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Master Dispatch

This is the LCRUA Master Dispatch (MD) where you can find everything about the LCRUA. Send a telegram to LCRUA Archives or Larnion if you think we forgot a link or want us to add one.


Our raison d'Ítre
Harmonise the world!

Our dream!
Take a look at the future plans for the LCRUA and help us achieve them.

Careers & Positions in the LCRUA
Definitely check this out!


Regional Agenda
The regional to do list.

Positions in The LCRUA
A list of the currently held positions and the full history of all positions ever held in The LCRUA.

Constitution of the LCRUA
The Constitution of The LCRUA exists to preserve freedom in our region and promote harmony between citizens of all ideologies.
It is strongly recommended that all citizens make themselves familiar with the constitution.

Template for Legislative Proposals
Any member of the LCRUA may propose legislation. This template makes writing proposals easier, and shows you what you need to include and what should be left out.

Foreign Affairs Department
Everything you need to know about our Foreign Affairs Department.

Passed Legislations
List of legislations passed so far in The LCRUA and LCRUA.


The official discord server of The LCRUA!

LinkThe LCRUA Steam Community
Official Steam Community of The LCRUA.

LCRUA Hall of Fame
The most celebrated members of the LCRUA

History of The LCRUA

A calendar with annual and monthly events, birthdays of members, memorable days, etc.


A set of core and specific rules for roleplay, for a fair and fun RP-experience.

RP Framework
Everything about the RP Framework, for RP's that use it.

LinkEra of LCRUA
Our RP, hosted on discord

The World of Lubos
The map of Lubos, the setting of our current RP.

Grand roleplay timeline
A summary of all RP events, so you can fit your nation in more easily or check back on facts.

New Age Of Earth
Nation RP on Earth in the near future.

Handy Links

New to the LCRUA?
The place to go if you've just moved to the region.

List of NSCodes
A list of NS codes and how to use them.

A browser-extension that adds more functionality to NationStates.

A website that contains very detailed information about your nation. A lot more detailed then NS stats.

LinkNSTracker/Tamkurk INTL
A website where you can compare your NS stats with others.

LinkPlanet Map Generator
A great site for generating (planet) maps.

LinkRTT Worldgen
The RTT Complicated Star System Generator is a random star system and world generation system.


LCRUA Archives
The regional information storage depot.

Membership List
A full list of all our members and their status. Includes all members that have at least one nation still active, or CTEd less than 3 months ago.

Member Graveyard
A full list of all members whose nations have ceased to exist, including government officials.

News Portal
An archive of all LCRUA News

Archived RP's

The Astral System

Star Chart