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Murder: Illegal
Theft: Illegal
Shoplifting: Illegal
Burglary: Illegal
Rape: Illegal
Marital rape: Illegal
Sexual harassment/assault: Illegal
Bestiality: Illegal
Pedophilia: Illegal
Exhibitionism: Illegal
Public nudity: Illegal
Torture: Illegal
Death penalty: Abolished
Slavery: Abolished
Indentured servitude: Illegal
Kidnapping: Illegal
Terrorism: Illegal
Vandalism: Illegal
Trespassing: Illegal
Graffiti: Legal unless private property
Protesting: Legal
Pornography: Legal but restricted for minors
Arranged marriage: Illegal
Child marriage: Illegal
Child labour: Illegal
Child pornography: Illegal
Revenge porn: Illegal
Littering: Illegal
Loitering: Legal
Idling: Illegal but not enforced
Smoking: Illegal
Vaping: Illegal
Marijuana: Legal in non-smoking form
Tobacco: Legal in non-smoking form
Alcohol: Legal for those over 18 years of age
Drunk driving: Illegal
Road rage: Illegal
Public urination: Decriminalized
Public defecation: Illegal
Spitting in public: Decriminalized
Sexual acts in public: Illegal
Public displays of affection: Legal
Speeding: Illegal
Fossil fuel: Banned
Drug dealing: Illegal
Human trafficking: Illegal
Same-sex marriage: Legal
Child adoption for same-sex couples: Legal
Hard drugs: Illegal
Proselytizing: Illegal
Religious dress: Legal except for public servants
Niqab: Legal but required to show face for security reasons when asked
Loudspeakers on mosques: Banned
Abortion: Legal
Medically assisted death: Legal with informed consent of patient if patient is expected to die from a terminal illness
Animal models in research: Legal
Hate speech (defined as inciting violence/hatred toward a group of people): Illegal
Encouraging someone to commit suicide: Illegal
Fraud: Illegal
Forgery: Illegal
Plagiarism: Illegal in academic settings
Political donations: Banned
Bribery: Illegal
Sexual violence: Illegal
Domestic abuse: Illegal
Firearms: Illegal
Manslaughter: Illegal
Flag-burning: Legal
Arson: Illegal