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In Case of Raid, Break Dispatch

Raiders are known for defacing regions, deleting WFEs, clearing tags, basically blanking a region and/or redoing it with the Raider organization's "banner" or whatever. The last couple raids I've been on top and managed to eliminate the raiders within a few minute's time, but just in case, here's an archive of all the Admin controls I would need to re-implement in case we get raided and I don't get back in time.

I suppose this also serves as a record of some of Sonnel's culture. I guess. Whatever.

World Factbook Entry

Welcome to Sonnel, a fantastic planet orbiting a faraway star.
It's the third planet in the solar system of Trallena, and many nations, including ones on nearby or linked planets, are under its sphere of influence.

Regional Map // "Frequently Asked 'Questions'" // LinkDrawkie's Suggested Link

We're happy you're here to check us out! If you can, feel free to drop a message on the RMB or ask Drawkland, Xhayparia, or Mushcap if you have any questions!

R/D: Neutral, soon Independent
Tech: Range, generally PMT or FT
RMB: OOC, Casual
Doing: ur mum lel
Polls: Lots
Map: Paint, Drawn by Drawkland
Canon: Developing
Also: 7


Founded: September 5th, 2013
Featured: Never :/
Filled with Nubs: Always
Raids: 4 TBR, 2 TBH, 1 DEN

Welcome Telegram

Hello and Welcome to Sonnel, %NATION%!

We hope you have a fun time here. I assume you want to know what to do get started, so here's what I suggest you do:

First of all, here's a dispatch where you can find links to all the other dispatches we've made that you might find useful.

Your First Source for Dispatches, Info, and Other Links

WELCOME to Sonnel! We hope you enjoy our little region, whether you're a member or just an outsider checking us out! This dispatch is meant for anyone looking to see what there is to see around here on Sonnel. Read everything in this dispatch and check out any of the links that interest you, ESPECIALLY if you're a new member! I'll try to explain everything you'll need to know in the short term.

First off, I'll explain those links you can see on the left (or the box you scrolled past to read this, if you're on mobile). To be honest, a lot of these were outdated, so I removed the links that aren't really relevant anymore.

The first set is of "Gameside" dispatches and info, this is for things that pertain to Sonnel within the physical NationStates game. This includes basic information, history, regional government, and the like.

The second set is of "Canon" dispatches. We consider our nations to physically inhabit a planet called Sonnel, we treat it like a canon, sort of like how Star Wars or Harry Potter or any such fictional 'world' has a canon, a set information of happenings, perhaps even storylines. These dispatches provide information pertaining to the canonical Sonnel.

The third set is of "Publication" dispatches. We don't have many of these, but these provide either Gameside (NS) or Canonical (Sonnel) stories, information, or editorials. The oldest and really, the first, is Zlevecky's Sonnel Star, but he ded nao. Luckily, Xhayparia decided to take the initiative and has the successor, Skyline Sonnel. Also, Xhayparia started making Sonnelball comics, which are pretty neat too, and I highly suggest you check them out.

The fourth set is of roleplays. We originally started (if you check the History Dispatch in the first set) roleplaying, using our nation's (generally long-lived) heads of state, or leaders, as the main characters, and playing their escapades. That's mainly what those are, and they're mainly closed to nations except the ones already involved, but you can still read through and enjoy them. But if any new nations want to get involved into roleplays other than our "good old boys club," then we can arrange getting different ones started.

The fifth set, which is currently bare, has links to "sub-hubs" or other dispatches for information concerning, perhaps, sporting events, or other major happenings which are more complex than a single roleplay thread, such as the Risk games held on Warlight.

Now that that's out of the way, I'll actually describe our region a little bit. Sonnel predominantly was created by Drawkland, which explains why he's the Founder. This applies both to Gameside and Canon Sonnel. Drawkland created the region, and he also created the primary canon which Sonnel operates on. As stated before, Sonnel can mean either refer to the region on NS, or it can apply to the fictional 'world' which the nations either live on or surround. The region is centrally based on the canonical aspect, at least in the roleplay sense. However, the Gameside and Canon Sonnel are not related, ergo the political parties and regional government don't have any bearing on the RP/Canon world, and vice versa. The Timeline and Map are primary examples of Canon Sonnel.

Roleplay at the moment is mainly done by a crew of the original members, but is expected to increase sometime in the future to include anyone who's interested. Sporting competitions didn't take off but are still open for expansion, and Sonnel Risk games could possibly be restarted. We intend to having lots of opportunities for fun events for all nations.

The RMB is not in-character, as you might tell. It's firmly out-of-character, and is used mainly for banter and chatter, and it will likely remain that way for the rest of its days.

We're hoping that you enjoy our region, no matter what you're doing! If you haven't and you've just joined the region, I suggest you Telegram Drawkland and reserve a spot on the regional map!

Read dispatch

Second, here's the rules for the region ("The 7 Commandments"). It's probably a good idea you read these, because they're the rules:

As Sonnel grows active and it's not just "us good ol' boys" anymore, a need for a legitimate rules system has arisen. This shall fulfill that need. In addition, these rules are sorted in a loose most-to-least important manner.

Sonnel's Official {Gameplay} Rule System

  1. Obey Authority, especially the Founder and Delegate
    The most important rule, this is why it's listed first. In the case where an action isn't covered by a rule and/or is just generally frowned upon, the Founder (Drawkland) or the current Delegate may call for a "knock it off" or some sort. This also applies for nations who want something changed about the region's current doings, although that applies more to the Party System.

  2. Don't Complain about Rules or Events
    These rules are pretty solid-set, and they're not too tall of an order to handle. Don't complain about having to follow them, or for punitive measures taken for breaking them. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. If you don't like how things are happening, run for Office, talk to Drawkland, the Delegate, Regional Officers, or even some old members. If that doesn't help, I'd suggest a region change, because there's not much else that can help you.

  3. No Excessive Arguments
    This one is a no-brainer. It's no fun for anyone and it quickly escalates to anger. Debate or discussion is accepted, but once it's bad enough to warrant a reprimand from authority, it's time to cool off. If it's that important, talk about it privately, via telegram, or maybe on the forum if it's more relevant there (as with RL politics). Really, anywhere besides the RMB.

  4. Keep Conversation and such Relevant.
    The RMB isn't your blog, don't take your personal RL drama - especially that that doesn't involve any of the other members - to the rest of us. We're not here to pay you attention, we're here to hang out and have fun. Funny stories and stuff are okay but vagueposting and off-topic crap isn't tolerated. If you're not sure whether or not it'll be an issue, just post it. If it's good, good, but if it's not, it'll be suppressed and you'll get a wristslap, and you can file that away for future self-reference. I don't expect this to be a problem, it's really a just-in-case thing.

  5. No Excess of Real Life Politics ... Anywhere!
    Sonnel, in all respects, is NOT a region that has ANYTHING to do with RL politics! Don't bring that stuff up. There's no reason for it to be anywhere around here ... especially the RMB. Generally, it leads to arguments, and that's another rule. So simply put, don't do it. Brief mentions, or things like stupid Trump/Obama jokes, are okay, but actual discussion of it is unnecessary and unwanted.

  6. Do Not Refer to Drawkland as "Drawkie"
    This one, being a minor and relatively silly one, is listed last. "Drawkie" and any of its variants ("Drawky", "drekkie lel", etc.) are suppressable offenses on the RMB, unless quoting someone else who said it (for example, telling them to stop saying it). This is simply law, do not argue over it.

  7. Participate in at least Some Way
    This is more of a guideline than actual rule, actually a suggestion really, but it makes sense. If you're gonna be in this region, you should most likely participate in SOME way. The easiest way is being engaged in RMB chatter, polls, or perhaps sporting events or even regional politics or commentary or something, but that all starts with talking to your region-mates. Come on, we don't bite. This "rule" also extends to "don't make Sonnel your final resting place."

Brought to you by Suppression Sticks Inc.
Read dispatch

Once you check those out, you should go to the Regional Map and choose a white space for your country to be located! This is the one I value the most. I like nations being on the map.

    Welcome to the Cartography Center of Sonnel! Here are some things you ought to know:
  • There are multiple types of maps available for your viewing pleasure! They're behind spoilers, but the main one to see is unspoilered and ready to behold.

  • The maps are blurred and hard to read in this dispatch, so click on them to go to imgur where you can view their full glory.

  • If you are a member of Sonnel or involved with it in some canonical way to warrant a claim, telegram me or otherwise tell me what plot you would like. This also applies if you have an IC puppet who has yet to be added to the map.

  • Plot shapes are pretty much set. If you want it smaller I can do that, but I likely won't make it larger.

  • Red, numbered plots are freely open to claim. Plots with GREY names are open to claim, provided you have some canonical reason to replace them (or not, it depends on who you're replacing). Plots with WHITE names are either past or current major active nations, and these plots cannot be claimed by new members. You could possibly work out an agreement to have some of a current user's territory ... but that's a lot of fuss.

  • If you have any cities you'd like placed on your plot, just tell me the names and relative locations and I'll be sure to add those too. I would highly suggest you supply at least a capital city, if you can (even if you haven't unlocked it in-game yet, if you have a name in mind, feel free to let me know).

  • Physical features (waterways, deserts, mountains, etc.) that border your nation's plot or are within your nation's plot are fair game to name. If something like, say, a river borders a nation that was there before you but it hasn't been named, you're free to name it yourself. I will add it to the Physical Map at the next mupdate.

  • If you need anything renamed (cities, physical features, even your nation), just let me know, and I'll be sure to add to change it with the next mupdate.

  • If you like this, you might also like our Canonical History dispatch!

  • If you want to have a map of your nation so that you can add further detail to it, telegram me and I will send the smaller image to you.

  • Now that I think of it, if you have ANYTHING to ask, request, or inquire about the map, just telegram me, Drawkland, and I will do my best to help you out.





Read factbook

We also have a regional government! The first link is to the dispatch explaining the regional government. The second is to the dispatch containing a list of the political parties! If you want to join one, telegram the party leader to get set up. If you don't want to, telegram Drawkland and tell him you're gonna be independent. Unless you don't want to vote in elections or anything, then just ignore this part.

A Newer Paradigm for A Newer Era

With more nations, more interest, and the advent of political parties and Regional Officers, this new system has been designed by Drawkland to be used to guide the future of Sonnel from now on. Until a better way is discussed or found, this design will be used as long as Sonnel is still inhabited by nations.

The Official Sonnelian Charter is contained in the bottom of this dispatch, or by clicking this sentence. This is the Official Ruling Document of Sonnel, and contains most of the information found here, just in less detail.

    These are the positions in the regional government, listed in order of importance/power:
  • FOUNDER: Founder of the region, generally most important in governmental matters, and as Founders do, has non-negotiable power over the region.

  • PRIME DELEGATE: Position held by the current WA Delegate. The Delegate has the most power second to the Founder, and also represents the region in the World Assembly, as per the standard.

  • BETA DELEGATE: Elected position. The Beta Delegate has all the power that the Founder and Prime Delegate do, but they do not hold Executive power and they do not matter in the WA, at least not as much as the Delegate.

  • EXTERNAL OFFICER: Elected position. The External Officer has power over Border Control and Embassies, and will assist the Founder and Delegates in representing and protecting the region to and from outside entities.

  • INTERNAL OFFICER: Elected position. The Internal Officer has control over Appearance and Communication, and so will assist the Founder and Delegates in keeping the region in control on the inside, pertaining to the RMB and other such functions.

    Here are the Term Lengths and Restrictions of each position:
  • FOUNDER: The Founder is in ultimate control of the region for the most part, and thus cannot be removed from power. Not only is this logical, but it's enforced due to the fact that NationStates does not have any function to remove a Founder and likely never will. Therefore, the term is unlimited and unrestricted for the Founder.

  • DELEGATES & OFFICERS: The 2 Delegates and the 2 Officers have terms of 3 months, beginning on the 1st of the year and ending after the subsequent election for their position in the next term concludes. The elections should finish before January 1st, April 1st, July 1st, and October 1st, or at least be in progress at that point. There is no limit on the amount of terms that can be fulfilled, if a candidate consistently wins elections from the people then there is no point limiting that as such. Unlike previous times, the Beta Delegate is elected like any other position and IS NOT appointed by the newly elected delegate.








Grand Ol' Drawk

Prime Delegate



Majestic Alternate Nations

Beta Delegate



Majestic Alternate Nations

External Officer

High Lowland Hrothgar


Grand Ol' Drawk

Internal Officer

Old Cumberland


Grand Ol' Drawk


A full listing of Sonnelian Political Parties can be found in this dispatch written and maintained by Xhayparia.

    Roles and Procedures for political parties
  • To form a political party, a nation needs to create a list of platforms (which differs from any current parties), have a relatively professional name, and more than 1 member. It's highly suggested a "home dispatch" of sorts is created for the party so more in-depth information can be obtained by interested nations.

  • Political Parties are used for elections. Each party can submit one (1) nation from its party per office. If a nation loses an election for one office, it can run for another. Parties are not required to send a nation to run for office if they do not wish it so.

  • Who is submitted to run for office is entirely at the discretion of the party. It could be the sole decision of the Party Founder, or it could be a democratically reached decision. What matters is that the choice is sent to Drawkland before the election.

  • If a party runs out of members (all its members leave for other parties or CTE), it is officially dissolved, but can be revived if at least 2 nations wish to revive and rejoin the party.

  • Political parties' members who reach office are expected to follow through on the platforms their party stands for, or else they may be suggested to change parties, platforms, or to resign. There's no point in being in a party if you don't follow through with it. This is more of a suggestion and something that should be policed by the party's members.

  • Internal organization of members and candidates within a party is entirely up to what the party wants. It could be a founder-dictated party which is essentially a single nation or two running for office with support from cronies, or it could be a democratic council which votes on all of its charter, members, and candidates.

  • Nations in a party aren't required to vote for their party's candidate (they should), but that's more of an internal thing, something that the party's members agree on. Elseways, there's no purpose in the party existing.

  • Parties can converse however they please, via group message, text, group telegram, individual contact run by leader, private forum thread, or any other medium they please. Some discussion should be occurring, somehow.

    Procedures for Nations interested in political parties
  • Nations are not required to join a political party, if so, they'll be registered as independent. Any nation which votes in an election and hasn't joined a political party yet will be assigned Independent.

  • After the first membership poll, Nations will have to join a political party by confirming their choice with both the party's leader and Drawkland or the current Prime Delegate. The party leader, once confirming the new recruit, should telegram whoever the recruit telegrammed to confirm the joining. A new nation will not be confirmed in a party if Drawkland or the delegate do not receive confirmation from both the party leader and the new recruit.

  • Nations are strongly encouraged to contribute to their parties and become influential within them. Dead weight or useless lurkers are no fun.


    Elections occur in this manner:
  • Elections, as stated before, occur every 3 months to create approximate 3-month terms.

  • Once the Founder (Drawkland) states that it's time for elections, parties may submit candidates for voting. Once all parties have been accounted for (confirmed candidate or no candidate), or it's been a week since submissions opened, the polls will be conducted, solely by Drawkland.

  • The elections go in power-first order, therefore position elections are held in this way:
    Prime Delegate
    Beta Delegate
    External Officer
    Internal Officer

  • Once the Prime Delegate is elected, it's highly mandatory that all WA members in the region Endorse the said nation so their position will be confirmed. Punishment is that a member's vote in regional elections will not be counted. Endorsement of the Beta Delegate is loose and not required.

  • If an election results in a tie, another poll will be held with only the tying nations involved in the vote. If this results in a tie, then the tie will be broken by the favor of the Founder.

    This describes how the government is run and proceeds:
  • All the members of the Sonnel Regional Government, the Founder, Delegates, and Officers, will be in contact via group message or some medium, where they will discuss issues, amendments, and whatever else concerning the region.

  • Any member of the region can suggest rule additions, removals, or amendments, provided they have a government sponsor who can introduce the bill to the other members of government and make their suggestion in the following format,

    1. The title should read Resolution to [insert goal here] followed by a empty line
    2. The following three lines should be that of the Author:[insert author here] the Government Sponsors:[insert government sponsors], and an empty line
    3. Next there is traditionally a preamble which is a number of short sentences addressing why the author decided to write it. It should be formatted as sentences that start with a verb, ends in a comma, and are separated by empty lines.
    4. Lastly the author may continue onto their suggestion, traditionally simply by saying "Requests Changes to [item wishing to be changed] to read [what to change it to]"

    and the leadership will vote on it, after some discussion.
  • In a vote, the Founder's vote counts as 2, the Prime Delegate's as 2, and the Beta Delegate/External Officer/Internal Officer have 1 vote each. This way, if the Founder and Delegate disagree, the tie is broken by the other officers, and if the Founder/Delegate are on one side versus the other 3 members, the F/D side will prevail (since their views are more important and valuable, as they are higher members of the council, so to speak). This totals to 7 votes, and cannot end in a tie unless a nation abstains.

  • Amendments, removals, or additions to the Ruling Charter are all fair game from any officer or delegate.


    1. There are five positions in the Sonnel Regional Government, The Founder, Prime Delegate, Beta Delegate, External Officer, and Internal Officer.

    2. Each position of power has its own set of control over the region:

      1. Founder: Executive, Appearance, Border Control, Embassies, Communication, Polls.

      2. Prime Delegate: Executive, WA Ambassador, Appearance, Border Control, Embassies, Communication, Polls.

      3. Beta Delegate: Appearance, Border Control, Embassies, Communication, Polls.

      4. External Officer: Border Control, Embassies.

      5. Internal Officer: Appearance, Communications.

    3. Each position power has the following term limits:

      1. Founder: None, unlimited mandatory term. To emulate giving up power, the Founder could simply not use regional controls.

      2. Delegates and Officers: 3-month terms, punctuated with elections for next term. There is no limit on the amount of terms a nation can hold, as long as they're elected by fair vote.


    1. The members of the Regional Government will communicate via some sort of platform, whichever is most convenient for all members involved.

    2. Any member of the Government can suggest rule additions, removals, or amends (Marked As such, As such, and As Such).

    3. After discussion on suggestions, the members of the regional government will hold a quick and semi-informal vote.

      1. The Founder and Prime Delegate's vote count as 2.

      2. The Beta Delegate, External Officer, and Internal Officer's votes count as 1 each.

      3. There must, therefore, be a total of 7 votes.

    4. If and when a new policy is passed, it will be added/changed on this charter by the Founder, using the aforementioned syntax.

    5. Policy that doesn't directly affect this charter is also treated in a similar manner.

    6. Any changes or additions in policy will either be performed by the Founder or the Government Member that proposed it.


    1. If usage of a nation's regional power is permitted in the rules and does not affect the region in a huge way, a regional officer can use the power at their discretion.

    2. More major actions should be consulted with Founder first. The exception to this is times in which the region is in danger, for example, in the time of a raid.

    3. The following powers can be used without consultation or discussion:

      1. Appearance: Minor modifications to World Factbook Entry, or Dispatches.

      2. Border Control: Eject or Ban extremely troublesome nations.

      3. Embassies: Propose or accept new embassies.

      4. Communications: Send relevant region-wide telegrams, control recruit settings, suppress/unsuppress valid messages.

      5. Polls: Open non-election or non-region official polls which last 1 or 2 days ONLY.

    4. The following powers can be used after consultation with Founder and approval:

      1. Appearance: Change Tags, change flag, major World Factbook Entry revamps.

      2. Border Control: set regional password, eject/ban non-universally hated nations.

      3. Embassies: Close embassies or change embassy posting settings.

      4. Communications: change the Welcome Telegram.

      5. Polls: Run official polls or create polls longer than 3 days.

    5. In the case where a Delegate wishes to perform a consulting action, they must consult the Founder first.

    6. The Founder or Delegate may remove or undo any changes done without approval that should've had consultation.

    7. Excessive use of power in a way that is annoying, overt, or unnecessary can result in loss of that power for the affliated officer for the rest of that term.


    1. Political Parties may be formed by any region member.

    2. To be officially recognized, a party must have at least 2 members or more.

    3. Political parties' main purpose is to have groups of residents convene on topics and send candidates to elections.

    4. It's highly suggested, but not mandatory, that nations vote for their party's candidate.

    5. It's highly suggested, but not mandatory, that nations join political parties in the first place.

      1. To join a political party, a nation must submit a request to a party's leader.

      2. If the party head confirms the acceptance of the nation into the party, they must send a confirmation telegram to the Founder, and the nation that joined must also send one, so that both parties confirm.

    6. When election time rolls around, political parties should convene and send candidates to the Founder, so that the candidates may be present in the election polls.

    7. A party can only send one candidate per office.


    1. "The 7 Commandments" is the official rule set for general conduct on Sonnel. Here are these rules (which can be found in more detail elsewhere):

      1. Obey Authority, especially that of the Founder and Prime Delegate.

      2. Do not complain about rules, rule enforcement, or events.

      3. No excessive arguing, especially on the RMB.

      4. Keep conversations relatively relevant and drama-less.

      5. No excessive talk of real-life politics.

      6. Do not refer to Drawkland as "Drawkie."

      7. Participate in at least some way in the region.

    2. Event facilitation shall commence in this manner:

      1. Facebook Messenger is the main area for chatter not really involving NationStates, or involving things in NationStates which don't need to be on the RMB.

      2. Regional Government will be operated via Facebook Messenger.

      3. Sonnelian events, such as RPs and Sporting Events, should be held on the NationStates Forums.

      4. The offsite forum for Sonnel is defunct and will no longer be used in operation.

    3. These rules and procedures can be edited like any other mandates in this charter.

Read dispatch

Most of you may not know, or care. But we have a multi-party system in our midst of a little region.

Here is the list of political parties. If you didn't join in the registration poll, contact the party leader (listed first in the party members) to gain membership, then send a telegram to Drawkland to confirm. Party leaders, once confirming a new member, should also contact Drawkland so it's official.

PLEASE NOTE: Sonnel Politics are strictly in-game organizations focused on how the region should be run, and do not have to have any connection with political views outside NationStates.



  • Keep changes to Sonnel's Paradigm minimal and pragmatic.

  • Mainly follow lead with the wants and wishes of the Regional Founder, Drawkland.

  • Establish friendly relations with other regions.

  • Have several RPs in ranging perspectives (National, Adventure, etc.)

  • Keep activity via NS Sports, holding competitions of several sport varieties.

  • Anti-Drawkie usage.

  • Ignoring whining from laws and actions passed by our commitee.



  • Changing term length to 6 months instead of 3

  • More democratic form of government rather than republic (both the members in regional government would vote + poll for rest of sonnel to vote)

  • Remain friendly with other regions

  • Members are allowed to switch parties without a poll

  • Introduce a format for all laws to be made in

  • All regional government votes equal one vote. founder and WA Delegate included. (Results of sonnel poll count as one vote)

  • Legalize backwards marriage

  • Piss off Xhayparia by stealing Delegacy when it's rightfully Xhayparia's


  • 7

  • Taek ovr teh reejun

  • maek evr1 backwordz

  • Maek deddi praod


  • whAt lIzaRd mAn wuNt SulSU tO saY?



The following nations do not assign themselves to any party, and do not meet. These nations are simply active in the regional elections and government but have decided to not affiliate with anyone.

Read factbook

We also do some other things! Check out these dispatches (Sonnel Star "Newspaper", Sonnel Risk, Sonnel Sports, respectively) to see stuff about them. They're totally optional but ask Drawkland or anyone else to get involved.

The Sonnel Star II

"The News That You'll Wish On!"

Company News: Valentine's Day Special: When I didn't think I could make the Sonnel Star anymore cancerous we I created the Valentine's Day Special... One tumor at a time as mah mama always said.
Yellow=Normal News Header
Red=Roast me like Morning Coffee
News Update: Article I:Issue I Coming Out: 2/12/16

Volume I:Issue III

Main Topic(s): IDGAF

I haven't OD'd guys!

So basically this only reason why I'm making this is because I want to let you know the whole new team isn't blow to s*** and that the war in Zlevecky is so hot it's starting to set my mix tapes on fire.

So basically the CR went all 9/11 on Xhayparia and also Mushcap experienced pain for the first time.

This is going to be informal too so f*** off m8.

I also have a rare type of HIV called Donald Trump.

Speaking of that Ronald Trump and Donald Regan joined the tumor so now we're even more cancerous.

Also Donald Regan and Ronald Trump beat CN in some s*** pool World Census so I'm glad to know we have more AIDS then ever before.

What else to say?

Oh yeah, I haven't killed anyone in a while.

Enjoy this depressive news report. Literally it's crap right now. I have like five assignments that's due Tuesday and my mom took my iPod so I can't even check Facebook (cancer) and message the guys on the group chat. So blame my mom for taking my entertainment. Idgaf

Valentine's Day Special

Main Topic(s): ( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡)

LinkNaughty Links ;^)
LinkFax About Valentine's Day
It's that time of the year again...

( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡)

Couples are giving each other gifts, and maybe a little more... ( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡)
And lonely people who can't get a date buy chocolates and flowers for themselves. (I being one of them :,^})

But hopefully, in a relationship or not, your day goes well. And as the writer of the paper, I wish you all a good day!

Now I think it seems pointless to make this... Nothing new. Matter in fact, why are you still reading this? Stop. Seriously stop. It's Valentine's Day go suck some d*** or something. Seriously, f*** off. There's nothing else to read...


(Happy Valentine's Day from the Sonnel Star!)

Volume I: Issue II

Main Topic(s): Warlight 2; The Race of Parties

The People's Word
Please contact us for some words you'd like to add. (Goofy, serious...)


The Race of Parties
Politics. Can be very boring, but, if you can it can be pretty exciting! A new competition, Venturing Nation Party is in the race!

I asked one of the cofounders, Drawkland, some questions about political parties. Here's what I got from him:

Zlevecky wrote:How do you feel about the parties?

Drawkland wrote:I believe they're a step forward and they'll bring more interest and activity into the region as well as adding another level of detail to it.

Zlevecky wrote:How do you feel about each other party, including yours?

Drawkland wrote:Well I like my party because it's sort of a group that helps me run the region, and support what I do. The Confederate party is interesting, but ... I'm not sure how successful it will be. CN will have to garner some support from his friends or attempt to draw it from others and I'm personally not too confident he'll make it.

The Venturing Nation Party is cool, and I'm looking forward to some competition, especially since the policies do differ in some way. It'll definitely bring some drama and campaigning to the table, and I'm excited for it. The Backwards Party is 7.

And I'd prefer an Independent "Party" to not exist. It sorta ruins the party aspect, and it'd be much better if everyone would contribute.

Zlevecky wrote:I would agree with you on the Independent Party. I think people should pick a party. Help shape Sonnel in a way, do you?

Drawkland wrote:Exactly! I'm predicting that Independents will bring issues and obstacles to the election process.

Zlevecky wrote:Now so we can get some variety, what are the plans of GOD?

Drawkland wrote:Well, I intend to keep most of what I've already arranged (the Rules, the Government system, how I've been running the region for the past years) to stay relatively the same. Most if not all of what I've done so far has been in the best interest of the region, and to keep it going as long as it can.

So besides keeping the setup about the same, I also plan to put more Sports events into place, because it's an easy and fun way to promote regional activity. In the long run, I also want to bring a variety of new RPs to the table.

Zlevecky wrote:Well, I think that's all the time we have now. Thank you for letting me interview you and I hope we can meet back up again!

Drawkland wrote:Thanks for having me. Always a pleasure.

Drawkland is a real great guy!

So as we can observe by what he gave to the table we can expect some interesting stuff. Hopefully, a bit more influence to those who are independent. It can also be shown that both the VNP and GOD are both very interested in creating more culture with role play and sports.

It will be most interesting during voting periods. I suggest you people hop on party and start supporting. Don't get left behind m8!

Vote for your Party!


War Light 2
It has come to that point that the 2nd War Light round has finished. Congratulations Mushcap for winning the 2nd game!

Drawkland wrote:Risk Factbook updated!
(In order of longest to shortest lasting)
The Confederacy of Nationalism


Sports later...


Venturing Nation Party: Liberty is in the Palms' of Your Hands!

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Zlevecky and I want you, yes you, to join us, the VNP in a new revolution! The democratic revolution! Make history today! Join us on our Sonnelian Liberal Plan! We want to make Sonnel the best for all people, not just the old. Let's do this together! Venturing Nation Party, let's explore together!
Venturing Nation Party home page

Roast me like Morning Coffee!

Article I|Issue I

Welcome to "Roast me like Morning Coffee" where we take all the region members, tell them to make fun one of individual of the region, and then have those quotes uploaded into the Sonnel Star!

These will be in occurrence hopefully every Wednesday. Help you get through the week.

So let's pull out some roast of the first person as we roast Zlevecky!

Kellanland wrote:nazi cucumber

The Confederacy of Nationalism wrote:Soviet Zucchini

Kellanland wrote:jewish pikle

The Confederacy of Nationalism wrote:I'll give you a nickle if you tickle the pickle.

The Confederacy of Nationalism wrote:With gas chambers.

Drawkland wrote:Cuban Broccoli

Kellanland wrote:dumb carrot

Kellanland wrote:retarted cantolop

The Confederacy of Nationalism wrote:Genius WATAMILIN

Drawkland wrote:Average-Intelligent Pumpkin

Drawkland wrote:Uncultured Bacon

Kellanland wrote:mean lemon

The Confederacy of Nationalism wrote:If live gives you melons, you're probably dyslexic.

The Confederacy of Nationalism wrote:Life gave me lemons... I had an allergic reaction and died.

Thanks guys for the retarded post. I'm going to make sure to endorse a dictatorship. *looks at Hitler*

But seriously thanks I guess for making fun of me. Hope you guys slip on some bleach! Luv u!

Thanks Drawkland!

Volume I: Issue I

Main Topic(s): Political (Rave) Parties

The People's Word

Welcome Back Sonnel Star!
I asked people in Sonnel to write a telegram to the Star stating what they felt like saying about the Sonnel Star II, let's read!

"Mek sur two rite bad stuf abowt Fropez en da ss."

"This is back? Noice."


Political (Rave) Parties
Yes folks, it is here, the Political Parties have finally arrived with the "Good Ol' Drawks" and the "Backwards Nations" Parties taking into effect.

Generally though, the GOD (lel) is the only serious party. The Backwards Nations Party is just another cancerous joke.

More up to follow on this!

Delagate Authority: Too Short to Count?
Recently today, Drawkland made a comment about the way the delegacy voting periods maybe should change...

Drawkland wrote:Well, perhaps I could shorten the term. Maybe to 2-3 month terms?
3 Months. I like the feel of quarterly elections.

Though, no more known or legit information has pulled up yet, there maybe a change. Instead of the regular yearly voting periods, Sonnel could have multiple periods in a simple year where people could vote and hold office. There are some pros and cons to this however.

A few pros are they people could get the chance to hold office than a regular annual election. And with that brings new ideas into Sonnel's high seat. However, cons could be that the delegate doesn't have that much authority over the region in such a shorter span. And with that, ideas may not develop through those who are elected as much. Resulting in some ideas never coming into existence.

The whole issue is, should we shorten delegate's time in office, or should we not? Send Zlevecky your thoughts and you might see your opinion.


Nations have been addicted to this one form of "roleplay" as you may call it. The game "Warlight" has taken surge throughout Sonnel as leader of the map on Warlight, The Confederacy of Nationalism, has been letting players play on this custom map.

However, it is unsure to call this roleplay since it is a game. But we still classify it under roleplay because of the nation names still used in the fighting.

We will have more update on this as it progresses.


7 Ball
7ball, the new sport entertainment, is kicking off a new. The founder, Drawkland thought of the game as a joke until he took it one step further and made 7Ball. Rules are posted below.

Rules of 7Ball

Thanks for reading our news coverage! if you randomly or for some purpose want to say something on the news, telegram Zlevecky to hopefully see it next issue. However, he gets to decide what to put on, so don't get crabby.

[author's end note of the day ":^) (It's 10:34 at night and I'm typing this sh*t.)"]

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Okay, so in all fairness, we'll set up a rotation of who is excluded from the Risk matches.
The Underlined and Italicized nation is the one currently being rejected (lel).
The Confederacy of Nationalism

Discontinued since Qoronia and Oteshknir no longer play.

Screenshots taken by Drawkland unless stated otherwise. Click images for closer looks.





  • Zlevecky

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This dispatch is meant to be a hub, servicing links to all the Sonnel-related or Sonnel-exclusive sporting events held on the NS Sports forum.

Drum Corps Competitions

    Sonnel Drum Corps Classic - Drawkland - IC, OOC
  1. Old Heparia Cavalry - Xhayparia - 91.65

  2. Knights of the Confederacy - The Confederacy of Nationalism - 90.855

  3. Drawk Corps Blackcoats - Drawkland - 90.675

  4. Ekhart Harps - Zlevecky - 89.955

Sports of Sonnelian Origin

    First Official 7ball Tournament - Drawkland

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And perhaps the most important part is to converse with us on the Regional Message Board, or RMB! This is where you'll have the most fun talking to your fellow region-mates. To get to it, click on "Sonnel" on your sidebar (or on the green menu bar at the top on mobile), and scroll to the bottom of the page. Or, if you're lazy, you could click here:

We're also a semi-active RP region and are interested in lots of things. Just ask us on the RMB about things you want to do and we'll talk about it! Most importantly, I hope you have fun here! Again, thanks for joining Sonnel, %NATION%.

See you around!
~ The Interstellar Empire of Drawkland
Founder of Sonnel