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CoDN Roleplay Guide


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Roleplay (RP) is an integral (but voluntary) part of the Coalition of Democratic Nations everyday life. The CoDN offers RPs in multiple places, namely the [url=]RMB[/url] and occasionally on the NationStates or off-site forums. When roleplaying, you take the role of one or more entities and carry out actions as if you were them. There are several different types of roleplay, but the most common ones in the Coalition of Democratic Nations and NationStates in general are two categorical differences in roleplay; [i]Canon[/i] and [i]Non-Canon[/i] roleplays, and the styles of [i]nation RPs[/i] and [i]character RPs[/i]. [url=]The history of RolePlay in the CoDN is vast[/url].

[i]Canon[/i] RP refers to roleplay recognized by the sitting government, taking place within the CoDN alternative-Earth universe. Almost all Nation RPs are at least attempting to be part of regional canon. Canon is generally accepted as part of regional history. 

[i]Non-Canon[/i] RP refers to all other RP which is not regulated. All nations are free to RP how ever they see fit, however the government and roleplaying community may choose to not recognize it as canon. 

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[anchor=nation][/anchor][size=200]Nation Roleplay[/size][hr]Nation roleplays typically play the scenarios of diplomacy, economic agreements, times of war, and alliances. Generally speaking, nation RPs are made in third person and do not revolve around any specific characters, although your dispatches and RPs may be signed or delivered by officials of your nation. 

When roleplaying as your nations, it is generally good sportsmanship for all nations have one shared reliable source of information from which to base their nations off of. This prevents nations from making things up and keeps the RP realistic and reasonable. When not using mutual resources (or even when you are) consider having a mediator for your roleplay agreed upon by all participants beforehand. 

Some common trackers of information include [url=]NSTracker[/url] and [url=]NSEconomy[/url]. Nations may also choose to use "real life", historical or census data to extrapolate their own RP data based on their geographical locations. All of these resources provide varying results and features, so participants and mediators/mods (if being used) should agree upon a common data resource before roleplays start.

If you want your data modified from agreed upon trackers or data sources, make sure the RP mediator or other roleplaying nations agree to your decision BEFORE the RP begins. 

When roleplaying nations, it is important to know the geographical aspects, setting in time, and realistic technological limits of your nation. I.E. if your nation is landlocked, ships cannot read it and it doesn't make sense to have a powerful navy. A lot of tanks and airplanes make more sense for that hypothetical nation. Be mindful of time elapsing. Going from your nation to another nation a thousand miles away does not take five minutes. Refer to the regional map to determine your location and how it fits together with the rest of the world as well as your roleplay.

An optional but potentially useful feature is the use of NS Factbooks. You do not currently need to have an NS Factbook, but it may be helpful you and fellow roleplayers as an easy reference for your nation. An NS Factbook containing information about your military, demographics, economics, and other factors will help other roleplayers or a mediator to determine outcomes in RP.   

[anchor=character][/anchor][size=200]Character Roleplay[/size][hr]Character RPs usually involve specific characters from your nation, and are the less common kind of RP in the CoDN. Canon character RPs are situations like dinners and diplomatic meetings between specific characters controlled by two or more roleplayers. Foreign dignitaries, national leaders, and similar roles are the most common canon character roleplays. With spies being a less common, but nonetheless, an exciting option.

Character RPs are typically less competitive and more friendly in nature, but often less active. You should consult with your fellow roleplayers and mediators before both character and nation RPs to determine that you have mutual objectives and interests in RP. 

[anchor=moreinfo][/anchor][size=200]More Information[/size][hr]Information about roleplaying in the CoDN is available from sources other then the Senate Office of Interior and Information. While some guidelines or rules may not be recognized from term to term, it is important to learn about as much of the process as possible to be a better roleplayer, a better neighbor, and to enhance your own experience. 

The current Senator in charge of RP Administration and regional cartographer is [nation]Paglaum[/nation], who holds authority of canon roleplays and the regions map. Telegram Nova Capatenia's office for more information and current rules. To make a map claim, please post in the thread on the region's World Factbook Page(WFE).

Here are some of the countless articles available on the concept roleplay. Several regions have helpful dispatches on practicing RP.
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