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Master Dispatch


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[center][size=75][b]This is the LCRUA Master Dispatch (MD) where you can find everything about the LCRUA. Send a telegram to [nation]LCRUA Archives[/nation] or [nation]Larnion[/nation] if you think we forgot a link or want us to add one.[/b][/size][/center]


[url=][b]Our raison d'Ítre[/b][/url]
Harmonise the world!

[url=][b]Our dream![/b][/url]
Take a look at the future plans for the LCRUA and help us achieve them.

[url=][b]Careers & Positions in the LCRUA[/b][/url]
Definitely check this out!
[url=][b]Regional Agenda[/b][/url]
The regional to do list.

[url=][b]Positions in The LCRUA[/b][/url]
A list of the currently held positions and the full history of all positions ever held in The LCRUA.

[url=][b]Constitution of the LCRUA[/b][/url]
The Constitution of [region=The LCRUA] exists to preserve freedom in our region and promote harmony between citizens of all ideologies. 
It is strongly recommended that all citizens make themselves familiar with the constitution.

[url=][b]Template for Legislative Proposals[/b][/url]
Any member of the LCRUA may propose legislation. This template makes writing proposals easier, and shows you what you need to include and what should be left out.

[url=][b]Foreign Affairs Department[/b][/url]
Everything you need to know about our Foreign Affairs Department.

[url=][b]Passed Legislations[/url][/b]
List of legislations passed so far in The LCRUA and LCRUA.[/box][/center]

The official discord server of The LCRUA!

[url=][b]The LCRUA Steam Community[/b][/url]
Official Steam Community of [region]The LCRUA[/region].

[url=][b]LCRUA Hall of Fame[/b][/url]
The most celebrated members of the LCRUA

[url=][b]History of The LCRUA[/b][/url]

A calendar with annual and monthly events, birthdays of members, memorable days, etc.

A set of core and specific rules for roleplay, for a fair and fun RP-experience.

[url=][b]RP Framework[/b][/url]
Everything about the RP Framework, for RP's that use it.

[url=][b]Era of LCRUA[/b][/url]
Our RP, hosted on discord 

[url=][b]The World of Lubos[/b][/url]
The map of Lubos, the setting of our current RP.

[url=][b]Grand roleplay timeline[/b][/url]
A summary of all RP events, so you can fit your nation in more easily or check back on facts.

[url=][b]New Age Of Earth[/b][/url]
Nation RP on Earth in the near future.

[anchor=HL][center][u][b][size=150]Handy Links[/size][/b][/u][/center][/anchor]

[url=][b]New to the LCRUA?[/b][/url]
The place to go if you've just moved to the region.

[url=][b]List of NSCodes[/b][/url]
A list of NS codes and how to use them.

A browser-extension that adds more functionality to NationStates.

[url= LCRUA][b]NSEconomy[/b][/url]
A website that contains very detailed information about your nation. A lot more detailed then NS stats.

[url=][b]NSTracker/Tamkurk INTL[/b][/url]
A website where you can compare your NS stats with others.

[url=][b]Planet Map Generator[/b][/url]
A great site for generating (planet) maps.

[url=][b]RTT Worldgen[/b][/url]
The RTT Complicated Star System Generator is a random star system and world generation system.

[url=][b]LCRUA Archives[/b][/url]
The regional information storage depot.

[url=][b]Membership List[/b][/url]
A full list of all our members and their status. Includes all members that have at least one nation still active, or CTEd less than 3 months ago.

[url=][b]Member Graveyard[/b][/url]
A full list of all members whose nations have ceased to exist, including government officials.

[b][url=]News Portal[/url][/b]
An archive of all LCRUA News

[url=][b]Archived RP's[/b][/url]

[url=][b]The Astral System[/b][/url]

[url=][b]Star Chart[/b][/url]