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[b][size=200]Operation: Reboot[/size][/b]
[size=150]- Ideas -[/size][/center]
[color=red]The Constitution is well on it's way to being approved[/color] by the region, and this is huge news for us. This means that we have managed to scrape together a document that will dictate the laws we will follow going forward. The document is short, as far as constitutions go. Wordiness and repetitions were scrapped in favor of clear language and simplicity. If you haven't already, you can check out the Constitution and then vote on it [url=]here[/url]. [color=red]The bottom line is, this is a huge step for us, but we need to start turning these steps into a stride.[/color]

Ahead of us are many, many more steps. I have plans for this region, I have ideas, and I have a vision. [color=red]If you have plans, ideas, and a vision, then I want to hear them![/color] I want to work with you to get this region to where it needs to be. But if you don't have a vision, then I ask you to do one of three things: figure out where you want this region to go, get out of the way, or strap in for the ride. If you are here to do nothing but RP, then I can get you the names of regions that eagerly want RPers. If you are just here to argue, then I'll get you a link to NSG. If you are here to stir stuff up, then go stir stuff up in a raider region somewhere. [color=red]But if you are here to contribute to something bigger than yourself, then you are in the right place.[/color]

I want to see people step up to the plate. I want to see people with plans, ideas, goals, hopes, and dreams. I want to see people brainstorming, creative minds all working together to do something that no one of us could do on our own. I want somebody to suggest something for the region that no region has ever done before. [color=red]I want that.[/color] RPs are fun, spam is cool, and I love both of them. Trust me, I've spammed with the best and I've RP-ed in some all-star RPs before. It's all fun, it really is. [color=red]But I want something more.[/color] I want somebody who makes maps to step up and say "I'm not just making map for my factbooks, I'm going to start a forum business where I sell maps to anybody who is interested." I want somebody who tells stories to step up and say, "I'm not just writing stuff for this RP, I'm going to team up with a couple other people and write the lore for this entire region." I want somebody who loves to post on the RMB to step up and say, "Instead of just chatting with people, I'm going to type up articles about what's going on in the region for the newspaper." I want active people to start recruiting, I want people with ideas to share them, I want the people who are just sitting back and watching to step up and get involved. These are all things that [i]I[/i] want. So I ask you this: [color=red]is this what [i]YOU[/i] want[/color], too?

[color=red]If you want it badly enough, then you will make it happen.[/color] Let me rephrase that: [color=red]These things haven't happened yet because we don't want them to.[/color] If you aren't going to get things done, then I will just have to recruit people who will. I've already broken NationStates' rules of basic conduct to get this region the best Security Officer possible, don't think for a second that I won't find a way to get people here who will get things done. If you won't get things done, then you become chatter. [color=red]You don't become bad, but you become dead weight on a dogsled with only a couple of dogs pulling it.[/color] It's fine if real life keeps you from activity. I understand that, I have had my prolonged inactive periods where RL pulled me away. Never let anybody tell you that anything in real life is less of a priority than something on NationStates. That being said, our nation has plenty of people who burn plenty of hours on NS with nothing to show for it. [color=red]Do something that leaves a legacy rather than just waste your time.[/color]

I've been publishing these little editorials for a little while now, and this is one way that I can leave a legacy. These provide me with a way to vent, to rant, and to say what's on my mind. I post them for you to read and for you to consider. They are called the Timothian Dispatches, and I plan on continuing to put them out there for the duration of the reboot. Hopefully, they help to dictate the path this region will take. Hopefully, you actually read them rather than just ignore them. [color=red]These are part of my contribution. What is [i]your[/i] contribution?[/color] How are you making this region a better place?

If you are willing to help but don't know how, just telegram me. I have plenty of ideas and plans that are just waiting for eager people to help. If you have idea that you want to throw out there, then throw it out there! Post them in the forums, on the RMB, in a dispatch, wherever you can. [color=red]I want to see your ideas. Do you want to share them?[/color]

[box][b][center]Just to get some ideas flowing, here are some things off the top of my head...[/center][/b]
[b]1[/b] - A regional lore including a map, an international history, and the basis for future RPs to build off of. We would wipe the history of our RPs and work together to write a detailed, organized history of the region. We could also integrate present national maps and newly-created maps to form a universal map for the region. 
[b]2[/b] - A recruitment strategy where anybody who has sent 500 recruitment telegrams can start their own "pool", and anybody that they recruit will be inside that pool until they, too, have sent 500 recruitment telegrams. The recruiter in charge of the pool would be in charge of mentoring, training and integrating all of their fellow-pool-members. There would be competitions and awards for largest pool, most active pool, etc.
[b]3[/b] - A system of awards set up so that you can have your own, personal "Hall of Achievements" and can post badges in your signature on the forums. Things like "Number #1 in a Category on NS", "Recruited 10 Nations", "Wrote Article for The Renegade", or "Proposed Idea that Became Law". This would incentivize the flow of ideas on the forums.
[b]4[/b] - Take a journey to a region that we have an embassy in. Basically, one day, we all post on 10,000 Islands RMB or Spiritus' RMB instead of our own. We could interact with the people there as well as make a couple friends. 
[b]5-[/b] Establish a more spam-friendly section of the forums within Lichto's Lounge where posts don't create money, but do count towards your post count. All rules about limiting thread counts, not double posting, and only posting things that are relevant would be ignored in this section.
[b]6[/b] - Set up "The Tierraward", a position/award given out monthly. It would carry the authority of an Immigration Officer, but the position would be held by whoever had sent the most immigration telegrams in the last month. Obviously named after Tierra de Madre, the master of recruiting. 
[b]7[/b] - Establish "The Book". Every two weeks, one person (randomly selected from a list of active and interested nations) would get to add a 500-2,000 words article to "The Book". These articles would be about anything on that person's mind, and they would be immortalized in a thread that would forever be held open on the forums and linked in the WFE.
[b]8[/b] - The position of "Regional Spammer" could be held by whoever posted the most on the forums in the last month. This person would be allowed to change polls in the region, and they would also be expected to hold their crown for as long as possible. There could be a mock-coronation for the Regional Spammer, and we would treat it with the utmost of mock-seriousness. 
[b]9[/b] - Renegade Radio needs to come back. That Rift though!
[b]10[/b] - We need to have a regional playlist on Spotify or YouTube based off of the "What are you listening to" thread on the forums. 
[b]11[/b] - We totally need social media. Totally. I'm talking Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Snapchat, the whole lot. Maybe the regional spammer would get control of the regional social media for the month, as well. That would be fun. [/box]


The February Phoenix of Timothia