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Big Tex sez, A Taco In Every Hand!

Big Tex
Your NatSov Candidate!
Now With Tacos!

Elections, Tacos, Tacos, Elections, what goes better, nothing!

If elected World Assembly Secretary-General, we will gaurantee A Taco In Every Hand!

Just what kind of taco you may ask? Well, we have all kinds for all peeps! We are partial to fajitas, but we will put a taco in every hand, every day to anyone who wants one!

Big Tex Tex's Tacos For You!

Vote Big Tex for World Assembly Secretary-General!

Together, we will take back the leadership and governance of your nation and give it back to you!

This message brought to you by the Texas FajitaMobile!

Like Politics? Want to know more? Be sure and check out our platform!

The Happy Canada Day of NewTexas