all cower in fear because Ozoi is watching us.. even more scary if it's the 13'th of the month.
Saturday: We invade New Jersey at last!

The Glorious Nations of Iwaku national anthem!

LinkAkuno Musume

Currently we are in the state of anarchy ruled by dictators.. (how does that even happen)

All say hewwo to Glorious Leader Comrade Ozoi!

My Skype name is IsabellaHime (Might be seen as Isabella Vasentius)! Look for the one in Antarctica! But I rarely use Skype now days.. I am on Discord now as Vandoosa #4924

YAY! and hewwo to Iwaku Delegate Enlais!

Provinces and Protectorates of Iwaku:
Anime City
East Asian Dominion
Federation of Nations
New Odessa
The Island of Misfit Toys
The Realms of Cyrodiil
The Shadowlands
The Unicorns of the World
The Valley of The Wind
The New British Empire
Black Mesa Islands
Greater Japanese Empire

Original region:
Glorious Nations of Iwaku

Sister region:
Eientei Gensokyo