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by The ⚡🌪️ Deadly Spring Time 🌪️⚡ of Vando0sa. . 1,059 reads.

Global recruitment imminent! Shock wave of cuteness will shake the foundations of NS once again in 2020! *Update first day of Summer Solstice*

The bomb has been dropped! YAAAY! to celebrate my condemnation repeal (it might not happen) I've decided to share the love of chaos with everyone in the world! 

A lot of destruction and fire happened and pretty sure there will be a big cooties outbreak... Remember everyone! Circle circle dot dot now I have my cooties shot! If you haven't then that's bad.. oopsie pandemic.. also the radiation and fall out.. and the shock wave kinda leveled like.. so many lots of many cities and stuff.. Oh and the nuclear winter that might happen.. But at least we can fight that with pollution and greenhouse gasses!

Screencaps of the damage!

Before send:

After send:

Telegram itself #1:

Telegram itself #2:

It went boom like this! [url=]BOOOM![/url]

YAAAY! Now more cuteness and only upvotes because if you down vote I'll raid your region!


2020 Tsar Bomba (Kawaiitomic Bomb)

Hewwo entire world! It is I [nation]Vandoosa[/nation](It's a black hole now), [nation]Vando0sa[/nation] (main Nation) [nation]Vand00sa[/nation] (Nation dropping the bomb) and many other variations of Vandoosa with o's and 0's and Numbers in German. Founder of [region]The Glorious Nations of Iwaku[/region], [region]Eientei Gensokyo[/region], [region]Hetalia[/region], and [region]Slavija[/region]! 

I've shook the foundation of nations states 3 times in the past with global recruitment. First being Autumn October 2013, second Winter January 2015, third Spring April 2016. There is one season I've yet to conquer.. Summer! And at midnight in my timezone marks the beginning of Summer! This was originally meant to happen in Summer of 2017 or 2018 but goblins stole all of my money. But now it's finally time to show off my greatness and kawaiiness to the world once again! Summer will be conquered!

Behold as I detonate an even bigger Tsar Bomba than the one of 2016 named the Kawaiitomic Bomb!

This will be the largest recruitment campaign in Nationstates history! over 220,000 Nations will feel a shock wave of cuteness!

When the Kawaiitomic Bomb detonates it will be like a few stars going super nova and might cause a black hole but with the blast it will spew out a massive shock wave that will send radioactive faeries to every nation in the world. [url=]Each faerie will deliver a copy of this recruitment telegram![/url] Also the wind from the shock wave might level cities all over the world but it's worth it to spread cuteness to all ends of the universe!

Also the bomb might make Summer become Winter but we gunna do it anyway! That might not happen maybe.

As the first tag:all recruitment said at the end: "When in doubt, a midi!" This one being the final one to conquer all 4 seasons will be "When in doubt,  minuit!"

Season being conquered now: 

Summer June 2020!

Now join my region as I sway and spin to blur your senses!

Old dispatch as of April 2016:

Hewwo! This is the new Iwaku region to replace [region]Glorious Nations of Iwaku[/region]. My founder nation of the previous region somehow vanished leaving the region open to invaders. Pretty sure it was eaten by [nation]Sedgistan[/nation] Due to either my involvement in a certain Predator scandal or because I nibbled on his wings. 

The old region is now password locked so no little nations can get in and slowly the region will die. Lucky I had a backup Vandoosa lying around so I created this region to keep Iwaku's legacy going! YAY! It will be just like the old region with the only noticeable differences being the extra "the" in the name and one of the founders o's is a zero. I will be doing a massive world wide recruitment mega TG thingy again soon to jump start the region with lots of hyper cute little nations!

The original Iwaku was a tiny quiet region till the first global recruitment TG in October 2013. If not for that first global telegram the region never would have grown into what it is now. January 2015 I sent a second global telegram just for the heck of it. At that time I decided I wanted to cover all 4 seasons.. so I said the next one would be Spring of 2016! The time has come! I was having second thoughts on doing it till the massive Banhammer fell from the sky... looks like I have a good reason to go through with it after all.

To avoid leaving a second Iwaku founderless I have retired from raiding for the most part. Still might do a few raids in the distant future but but will avoid all scripts like the vial demons they are! On the bright side I made raiding more cute! A lot of raiders use cute anime flags now. Iwaku's cuteness culture has spread far and wide thanks to my evil raiding!

The plan here:
1.Global telegram to collect lots of nations.
2.Make them all really cute.
3.Form our own military and finally knock over [region]New Jersey[/region]

This new Iwaku region will continue the spammy roleplay culture the old region had. Maybe we will reach 20,000 pages of posts here in good time!

As for the old region I hope all the nations there move here where it is safe! I plan to nuke all the embassies there to encourage them to make embassies with the new region.

Speaking of new regions new Iwaku is not the only one. I've founded [region]Eientei Gensokyo[/region] It will be a slightly different community. Still cute and silly but with a regional government and a lot less chaos. 

Hopefully you will join at least one of my two regions.. after you stare at me long enough...


UPDATED April 18 2016!

The tsar bombba has been dropped! Folks can view screencaps of the telegram here in case you missed it! also ignore the strange tabs i have open.. It's not like I am a super villain or anything..

I have covered the following seasons now.

April 2016

January 2015

October 2013

Each one one year and 3 months apart. Hopefully if all goes well I can take on Summer in 2017 sometime in late July or August. Also depends on how many nations exist then as NS had been growing fast recently.. we will see in another year and 3 months. Hopefully I'll complete the full cycle!