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The Council of February

Operation: Reboot
- The Council of February -

The old blood of the RIA has faded off into the distance. Both names familiar and names we never knew have fallen into the sweet, quiet, coldness of the CTE. Perhaps real life grew to be too much for them, perhaps they grew too much for NationStates, or perhaps NationStates grew too much for them. If they return, they will certainly be welcomed back with open and anxious arms. If they don't, there are no hard feelings towards them, and the RIA collectively wishes them each the best. Regardless, the old guard of the early 2000's era has finally faded away, and they leave for us a legacy and a region to protect.

At this time, it is prudent to rearrange our government. Upheaval of the government isn't rare in the RIA, it actually appears to be a pastime of sorts. Many constitutions were passed and many changes have been made. Change is not a mark of instability or poor governing: change is a mark of an adaptable government which has it's priorities in the right place. In the RIA, no law has ever been held too sacred, and no regime has ever considered itself the end-all, be-all governing body. As one era ends and another begins, we find ourselves at a crossroads. Either we adapt to survive and grow, or we refuse to change and continue our descent into mediocrity. We are the next generation of the RIA. Younger? Yes. Different? Of course. But that's always been what the RIA is, honestly. They were the rebels back in the old era and we are the rebels now. Our methods are fresh, our ideas new, and our resolve is firm. Our region always has and always will be full of Renegades.

In a truly renegade move, I have proposed Operation: Reboot. Essentially, this is a complete overhaul of regional politics. The first stage of this is to wipe the slate clean. Assuming the permission of Delegate Jute, I would like to form the Council of February.

^ Link to the Council of February ^

The Council of February will act as the governing authority of the Renegade Islands Alliance for the month of February. It will posses - among other things - the rights to authorize treaties, send diplomats, hold elections, appoint officers, and write a new constitution. It will be composed of one chairperson (the Delegate) and any citizen* of the Renegade Islands Alliance who wishes to participate. Discussions will be held on an offsite forum thread dedicated to just the council. Discussion may also be held on the RMB, via telegram, and via private message on the forums. Legislation can be submitted by any citizen. A vote on legislation can be called by the Delegate or the Vice-Delegate (who will be appointed by the Delegate). All citizens - including the Delegate and Vice-Delegate - will be permitted to vote on the legislation. A 2/3 majority is required to pass legislation, and the Delegate is permitted to veto passed legislation (which will require a unanimous decision to override). The following bullet points form the stated goals of the Council of February.

* Note that "any" citizen does not mean "every" citizen. The Council will not disallow citizens from participating, but if a citizen fails to actively participate (as a result of ignorance, by choice, etc.), then the Council will not be responsible for ensuring or discussing the wishes of that citizen.

  • To encourage the posterity, growth, and welfare of the Renegade Islands Alliance;

  • To replace itself with a reasonably sustainable government as quickly as such a government can be crafted;

  • To dissolve on March 1st if stated goals have not been achieved.

Based on these three points, legislation will be proposed and passed rapidly in a one month period. A reasonably sustainable government is a difficult term to define because it is very broad. In fact, the current government could be considered "sustainable" because even on the current path, it does not appear that the RIA will crumble completely. Perhaps, after discussion, it will be decided that we do want to revert to the previous constitution. While this would be an acceptable decision, it is also worth considering the purpose behind the institution of the Council of February. If our current path is trending down, then our goal should be to chart a course that will cause the population and activity of the RIA to skyrocket. While establishing a government that is more effective than the present government is not a stated goal, it is an understood concept that we ought to strive for.

I personally would like to make a recommendation to the Council. I would like to have a list of everything that the Council wishes to discuss that way the Council is able to do the best job possible. On this list, I would like the following things to be included.

  • Movement of All Pre-Existing Government Threads to Archives

  • A New Constitution

  • Heavy Emphasis on Recruitment

  • Roleplaying vs. Gameside Realism


  • Which Offices Exist and How Officers Are Selected

  • Establishment/Replacement of the "Great Houses"

  • New Flag and ?Coat of Arms?

  • Establish a Code For Mapmaking

  • Discuss an Officer Who Manages Polls, WFE, and RPs

To be clear, this Council will begin when Delegate Jute initiates it. Once a thread has been started by Jute, the discussions and legislating can begin. The next phase of Operation: Reboot is already upon us. In the spirit of the RIA, in honor of the old guard, in respect for the present citizens, and in expectation of the era ahead of us, I quote the immortal words of Shizensky:

Best of luck.

The February Phoenix of Timothia