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SONNEL HUB [Dispatch Links]

Your First Source for Dispatches, Info, and Other Links

WELCOME to Sonnel! We hope you enjoy our little region, whether you're a member or just an outsider checking us out! This dispatch is meant for anyone looking to see what there is to see around here on Sonnel. Read everything in this dispatch and check out any of the links that interest you, ESPECIALLY if you're a new member! I'll try to explain everything you'll need to know in the short term.

First off, I'll explain those links you can see on the left (or the box you scrolled past to read this, if you're on mobile). To be honest, a lot of these were outdated, so I removed the links that aren't really relevant anymore.

The first set is of "Gameside" dispatches and info, this is for things that pertain to Sonnel within the physical NationStates game. This includes basic information, history, regional government, and the like.

The second set is of "Canon" dispatches. We consider our nations to physically inhabit a planet called Sonnel, we treat it like a canon, sort of like how Star Wars or Harry Potter or any such fictional 'world' has a canon, a set information of happenings, perhaps even storylines. These dispatches provide information pertaining to the canonical Sonnel.

The third set is of "Publication" dispatches. We don't have many of these, but these provide either Gameside (NS) or Canonical (Sonnel) stories, information, or editorials. The oldest and really, the first, is Zlevecky's Sonnel Star, but he ded nao. Luckily, Xhayparia decided to take the initiative and has the successor, Skyline Sonnel. Also, Xhayparia started making Sonnelball comics, which are pretty neat too, and I highly suggest you check them out.

The fourth set is of roleplays. We originally started (if you check the History Dispatch in the first set) roleplaying, using our nation's (generally long-lived) heads of state, or leaders, as the main characters, and playing their escapades. That's mainly what those are, and they're mainly closed to nations except the ones already involved, but you can still read through and enjoy them. But if any new nations want to get involved into roleplays other than our "good old boys club," then we can arrange getting different ones started.

The fifth set, which is currently bare, has links to "sub-hubs" or other dispatches for information concerning, perhaps, sporting events, or other major happenings which are more complex than a single roleplay thread, such as the Risk games held on Warlight.

Now that that's out of the way, I'll actually describe our region a little bit. Sonnel predominantly was created by Drawkland, which explains why he's the Founder. This applies both to Gameside and Canon Sonnel. Drawkland created the region, and he also created the primary canon which Sonnel operates on. As stated before, Sonnel can mean either refer to the region on NS, or it can apply to the fictional 'world' which the nations either live on or surround. The region is centrally based on the canonical aspect, at least in the roleplay sense. However, the Gameside and Canon Sonnel are not related, ergo the political parties and regional government don't have any bearing on the RP/Canon world, and vice versa. The Timeline and Map are primary examples of Canon Sonnel.

Roleplay at the moment is mainly done by a crew of the original members, but is expected to increase sometime in the future to include anyone who's interested. Sporting competitions didn't take off but are still open for expansion, and Sonnel Risk games could possibly be restarted. We intend to having lots of opportunities for fun events for all nations.

The RMB is not in-character, as you might tell. It's firmly out-of-character, and is used mainly for banter and chatter, and it will likely remain that way for the rest of its days.

We're hoping that you enjoy our region, no matter what you're doing! If you haven't and you've just joined the region, I suggest you Telegram Drawkland and reserve a spot on the regional map!

The Interstellar Empire of Drawkland