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Defunct G.O.D. HQ

The Official Headquarters of the Sonnelian Political Party

The Grand Ol' Drawk Party is the first Sonnelian political party to be founded. Its founder is the Founder of the region, Drawkland (as you may be able to gather from the title). Its main purpose is to give support to the Founder's ideas to keep the region moving forward in a rational and logical manner which is best for the region's interests.

We welcome all nations to join our ranks!

Members and Positions

Any nation is welcome to join the G.O.D. Party! It's a good way to make a name for yourself and to directly help the Founder shape the region. The G.O.D. Party intends to send a member of the party to be a candidate in every elected position! Join the party, and this could be you!

Views and Platforms

The members of this party are mainly focused on bringing the region forward in a rational and pragmatic way. The way the achieve this is by supporting and helping the Founder in running the region and helping his suggestions. As such, the views of the party are mainly from the mind of Drawkland and Xhayparia.

    Governmental Elections and Design
  • Changes should be minimal and pragmatic.

  • The original design of the Charter came from the leader of this party, and as such, most/all of it is intended to not change according to the party's views.

  • Term Lengths should be 3 months for all elected positions.

  • Nations can fulfill unlimited terms, as long as they're elected by fair vote.

  • Election polls should be among all candidates, unless a second-round tiebreaker vote is required.

  • Election polls should last 2 days for officers and 3 days for Delegates.

  • Delegate election poll should be WA-only, if this is foregone, only WA votes should be counted.

  • Pro-Mandatory Endorsement of Prime Delegate.

    Rulings and Enforcement
  • Keep The 7 Commandments (Regional Rules) as they are in their original form.

  • Changes to Rules be decided by ruling officers rather than vote of the populous.

  • Judgement of rulebreaking should be swift and mainly at Founder's discretion.

  • Universal or far majority against a player being in the region should warrant a player's removal.

  • Against usage of the word "Drawkie" to refer to Drawkland.

    Culture and Activities
  • Pro-RP, of any kind (not JUST leader adventure RP).

  • Pro-NS Sports Events.

  • Pro-NS Forums (rather than an offsite forum).

  • Pro-Risk Game Since Risk games have essentially halted, this is not at the forefront of issues, but is still open to reactivating the games.

  • Polls that don't have to do with elections should not last more than 2 days.

    Inter-Regional Relations
  • Pro-Relations with active or large regions.

  • Pro-Relations with regions containing past members, even if the region isn't active or large.

  • Pro-Maintaining Embassies with longtime embassy regions or ones that are significant in some way.

  • Pro-Interregional RPs.

  • INDEPENDENT in the R/D game.

  • Against overreaction to raids or attempting revenge on raiding regions (If we're raided, fix the damage and move on without a second thought).

  • Against assisting other regions with Defending.

  • Against any activity in the R/D game UNTIL we have a large amount of dedicated members.


If you have any questions regarding the Grand Ol' Drawk party, including its platforms and aims, OR if you want to switch to/join the party, then feel free to telegram Drawkland with your inquiry or request! Drawkland is general active for most of the day and will see to your contact likely within a few hours. [/thirdpersonPOV]

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