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Coalition of Democratic Nations Frequently Asked Questions & Welcome Dispatch (WIP)

Hello, CoDN'ers (and visitors)!

So...what is this?

You are likely reading this because you have arrived at the NationStates region known as Coalition of Democratic Nations. NationStates is a game where people simulate nations to varying degrees of realism, and this region is an alternative-Earth region under democratic rule for the purpose of gameplay and roleplay.

How do I get involved?

Awesome, let's get started! Join the World Assembly to vote, hold office, or get a map spot among other citizenship benefits. You're also free to hang around with your non-WA accounts and shoot the breeze on our regional message board. If you're a diplomat, we will host you on your choice of our regional message board or the CoDN Discord, featured on the WFE.

Wait...I have to be in the WA to do stuff here?

Well, if you want to enjoy citizenship rights and benefits, then you need to be contributing to our population AND influence. This also helps prevent voter fraud. You can still hang out and chat and network with your non-WA accounts and puppets.

How do I roleplay here

In order to be a part of canon RP (roleplay), join the regional map and engage other players on the map. All nations may engage in non-canon RP with each other as they see fit. The current Roleplay Administrator is Ascoobis.

Do you have a regional government?

You betcha. We have two positions, which are elected, and then hold power for an indefinite basis (Unless enough people motion for an election). This is, the Regional Chairman (Delegate), and the Roleplay Administration. They, in turn, can appoint their own cabinets, to divide power in the region.

How do I open an embassy with your region?

Contact the nation of United Kingdom States, our current Officer in charge of Foreign Relations. We strive to accommodate diplomats through on-site and off-site resources including the regional message board, and Discord.

I need some help with ______ and it is not listed here!

Contact the Delegate, Roleplay Administrator, or anyone within their Cabinets. They should direct you to the appropriate resource.

Should I join the WA?

Probably, but you don't have to. You can make a specific WA nation (e.g. _____ WA Nation) in order to separate your main nation from any potential stats changes or other effects. Remember that you may only have one WA nation at a time.

What should I do first?

Talk to people on the regional message board. Seek out a map spot. Ask for help if you need it.

I want to get involved in the government/gameplay. What can I do?

Even if you aren't one of the 2 potentially permanent Elected Offices, there might be a position to fill in their cabinets. If not, you can still propose for any policy or reform to be enacted.

So how "free" is this region?

Welp, you have freedom of movement and you're not bound to endorse or NOT endorse any person in this region. Everyone who holds authority in this region does through democratic means.

Your speech will not be regulated, provided that it follows NS site rules and does not deprive others of their quiet enjoyment of the region. Per the constitution, nations deemed to be disruptive or engaging in harassment of other nations may be subject to penalties and limitations up to and including banjection. No person will be discriminated against because of their views or identity.

Be civil and follow NS rules, and you will get along here fine. Trolling, harassment, griefing, fraud (cheating); and intentional disruptions of the region will be addressed swiftly.

If you want to add to this FAQ, please telegram the Regional Government

Written by Chenango, with editions by Paglaum

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