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About the Coalition

The Lungs of Democracy


Welcome to the Coalition of Democratic Nations! We are a region dedicated to democratic rule and freedom for all nations to enjoy NationStates regardless of their views or beliefs within the bounds of NS rules. All nations regardless of citizenship status are entitled to quiet enjoyment of the region free from harassment.

New to the CoDN? Make yourself at home and participate in the Coalition:

  1. Join the World Assembly, and enjoy citizenship benefits including voting rights, holding office, and map eligibility.

  2. Introduce yourself in the Regional Message Board

  3. Claim an open spot on our regional map that you would like by messaging our RP Administrator (WA membership required);

  4. Vote in polls as a member of the Regional Assembly;

  5. Endorse our Delegate!


    The Coalition has a Democratic Republic form of government which consists of 2 houses of Congress and the Delegate. It is a Bicameral Congress, a lower house (Regional Assembly) and an upper house (Senate). Executive duties are shared by the Regional Senate and the democratically elected WA Delegate, Ascoobis. The Founders power is symbolic and the account is maintained for the sole purpose of securing the region from foreign invasion by Brechalht, faithful protector of the CoDN.

    The government fulfills the following purposes:

    1. A system under which government is carried out largely through elected representatives. The government must represent the majority of the eligible voting public.

    2. Senators are responsible for the performance of their departments or committee and are held accountable to their respective performance.

    3. The Senate branch has the power to make laws, to administer the law and government policies (i.e. the business of government), and the power to enforce, interpret and apply the law.

    4. The Regional Assembly has the power of reviewing legislative acts, and amending the constitution through 2/3 majority vote.


    Congress is made up of two houses; Regional Assembly & the Senate

    The Regional Assembly is a comprised of every citizen in the region who holds WA membership and wishes to vote. It is led by the democratically chosen Delegate Ascoobis.

    The Senate is comprised five elected WA membership holding residents, whom are elected on a three month term.

    1st Regional Senate March 2nd 2016 - June 1st 2016



    Senate Speaker

    Nova Capatenia

    Arbitrator General


    Senator: RP Administrator

    The greater spanish states

    Senator: Interior and Information


    Senator: Foreign Affairs


    Legislative History
    This section is to be amended as legislation is passed. All legislation or constitutional amendments must be posted in the form of a factbook or bulletin to be considered legitimate. Motions or bill sponsorship should be listed on the top of the bill or amendment with /nation NS tags to be considered valid.

    Election History

    1. 1st Session, 1st Seat

    2. 1st Session, 2nd Seat

    3. 1st Session, 3rd Seat

    4. 1st Session, 4th Seat

    5. 1st Session, 5th Seat

    Regional Map

    The Coalition's regional map is in the form of a real world Earth map where nations are located on geographical locations such as France or Australia. Nations do not need to necessarily conform to real life nation shapes or boundaries. The Regional Cartographer and RP Administrator is Senator The Greater Spanish States who is aided by the Senate at large, a body which arbitrates in map disputes. The Senate holds total authority over regional canon roleplay and map administration.

    To gain a spot on the regional map, 1.make sure the land you want is open 2.hold or get and keep WA membership and 3.telegram your application to the sitting RP Administrator. Please be patient as we all have lives, and no claims are guaranteed.

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