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(OLD RP 2) Middle Earth Roleplay - Update 01


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The Broken Kingdoms:
(NPC faction)

Deep to the East of the known realm lied a precarious kingdom ruled by a somewhat tall dwarf, compared with his kin; Farin the Tall came from a proud lineage of tall dwarves, or at least tall enough to ride a horse without too much hassle.

Farin the Tall, with his army, was last known to be found in the province of Dorwinion, on his quest to reclaim the lands around (and including the) Iron Hills, the old dwarf-hold that meant so much for him and those of his race.

Unfortunately enough, his strife let him far away from known lands, and Farin found himself slightly isolated; Himself and his 750 soldiers have a mighty task in front of them; to regroup, to reclaim the Iron Hills and, most important, to find their way back to the Withered Heath, their capitol.

No army movements

Kingdom of Arthedain:
(NPC faction)

The Kingdom of Arthedain, Cardolan and Rhudaur has long since been lost, if it ever existed in the first place; today, many factions claim many of the provinces that once shaped the great kingdom that stood here, on these grounds. A legitimate claim to these lands is given by King Mallor of Arthedain, descendant of a dwindling dynasty of Kings of Men.

The plans of Mallor of Arthedain, while unknown at this particular moment, most definitely revolve around reuniting the lands he claims to be his, by birth-right.

No army movements

Darkmarshes Faction:
(NPC faction)

The Darkmarshes are a black, hungry-for-war faction. Ruled by an ambitious king, Agandaur the Marauder, no good thing can ever come to the realm and to those that choose to oppose him.

He is known to always respect his own word, and to be always suspicious at those around him. Cruel, deadly, and with a cunningly strategic mind, people speak about him with respect and fear.

What is to happen from now on, only time will tell.

No army movements

Druadain Hill Dwarves - post 1 of 2:
(NPC faction)

Whurfirlum Greybeard, king of the dwarves of the Druadain Hill, can be usually seen atop the warrior's hill in Anorien, contemplating about richness, the realm, the craftspeople, the past and future glory. You can clearly know what he is thinking about at any particular moment by the way he strokes his beard.

Little is known about how this kingdom of Dwarves ended up to inhabit the realms of Anorien, but they so far have managed to live in peace with the humans around them, and due to the acumen of Whurfirlum and of his fathers before him, managed to even prosper in these times of incertitude.

No army movements

Elves of Cardolan - post 1 of 2:
(NPC faction)

Cardolan has always been the place of internal turmoil and dark pestilence and disease, with many associating the region with the barrow-wrights, the icy shadowy wrights haunting the lands.

So you can imagine the surprise when, besides all of this, we find a small community of elves in the region, still prospering and not giving in to the shadows and to the despair.

These elves, ruled by Elrohir, gathered in numbers enough to form a small army and, given time, have a desire to extend their influence into the neighborhood provinces and populate and rule them accordingly.

No army movements

Kingdom of Gondolin - post 1 of 2:
(RP nation: Old gondolin, NS nation: Eglamar)

Ecthelion was looking at the sea. Long time ago, far, far in the west there was the city that appeared in his dreams from time to time. Gondolin, the stone heart of hidden valley. But it was long gone. Deep in the sea it was, walls of the great city broken, sculpture burned and smashed. No light have seen high towers of the past. Only Ulmo visited the place, reminding the old ruins what they once were.

With lingering chagrin, Ecthelion turned away from the Elven Shores and looked to the East. There was a city, surrounded by mountains from the East, open to the music of the sea from the West. The walls were tall, the fountains high. And its name was also Gondolin - it was the capital of the Kingdom of Lindon, founded by Ecthelion after the War of Wrath on the lands that once belonged to Beleriand.

"Fake" some would say. But not many elves remained from those who knew original Gondolin, and even for them it served as a symbol of hope and a monument to the fallen friends.

But the sips were leaving, carrying elves to the West every day. And the beauty of the city was fading, slowly but steadily. Will I be leaving you again behind, my City of Waterfalls?

But there was no time for such thoughts. For whatever time he got left in the Middle Earth, he wanted to use it all.

"Send Greetings to the Elves of Cardolan. Tell Elrohir that it comforts my heart knowing that there are still elves who choose to fight the shadow and protect their land from the darkness. But warn him about the danger from the Kingdom of Arthedain. Surely they will be aiming to reclaim the lands they had in the past, now that they have a new king" Then he added "And tell him this - I will be glad to negotiate on your behalf with the Athedains, but I would be grateful if you could help me to reclaim Mithlond. What do you say?"

And send a messenger to the Kingdm of Arthedain. With these words " I greet you, King Mallor of Arthedain. May the valor of dunedains shine again in dark skies of Middle Earth. We will be glad to help you to rebuild your kingdom, considering the elven borders, and help with trade and knowledge. We are willing to mediate your relationship with relatively young kingdom founded by the Elves of Cardolan and bring our region back to stability and prosperity. What do you say, o King Mallor? In exchange we would appreciate your help with reclaiming Mithlond. Help us and you will have the friendship of the elves",

"Now, should we get us some land?"

Send messages to the NPCs
Move 1000 elves and Ecthelion to Southern Lindon, from there attack Eryn Vorn.
March 1000 elves and Ecthelion to Eryn Vorn

The Tribe of the White Hand:
(RP nation: The river isen, NS nation: Dor caranthir)

"Wots dis den yer git? Stinkin' humies on tha move? Get da boyz togetha and let's give 'em a right good stompin'!" Gharag Blacktoof was yelling at the top of his lungs to noone in particular. As Warchief, that was entirely his perogative. Noone was quite sure how the big Uruk had ended up as their leader, but he seemed oddly out of place in the highly structured Uruk army. Yet Warchief he was, a position he enforced through sheer physical prowess and a good deal of 'eadbuttin', as he so eloquently put it.

"Oi, kaptin! Wotcher call dis piece o' land 'ere. Tha one wiv dem 'umies in it?" This time Gharag was glowering at one of the Uruk captains assembled nearby. "Enedhwaith, Warchief," came the reply. "Yer bloody wot? Nononono, we iz callin' it tha stompin' land when wese done wiv it. Bwaahahaha!"

"Oh, and send some o' yer sneaky gits ta have a poke, look for tha next fight."

The captains shrugged at eachother. As long as the going was good, they'd suffer Gharag's peculiarities. And right now the going was particularly good. Gharag claimed to have chosen by The White Hand to lead the disorganised Orcs tribes in the Gap of Isen to conquest and glory, and he had been convincing enough so far. After administering a quick trashing to the most rebellious of the Orc tribes, the Uruks had asserted dominance and formed the groups into the Tribe of the White Hand. To the nearby Humans, the area was known as The Borderlands of The River Isen, and they quickly learned to give it a wide berth.

That worked for a time. However, something was clearly stirring Gharag Blacktoof to ever greater aspirations, and now his troops were marching on Enedhwaith.

3000 Orcs led by Gharag Blacktoof to invade Enedhwaith.
Goblin Scouts sent in the direction of The House of Fingolfin, The Unfettered and the Druadain Hill Dwarves (NPCs). Feel free to interact (or don't, if you prefer) with them if you like.

Kingdom of Gondolin - post 2 of 2:
(RP nation: Old gondolin, NS nation: Eglamar)

While marching to Eryn Vorn, Ecthelion wrote an official proposal to the Dwarfs that were his neighbors to the East. The text was as follows:

"Lord Nelyafinwë the Kinda Cool,

You have probably noticed that recently our mutual trade has brought much wealth to our countries. Our patrols are conducting mutual operations, our merchants trade together, we exchange our knowledge of the world.

Why don't we make our ties even stronger? I hereby offer you a hand of friendship - alliance between elves and dwarfs, like in the old days of the First Age.

Let me know about your answer.

Ecthelion of Gondolin"

The letter was sent with a messenger to The March of Maedhros

Dominion of Rhun:
(RP nation: Gurthanc rp, NS nation: Gurthanc)

As the Chief arose to the trumpeting of the restless Ouliphants and the bleating of panicked Gemsbok hordes, he called for his scribe and his Warlord, Arthang'uthil, to attend. As the diminutive scribe and the towering Warlord approached, In'tirrilas thought of his promise: A vow made to the elders of Khad to destroy those of the West.
<A map!> he called in Harad and it was brought.
<Who lives here?> In'tirrilas demanded of Arthang, while pointing at Anorien.
<Just a tribe of dwarves, sire.> Whined the scribe
<And who lives here?> Asked In'tirrilas, gesturing at Lamedon and Belfalas.
<A tribe of fellow men> Boomed Arthangg
<Perhaps they would wish to unite to reclaim their homeland...> Pondered In'tirrilas
<Send scouts to the Horse Plains and an army of 1000 warriors through the Southern Pass and into Upper Nurn. Also, send an emissary to Lamedon.>
<And what of me, lord?> Said Arthangg
<Lead an army of 1000 warriors into the Sutherland. Our dominion will grow!> Ordered Cheif In'tirrilas.

1000 men and Hero to Sutherland
1000 men to Upper Nurn
Emissary to The Unfettered (Please post decision to accept parley or not on RMB. If you accept, I will TG you.)
Scout to Darkmarshes Faction (NPC)

The March of Maedhros:
(RP nation: The sons of feanor, NS nation: March of Maedhros)

Nelyafinwë the Kinda Cool looked to the mountains in the north of his realm. Long the River Lhun flows from those frozen springs, long it has flowed down to the sea; where the Elves have their harbours for their departure to the west. It flowed from his lands, it gained strength in his lands, but it flowed to aid the elves. THE ELVES, long unfriendly to dwarves they were. But was change coming? A letter had arrived from Ecthelion asking for friendship... an alliance between Elves and Dwarves. Could this be a ruse? No: Elves are, at the least, trustworthy. He was to be trusted. Ecthelion was an ancient being, long he dwelled in this Middle Earth, and some say in the West. He was one of the High Elves, ancient friends of Dwarves. He dictated this to his scribe:
"Send 'em a letter. I'll agree to this here a pact thing. Write neatly, and in proper tongue. Elves to not take kindly to uncoth folk, or dwarven tongue. But they are strong, powerful beings. They will prove good allies!"

And, strangely enough for a Dwarf, this inspired change in Nelyafinwë. He was going to ask for non-aggression with the Orcs of Angmar. He knew the fighting between Dwarves and Orcs to be ugly and ancient. Long could they battle still. But bloodshed was useless.

Accept alliance with Ecthelion and his people.
Propose non-aggression with The Kingdom of Angmar(send a letter)
Attack Numeriador with 600 Dwarven infantry

The House of Fingolfin:
(RP nation: House of fingolfin, NS nation: Telperion of valinor)

Fingolfin stood besides his sons looking over the Vales of Anduin, awaiting the approach of a scout.
"What news?" Fingolfin's voice passed long and clear through that countryside.
"There are whispers of Orcs from the south my Lord. Their stench was felt as we passed near Fangorn."
Fingolfin turned towards the south, his gaze reaching even to the outskirts of Lorien for his sight was keen. "We must be wary, I will not see our lands defiled by their filth." He then swept his eyes towards Southern Mirkwood, the trees of which had been drawing his attention for weeks. "Yet I fear not an attack from the South. Orome, muster the Elves, for we are to march into Southern Mirkwood, and claim the land that has been calling the House of Fingolfin."

1000 Elves and hero to invade Southern Mirkwood
Send scouts in the direction of The Tribe of the White Hand

.... in Cardolan ....
Elves of Cardolan - post 2 of 2:

After receiving word from a fellow elf from over Ered Luin, in the fair realms of Lindon, Elrohir was overjoyed. He treated the messenger with utmost respect, as only the elves of past Gondolin could deserve such honors.

Before reaching any decision, Elrohir needed time to think, and to consult. His little kingdom has no chance to survive in this harsh world if he dived into bigger conflicts than he, and his fellow elf, can handle ; but in the same time, having friends is the key to survival ...

Elrohir informed the messenger that he will receive an answer soon, and to feel as welcomed as possible in his stay in Cardolan, for until the time he sends for him to give the news of their decision.

.... in another part of the world, east of Cardolan ....
Druadain Hill Dwarves - post 2 of 2:

The dwarf-scouts in Anorien noticed curious movements on their western borders. Scouts were approaching their lands, covered by the shadows cast at the foothills of Ered Nimrais. Whurfirlum was unsure of the thoughts these scouts came equipped with, so he put them to be followed.

The Unfettered:
(RP nation: Starrp, NS nation: The starlight)

They were the Unfettered, unbound by loyalty to any. They had all been slaves, servants, men at the whim of their master, but one day, a man had come to break the chains. He had naught but a sword, which they called Chainbreaker, and a name: Valinus Westbrooke. A sword, a name, and words. Words which lifted their hearts up, soaring into the sky like the legendary Eagles of Manwe, words, that lit a fire within them all, that drove them faster, higher, and stronger. And so, they had risen, and broken the chains. And then Valinus had led them to a new land, a land of their own making and reckoning, where they might forge their legacy.

Lamedon and Belfalas were their lands, but soon, they would grow...

Valinus Westbrooke stood upon the walls of his castle, looking outward. Middle-Earth was changing, and he could not tell whether it was for good or ill. The Unfettered were defended by the mountains to the north, and could escape into the Bay of Belfalas, but there were mountain passes, and still plenty of places for them to be invaded. Thus, they had to capture the land that surrounded them before any others did, and so he assembled the armies of the Unfettered, 2000 strong, and led them to Anfalas, to attack it.

But first, there were some emissaries to answer to, and so, he walked down to the throne room and beckoned his guards to bid them enter, one at a time.

The first was a goblin scout from the Tribe of the White Hand, and Valinus bid him welcome. "Greetings, stranger. I am Valinus Westbrooke, leader of the Unfettered. What brings you hither?

After the goblin scout was one from the Dominion of Rhun, and Valinus greeted the emissary as well. "I believe you wish to parley, correct? Your terms, from what I see, are acceptable to me."

2000 Humans to attack Anfalas

The Kingdom of Angmar:
(RP nation: Angmar of the witch king, NS nation: The olog-hai)

This was an... odd... development. Dwarves, a long-standing enemy of the Orcs wished peace. Then again, who was not fearful if the almighty, all-powerful Orcs? Therefore, all banded together in fear of the strength of the Orcs! But this Dwarf wished to put aside old feuds. Perhaps it would enable to Orcs to conquer more, and best all in their strength.
The Witch King contemplated all of this as he read the letter. His lieutenant, Gothmog, an underling of his, an Orc, only, but still useful. The Orcs were only a tool of his, a steppingstone he would use to ascend to great heights. For he was the Black Captain, and all would bend to his will.
Gothmog presented the following: "Just killem all!" he growled in that guttural Orc voice. "They are only dwarves! We are mighty, and we are many. We don' need peace!"
The Witch King silenced him with something that seemed like a glare. Orcs know nothing of politics. One must be careful if one will rise, but action is still needed!
The Witch King said to Gothmog "Send a runner. Not our strongest, but not our weakness. Do not show disrespect, nor shall we show deference. Send our fastest instead. Have him tell the Dwarf that this leave shall be had, for now. Meanwhile, prepare me Orcs. I have business to attend to."

Send a messenger back to Nelyafinwë confirming the non-aggression treaty.
Send 3000 orcs with my hero to attack Upper Anduin.

The Shadowed Trees of Mirkwood:
(RP nation: No RP Nation!, NS nation: Nyyx)

No news, 1st update missed.

What has been done until this update :
  • Kingdom of Gondolin - successfully conquered 1 province: Eryn Vorn.

  • The Tribe of the White Hand - successfully conquered 1 province: Enedhwaith.

  • Dominion of Rhun - successfully conquered 2 provinces: Sutherland and Upper Nurn.

  • The March of Maedhros - successfully conquered 1 province: Numeriador.

  • The House of Fingolfin - successfully conquered 1 province: Southern Mirkwood.

  • The Unfettered - successfully conquered 1 province: Anfalas.

  • The Kingdom of Angmar - successfully conquered 1 province: Upper Anduin.


  • The March of Maedhros has entered an ALLIANCE with Kingdom of Gondolin.

  • The Kingdom of Angmar has agreed to a NON AGGRESSION PACT with The March of Maedhros.

The Map of Middle Earth Roleplay - Update 01:
The Map of this Update can be found LinkHERE.
** IF you want to check out the other updates, go LinkHERE **


    • Kingdom's Name: The House of Fingolfin

    • NS Player: Telperion of valinor

    • RP nation: House of fingolfin

    • Race: Elves

    • Leader: Fingolfin

    • Hero: type C, Oromë

    • More info:

        MORE INFO :: region=Middle_Earth_Roleplay

        Name of Kingdom: --- The House of Fingolfin

        Race: --- Elves

        Number of Provinces: --- 2

        Name of Provinces: --- Anduin Vales (capitol), Wold & Foothills

        Hero: --- Type C. Name: Oromë

        The name of your ruler: --- Fingolfin

        Your desired color: --- 1

      Read dispatch

    • NS Stats: +5% effectiveness

    • God Favouritism: 55 (+ 0% effectiveness)

    • Regions under command: (3) : Anduin Vales (C), Southern Mirkwood, Wold and Foothills

    • Armies under command: 870 Elves in Southern Mirkwood (with Hero)

    • Kingdom's Name: Dominion of Rhun

    • NS Player: Gurthanc

    • RP nation: Gurthanc rp

    • Race: Humans

    • Leader: In'tirrlias, King of the East

    • Hero: type A, Arhtnang'uthil the Crusher

    • More info:

      Name of Kingdom: --- Dominion of Rhun
      Race: Men
      Number of Provinces: Two
      Name of Provinces: Harad, Khad
      Hero: Offensive Hero, Arhtnang'uthil the Crusher
      The name of your ruler: In'tirrlias,King of the East
      Your desired color: Orange 5
      Read dispatch

    • NS Stats: +5% effectiveness

    • God Favouritism: 68 (+ 0% effectiveness)

    • Regions under command: (4) : Khand (C), Near Harad, Sutherland, Upper Nurn

    • Armies under command: 670 Humans in Sutherland (with Hero) and 630 Humans in Upper Nurn

    • Kingdom's Name: Kingdom of Gondolin

    • NS Player: Eglamar

    • RP nation: Old gondolin

    • Race: Elves

    • Leader: Ecthelion

    • Hero: type A, Ecthelion

    • More info:

      MORE INFO :: region=Middle_Earth_Roleplay
      Name of Kingdom: Kingdom of Gondolin
      Race: Elves
      Number of Provinces: 2
      Name of Provinces: Northern Lindon (capital), Southern Lindon
      Hero: Ecthelion
      The name of your ruler: Ecthelion, A
      Your desired color: 14
      Read dispatch

    • NS Stats: +10% effectiveness

    • God Favouritism: 55 (+ 0% effectiveness)

    • Regions under command: (3) : Eryn Vorn, Northern Lindon (C), Southern Lindon

    • Armies under command: 880 Elves in Eryn Vorn (with Hero)

    • Kingdom's Name: The Kingdom of Angmar

    • NS Player: The olog-hai

    • RP nation: Angmar of the witch king

    • Race: Orcs

    • Leader: The Witch King of Angmar

    • Hero: type A, The Witch King of Angmar

    • More info:

      MORE INFO :: region=Middle_Earth_Roleplay
      Name of Kingdom: The Kingdom of Angmar
      Race: Orcs
      Number of Provinces: 2
      Name of Provinces: Angmar (capitol), Gundabad
      Hero: The Witch King of Angmar (Type A)
      The name of your ruler: The Witch King of Angmar
      Your desired color: 7
      Read dispatch

    • NS Stats: +5% effectiveness

    • God Favouritism: 55 (+ 0% effectiveness)

    • Regions under command: (3) : Angmar (C), Gundabad, Upper Anduin

    • Armies under command: 2580 Orcs in Upper Anduin (with Hero)

    • Kingdom's Name: The Unfettered

    • NS Player: The starlight

    • RP nation: Starrp

    • Race: Humans

    • Leader: Valinus Welbrooke

    • Hero: type C, Valinus Welbrooke

    • More info:

      MORE INFO :: region=Middle_Earth_Roleplay

      Name of Kingdom: --- The Unfettered
      Race: --- Men
      Number of Provinces: --- 2
      Name of Provinces: --- Lamedon(C) and Belfalas
      Hero: --- Type C, Valinus Welbrooke
      The name of your ruler: --- Valinus Welbrooke
      Your desired color: --- 6

      Read dispatch

    • NS Stats: -5% effectiveness

    • God Favouritism: 55 (+ 0% effectiveness)

    • Regions under command: (3) : Anfalas, Belfalas, Lamedon (C)

    • Armies under command: 1680 Humans in Lamedon (with Hero)

    • Kingdom's Name: The Shadowed Trees of Mirkwood

    • NS Player: Nyyx

    • RP nation: ** no RP nation yet! **

    • Race: Elves

    • Leader: Saenathra

    • Hero: no hero

    • More info:

      MORE INFO :: region=Middle_Earth_Roleplay
      Name of Kingdom: --- The Shadowed Trees of Mirkwood
      Race: --- Spawn of Ungoliant
      Number of Provinces: --- 3
      Name of Provinces: --- Western Mirkwood, Woodland Realm, Heart of Mirkwood (Capital)
      The name of your ruler: --- Saenathra
      Your desired color: --- Forest Green 13

      Read dispatch

    • NS Stats: +0% effectiveness

    • God Favouritism: 50 (+ 0% effectiveness)

    • Regions under command: (3) : Heart of Mirkwood (C), Western Mirkwood, Woodland Realm

    • Armies under command: 1000 elves in Heart of Mirkwood

    • Kingdom's Name: The March of Maedhros

    • NS Player: March of Maedhros

    • RP nation: The sons of feanor

    • Race: Dwarves

    • Leader: Nelyafinwë the Kinda Cool

    • Hero: type C, Maedhros the Ironically Short Dwarf

    • More info:

      MORE INFO :: region=Middle_Earth_Roleplay
      Name of Kingdom: --- The March of Maedhros
      Race: --- Dwarves
      Number of Provinces: --- 2
      Name of Provinces: --- River Lhun (capital), Forochel
      Hero: --- Type C. Name: Maedhros the Ironically Short Dwarf
      The name of your ruler: --- Nelyafinwë the Kinda Cool
      Your desired color: --- 9
      Read dispatch

    • NS Stats: +10% effectiveness

    • God Favouritism: 55 (+ 0% effectiveness)

    • Regions under command: (3) : Forochel, Numeriador, River Lhun (C)

    • Armies under command: 470 Dwarves in Numeriador (with Hero), 400 Dwarves in River Lhun

    • Kingdom's Name: The Tribe of the White Hand

    • NS Player: Dor caranthir

    • RP nation: The river isen

    • Race: Orcs

    • Leader: Gharag Blacktoof

    • Hero: type D, Gharag Blacktoof

    • More info:

      • MORE INFO :: region=Middle_Earth_Roleplay (keep this line)

      • Name of Kingdom: The Tribe of the White Hand

      • Race: Orc

      • Number of provinces: 2

      • Name of provinces: Gap of Isen (C), Old Pukel-Land

      • Hero: Gharag Blacktoof, Type D

      • Ruler: Gharag Blacktoof

      • Colour: 10

      Read dispatch

    • NS Stats: -10% effectiveness

    • God Favouritism: 55 (+ 0% effectiveness)

    • Regions under command: (3) : Enedhwaith, Gap of Isen (C), Old Pukel Land

    • Armies under command: 2490 Orcs in Enedhwaith

    • Kingdom's Name: (NPC) The Broken Kingdoms

    • Race: Dwarves

    • Leader: Farin the Tall

    • Regions under command: (2) : Dorwinion, Withered Heath (C)

    • Armies under command: 750 Dwarves in Dorwinion

    • Kingdom's Name: (NPC) Kingdom of Arthedain

    • Race: Humans

    • Leader: Mallor of Arthedain

    • Regions under command: (1) : Eastern Arthedain

    • Armies under command: 1500 Humans in Eastern Arthedain

    • Kingdom's Name: (NPC) Darkmarshes Faction

    • Race: Orcs

    • Leader: Agandaur the Marauder

    • Regions under command: (1) : Horse Plains

    • Armies under command: 2250 Orcs in Horse Plains

    • Kingdom's Name: (NPC) Druadain Hill Dwarves

    • Race: Dwarves

    • Leader: Whurfirlum Greybeard

    • Regions under command: (1) : Anorien

    • Armies under command: 750 Dwarves in Anorien

    • Kingdom's Name: (NPC) Elves of Cardolan

    • Race: Elves

    • Leader: Elrohir

    • Regions under command: (1) : Cardolan

    • Armies under command: 750 Elves in Cardolan

    • Kingdom's Name: N/A

  • The House of Fingolfin

    • Official Allies: -none-

    • Official Enemies: -none-

  • Dominion of Rhun

    • Official Allies: -none-

    • Official Enemies: -none-

  • Kingdom of Gondolin

    • Official Allies (1): Kingdom of Gondolin

    • Official Enemies: -none-

  • The Kingdom of Angmar

    • Official Allies: -none-

    • Official Enemies: -none-

    • Non Aggression Pact: The March of Maedhros

  • The Unfettered

    • Official Allies: -none-

    • Official Enemies: -none-

  • The Shadowed Trees of Mirkwood

    • Official Allies: -none-

    • Official Enemies: -none-

  • The March of Maedhros

    • Official Allies (1): Kingdom of Gondolin

    • Official Enemies: -none-

    • Non Aggression Pact: The Kingdom of Angmar

  • The Tribe of the White Hand

    • Official Allies: -none-

    • Official Enemies: -none-

  • The Broken Kingdoms

    • Official Allies: -none-

    • Official Enemies: -none-

  • Kingdom of Arthedain

    • Official Allies: -none-

    • Official Enemies: -none-

  • Darkmarshes Faction

    • Official Allies: -none-

    • Official Enemies: -none-

  • Druadain Hill Dwarves

    • Official Allies: -none-

    • Official Enemies: -none-

  • Elves of Cardolan

    • Official Allies: -none-

    • Official Enemies: -none-

Wars status throughout the realm:
  • Nothing happened so far !
    (The Roleplay just started ..)

RANKING: Most Provinces Controlled:

- (1st): (Player) Dominion of Rhun (4 of 5)
- (2nd): (Player) The House of Fingolfin (3 of 5)
- (3rd): (Player) The Shadowed Trees of Mirkwood (3 of 7)
- (Player) Kingdom of Gondolin (3 of 5)
- (Player) The Kingdom of Angmar (3 of 5)
- (Player) The Unfettered (3 of 5)
- (Player) The March of Maedhros (3 of 5)
- (Player) The Tribe of the White Hand (3 of 5)
- (NPC) The Broken Kingdoms (2 of 5)
- (NPC) Kingdom of Arthedain (1 of 5)
- (NPC) Darkmarshes Faction (1 of 5)
- (NPC) Druadain Hill Dwarves (1 of 5)
- (NPC) Elves of Cardolan (1 of 5)

NPC talk and decisions for next update:

The Broken Kingdoms:
The time for reconnecting is now. Enough expansion. And what's expansion when in the back the people revolt against you, anyway?

That's exactly what happened with Farin the Tall, and his realm. Going from the Withered Heath towards Dorwinion, through Rhovanion, has indeed turned quite a few heads. And some swords. And some humans fell. But as no stable government was left in place of what was before, it was quite easy for barbarians to take control of the few, dissipate garrisons throughout the realms of Rhovanion.

However, the barbarians are to find themselves again in the path of Farin and his dwarf-solders, as he decides to pay them a visit, on his way back towards Withered Heath. And this time, the government is to stick in place. Word already has been sent to the Capital to bring enough dwarf-force to begin construction of gates, armories, halls, and other significant buildings the newly to-be-conquered realm needs.

As if Farin knows that he'll stand unopposed ...
Attack Middle Rhovanion with the whole army

Kingdom of Arthedain:
Mallor of Arthedain does not disappoint as a King. From his coronation until now he put the masses to a frenzy, citing claims of past and future glory; Inspiring the men to rise up and to claim what's rightfully theirs, all throughout the realms ... up until those residing in Rhudaur. Apparently they have no desire of reunification ....

... and this serves Mallor perfectly. What better reason to instill fear into those not in line with his rightful quest?

"Rhudaur is to fall."

The decision is made.

[earlier a few days ...]
Elf-scouts from the distant western realms of Gondolin have arrived early in the morning, and requested a meeting with Mallor and the High Council.

After waiting a fair amount of time, they were admitted entrance to the halls of the Fortress of Weathertop. After explaining the reasons of their arrival, Mallor had the following to add:
"I thank you for your words. I find your arrival here to be a sign of good-omen, as I feel that our desires have mutual interests.

It is true, my quest is known to all. It is the quest that lieth in the hearts of all men in this realm, and it is my birthright to pursue.

I ask you to stand beside me, while I claim my lost realms, and I will do the same for you, when the time is right."

Attack Rhudaur with all forces.
Send Non-Aggression-Pact request towards the Kingdom of Gondolin

Darkmarshes Faction:
If you want to search for Agandaur the Marauder, you'd most definitely find him on the planes of Horseplains, at the Easterlings Camp. The Easterlings provide Agandaur with some of the well-needed brute force that he'd require, for the expansion that he seeks.

Studying the maps of the realm, the terrain, and the key objectives in a several thousand mile radius, making plans and mental notes - this was not a good time to disturb Agandaur. Yet some more pressing matters also came to his attention; a scout studying the southern realms came bearing news that the humans of Khand are getting closer, after successfully conquering Upper Nurn.

"'Dis might prove challegin', as their intention is unknown. We must decide if they're allies or foes. So send word to them, send word to da armie in Upper Nurn and ask for a formal stance from them towards us. From what I see it, men from Khand mightya prove to be valuable allies, even more than the Easterlings under my ranks. Go now!", said Agandaur, before returning to his maps.

"Aha! We march towards Eastern Rhovanion, then West."

Attack Eastern Rhovanion with the whole army.
Send emissary to the Dominion of Rhun

Druadain Hill Dwarves:
No news came yet of the scouts spotted earlier, at the foothills of Ered Nimrais. And as waiting was not one of the strong traits of Greybeard, he send word that Ithilien is to fall. "We'lla mind bout da scouts later."

An attack with all forces is required to break the defenses of the human stronghold of Ithilien, and exactly this kind of attack Whurfirlum Greybeard has in mind.

But attacks are not the only specialty of Whurfirlum the dwarf. Tact diplomacy maybe not, but he'd consider having enough influence in the realm to demand some sort of answer from the humans of Lamedon. After all, isn't him the one of his kin that answered the call to come here and help rebuild the gates of Minas Tirith, for the humans of the realm?

"So send da word, scribe. Send da gifts. Gold, weapons of true-silver for deir king. Inquire of deir expansion plans 'nd remind 'em dat we hath no quarrel with dem, 'nd expect da receive same treatment, if not bettar."

Attack Ithilien with the whole army.
Send emissary towards The Unfettered.

Elves of Cardolan:
Elrohir had, finally, reached a decision. He is to embrace the will of old, and unite elf with elf; He'd most certainly help Echtelion in his claim towards the Grey Havens, and would require, in return, a guarantee of his own realms and expansion.

"Times are dark ... ", he thought. "A friend in need is a friend indeed. And friends in need make good allies."

Attack Hollin with all forces.
Send alliance request towards the Kingdom of Gondolin

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