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Planets of the Tustenga Corporation®

Core Sector One:

These three sister planets are very similar in many aspects, carrying generally the same plant life and sentient species. Fungal based plant life, fairly moist, and completely cloudy all cycle long. These planets hosts a variety of amazing fungal based plants. Tustenga is the capital planet of the Tustenga Corporation®, and is the third most populous planet in the Core sector at 7.5 billion sentient people living on the planet. although the planets looks like very low population planets, the green gases emitted by the fungus do make it look a bit that way. Tustenga Corporation® designated large amounts of each of the sister planets as reserves for the flora and fauna, since the growth of special useful fungus require a strong fungal atmosphere, and that factories and other pollution based industries can be cheaply based on moons or other planets under the rule of the Tustenga Corporation.

These planets constitute all the mainly rocky, low atmosphere planets of the Tustenga Corporation®. Low amounts of plant life, small atmospheres, and large amounts of factories, and mining services characterize these planets. The Board of Directors designated all four planets as fully exploitable, putting no restrictions on industry development or mining speculation, since the planets host no sentient life forms. These planets also host the famous Guton factories.

Over thirteen moons are in the core sector.

Outer Sectors two to five:

These planets are outer sector planets. Huy is a lush, earth-like resort style planet, where many wealthy employees go to reside for vacation. Jik, Buval, and Yurut are mainly cold planets, inhabited by strange beasts. Prisons are operated on Buval, while a thriving mining industry exists on Jik. Yurut is the least populated planet owned by the Tustenga Corporation, having a population of about 78 million sentient creatures. Cogok and Rol are currently in the process of colonization. Cogok has about 1.2 billion sentient species, and Rol has 8.8 billion sentient species living on them. Rol is currently embroiled in a Lacomist Nationalist revolution. The Tustenga Corporation deployed large amounts of servicemen there to suppress the uprising. Both Cogok and Rol have strange climates, with massive sulfur lakes and exotic flora and fauna.

Lacomis is the home planet of the Lacomist sentient species, and the old capital of the Lacomis Empire. The planet of Lacomis is indirectly ruled by the Tustenga Corporation according to the Treaty of Huy. The planet is similar to Cogok and Rol. Lacomis is home to over 12.3 billion sentient species.

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