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Chancellor Baizerten Gives First Provolectum Speech.

[24 March 2016 - 15:20]

Today, Chancellor Baizerten gives his first Provolectum speech. In his speech, he reminded voters that the Federal Tauvrik was committing treason and that after he won the Provolectum he would make sure those responsible were prosecuted to the highest extent of the law. Chancellor Baizerten also stated that the entire process of Provolectum is a political ploy to oust an incumbent.

**Actually, the Federal Tauvrik agreed to the Provolectum almost unanimously, so it's obvious that the legislature feels that the Chancellor's position should be challenged.

Ida Krautinger-─▀man's spokesperson issued a response to Chancellor Baizerten's speech "...this is an...obvious clue to Baizerten's judgement and personality. ...He should be removed from office."