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Yukon UAV

Winter Robotics Yukon UAV

"Overseeing the battlefield"

Development & Purpose

Initially developed in order for the Vancouvian National Army to acquire real-time surveillance data, the Yukon UAV project took a turn when, in 2007, the Vancouvian Congress requested that Winter Robotics develop the Yukon with aerial bombardment capabilities. Thus, the Yukon would serve a dual role as a reconnaissance aircraft and a strategic bomber, capable of targeted air strikes on enemy installments and personnel.

Completed in 2009, the Yukon was sold exclusively to the Vancouvian military. In early 2016, the Vancouvian Congress permitted sales to foreign nations.


The Yukon is a Medium-Altitude Long-Endurance UAV powered by a diesel piston engine that burns jet fuel. Yukons can operate for 40 hours at altitudes up to 30,000 feet (9,100 m), with an operating range of 200 nautical miles (400 km). The nose of the aircraft contains a moving target multi-spectral targeting system.

The Yukon has a maximum takeoff weight of 4,500 lbs (2,040 kg). The Yukon can carry up to 900 lbs (410 kg) of jet fuel. External fuel tanks can be added on the hardpoints to increase the Yukon's maximum operating endurance.


Yukons can carry a variety of weapons, up to 800 lbs, but most commonly deliver Hellfire missiles and guided bombs. Its sensory system utilizes the multi-spectral targeting system and infrared imagery to guide the payloads to their target.

The Yukon's hardpoints can also carry electronic attack payloads capable of disrupting enemy communications.


Yukons have had no major malfunctions, although the initial years after launch saw a few dozen minor glitches, most of which have since been traced to faulty sensors. The Yukon was developed to be a reliable and efficient aircraft, with little maintenance required between flights.



Crew: 0

Length: 29 ft (8 m)

Wingspan: 58 ft (17 m)

Height: 6.9 ft (2.1 m)

Max. takeoff weight: 4,500 lbs (2,040 kg)

Powerplant: 1 Heavy-Fuel Engine

Unit Cost: $22.5M


Maximum speed: 150 knots (170 mph; 280 km/h)

Endurance: 40 hours

Service ceiling: 30,000 ft (9,100 m)


Hardpoints: 4

Missiles: 4 ASM Hellfire or 8 ATAM Stinger

Bombs: 4 glide bomb


Sales are carried out through Winter Robotics, with allowance from the Vancouvian Congress

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