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How to Interact with Vancouvia In-Charatcter

Start by building and identifying your nation's identity:

  • Make sure you're in The Western Isles and on the map

  • Create factbooks that at least explain government, military, economy, and culture (or culminate this all into one wiki-style factbook)

  • Fill out most or all of this questionnaire and send it to me via dispatch

  • Try to be actively involved

I will then add you to my Foreign Affairs dispatch and give an official stance on your nation. At this point I will also assume that we have embassies in each others' nations.

To improve relations with Vancouvia:

  • Be or become capitalist, democratic, and/or Western-cultured

  • Join the Coalition alliance

  • Sign a bilateral VACES alliance

  • Allow Vancouvian military bases to be built in your nation

  • Consider purchasing Vancouvian military equipment - currently selling Yukon UAV drones - or operating Vancouvian businesses

  • Have a stable and reliable government

  • Support any Vancouvian actions

To deteriorate relations with Vancouvia:

  • Be or become communist, autocratic, and/or Eastern-cultured

  • Join a different competitive alliance

  • Enact or support any imperialistic moves that may threaten Vancouvia

  • Have an unstable or unreliable government

  • Condemn any Vancouvian actions


  • Have more rivalries

  • Have more trusted allies

  • Install more foreign military bases

  • Engage in a costly Vietnam/Iraq-style war/occupation

  • Engage in a stalemate-type war with a lot of use of artillery and air attacks

  • Engage in a defensive war over Illa Isle or other territory

  • Increase Coalition and VACES agreements

  • Expand Vancouvian sphere of influence

  • Decrease military equipment to emphasize infantry

If you want to do any of these, please telegram me!

The Free Lands of Vancouvia