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RP Information (Mainly for NS Sports) [wip]

This is mainly meant to be a "quick guide" for anyone wishing to RP with me or reference me in an RP. This contains most of the information you'll need to know. Of course, any questions can be directed to me via telegram.

In Rough FAQ&Sidebar Format


Nation Info
Tech Level: FT, MT-compatible
Location: Sonnel, planet.
Latest Sonnelian year RP'd: 5500
Denonym: Drawkian

Species Info
Lifespan: ♂ 150, ♀ 148
Height: ♂ 7'6", ♀ 7'4"
Weight: ♂ 280 lbs, ♀ 250 lbs

I'm too lazy to read your factbooks! Tell me things about the country!
Drawkland is a large country (over 5 billion people & several million sq. miles of land) on the planet of Sonnel. It's the major world power of Sonnel, and is known for its military, culture, athletics, and music.

Your tech level is FT? How does that work, and how advanced is it?
Drawkland, in the time I most commonly RP, is future tech. NS Sports is all done in this tech level, for me at least.
The advancement in FT isn't like "s00pr op lazarz;" Drawkland has the ability to travel to and from nearby star systems, use holographic technology and communications, and send messages easily anywhere. Flying vehicles are common but ground vehicles are still in use due to price and ease. Space colonies are advanced and common. Energy weapons are uncommon and only used by the highest-class military divisions.

Wait, but most NS Sports-ers are MT. How does that work?
Drawkland's sports have been in practice for millennia, and so new technologies haven't changed them much.* The only difference is that they are broadcast across more forms of media and are better to watch. So, as far as actual practice of the sport, nothing has changed, so playing against MT nations is fine. Lots of MT forms of transport and communication exist, albeit less common and dirt cheap, so most Drawkian athletes abroad are able to cope with the "primitive" conditions.

*Some sports which rely on technology, like various racing forms, simply split into two leagues when new technologies emerged (I.e. the flying racing leagues and the ground racing leagues). Thus, there's still an outlet for MT sports in those disciplines as well.

Why doesn't Drawkland sell all its FT stuff to MT nations and bring everyone up to the same level?
Well, for one, this would be impossible/stupid to implement in places like NS Sports. Mainly because I don't want to impose my preferred style on others.
IC'ly, the Drawkian government has illegalized sale of "heavily advanced items" to "lesser civilizations" unless such sale is allowed and facilitated by a foreign government (a la a GE&T storefront). Basically, they don't want to meddle with other people's advancement, especially if their scientists haven't the know-how to create/service such items. Our customer call centers would have to be massive.

How do you go between venues in NS Sports?
In times where there isn't an express handwave involved, Drawkland sends its athletes/applicable people via interstellar shuttles, which land in airports, either by virtue of a horizontal or vertical landing, whatever works. These shuttles also work in-atmosphere, obviously, so transporting between various nations in a region is no problem either and would work like normal air travel, albeit a bit faster.
Also, following Drawkland's claim of The Contenders of The Isles of Avon, normal (MT) ships, trains, planes, and automobiles can travel to Drawkland by means of massive portals at the ports on the Isles. This allows for non-Drawkian companies and entities to travel without Drawkian spaceships.

What about your "species" there? You're not human?
As you can guess by the sidebar info, absolutely not. Since Sonnel is not Earth, or related to any other planets or regions geographically, it performed its own forms of evolution and development of species. Luckily, most of the stuff is the same (remarkably), but the "human" species differs from humans. The most noticeable difference is of course the height, as the average Drawkian is about 7 and a half feet tall, which is almost 2 feet larger than the human average. The proportions are also the same, however, so Drawkians may appear like small giants to the average person. And of course, weight and other corresponding bodily measurements differ as you'd expect them too. Hair and eye colors are more varied, and most Drawkians' eyes can change coloration depending on mood, body temp, fatigue, and other such factors.

But wait, most humans that are 7+ feet tall suffer a variety of medical problems? Do all Drawkians suffer Marfan Syndrome?
Nope. In this case, the Drawkians evolved to be taller naturally, and with similar/normal proportions. So, as that being the norm to the species, no real problems result from the height. To better describe, imagine a species whose average height is 3'8" being confronted with humans.

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