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The West Pacifican Issue #2 (2.Apr.2016)

Table of Contents
Help Wanted at TWP!
Election Under Way!
What Are We Voting For, Though?!

Help Wanted at TWP! (Please?)
Well, I guess it’s just me this entire issue, so… let’s get this All You Can Zogradia Buffet (I don't even know what that means?!) through. Okay, so The West Pacifican (what the TWP in the title was referring to) is a newspaper we hope to have every month or so, though the progress of releasing issues has gone slower than Jim Gilmour’s 2016 presidential campaign, which is why I am asking you for help writing the newspaper to write stories.
Basically, all you need is an idea, and preferably good grammar and spelling skills (at least better than what you find on the YouTube comments section), then, just write a couple short paragraphs about whatever you want related to TWP or NS that you think people will find interesting, then send it to my puppet The west pacifican. Simple! Anyways, now that I made my cry for assistance, let’s move on…

Election Under Way!
As you may or may not know, the 2016 election for WA Secretary-General is underway, and our own Benjamin Mark is running for the esteemed office, but didn’t exactly make the second round, so we switched our support to Mikeswill, and we urge you to be a true West Pacifican™, and vote for We Are Not TBH (our choice for supported candidate shifted a little)! “But how?” you ask, well, first if you read this in the next few days, you will see a small, turquoise banner near the top displaying election numbers. Click on it, and you’ll be taken to the election page, from there, click “vote” and select whoever TWP supports next!

What Are We Voting For, Though?!
The 2016 WASG election is underway at the same time as the US presidential election and the Zogradi Prime Ministerial election in a few weeks, but what is the first thing, exactly? Well, to explain it to a degree in which I can explain it, it is the election for the WA Secretary-General. As of the release of this article, we have had three primary rounds, and are now in the General Election, and we (TWP) have switched support from Benjamin Mark to Mikeswill, and are now supporting We Are Not TBH, keep in mind we’re against much of NS, including non-WA members. Yes! Non-WA members can vote for the head of the WA, like if I, being an American, voted for who will be the EU chancellor. But hey, can’t hurt, can it? (We’ll probably be fine)

The west pacifican