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2016 Provolectum Results: Government Reshuffle

[27 March 2016 - 15:45]

Chancellor Baizerten will remain the Chancellor of Zocra for the time being as he won the Provolectum on Saturday (26 March 2016). But, the Chancellorship was not the only seat up for grabs. The Speaker was also challenged with Elaker Vetudl being replaced as speaker by Howard Lewis Derby (Former Fuelcharge-General). James Setteren, a banker and private investor was named Fuelcharge-General to replace the empty seat left by Derby.

Chancellor Provolectum
TOTAL: 12,122,250
Donald Baizerten (Incumbent, PRO): 6,236,951 - 51.5%
Ida Krautinger-─▀man (UWPPP): 5,861,336 - 48.4%
Gorbst Bwembski: 23,963 - ~0.2%


Federal Tauvrik Speaker Provolectum (Called 26 March 2016)
TOTAL (delegatory ballots): 663
Elaker Vetudl (Incumbent, APB): 321
Howard Lewis Derby: 326
Gerard Edwin Theodore Axley: 12
Egerç Bredbm: 3
Constable Haggis: 1

The Federated Island Republic of Zocra