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Regional Involvement

  • Founder of The Western Isles ~ March 2015 to present

    • Consistently one of the largest user-created regions on NationStates despite its novelty

    • Largest region without an off-site forum

    • Leader in regional focused role-playing

    • Authored or co-authored three progressively improved regional Constitutions, numerous executive orders, factbooks, dispatches, and other regional communications

  • Creator and Caretaker of The Western Isles regional map ~ April, 2015 to present

    • Manage nation additions and deletions, updated weekly to keep relevant and accurate

    • Most upvoted map on NationStates and top 20 most upvoted dispatch overall

  • President of The Western Isles ~ March 2015 to November 2015, November 2018 to Present

    • Leads the region from its onset to a region of more than 600 nations through manual, personal recruiting efforts

    • Plays a lead role in role-plays, constitutional reform, nation involvement, and foreign affairs

    • Organized and authored multiple helpful dispatches on topics ranging from military realism, to a World Assembly FAQ, to an accessible new player guide

  • Senator of The Western Isles ~ December 2015 to March 2016

    • Authored and passed six relevant and progressive bills

    • Voice for necessary and straightforward legislation

  • Secretary of the Exterior of The Western Isles ~ March 2016 to June 2016

    • Responsible for foreign policy matters

    • Continued previous recruitment efforts, sustaining a population of 500+ and dozens of active role-players

Foreign Involvement

  • President of The Unified Regional Network ~ November 2015 to Early 2016

    • Responsible for leading the largest multi-regional coalition with a direct emphasis on open communication

  • Chief Security Officer of The Embassy ~ November 2015 to Early 2016

    • Oversaw a region with over a thousand embassies

    • Recovered hundreds of embassies after an invader raid

World Assembly Involvement

Other Involvement

  • Consistently active on NationStates since 2014

  • Author of Vancouvian Information Releases

    • Top 30 most upvoted dispatch, and most upvoted news dispatch on NationStates

  • Established numerous factbook formats used by dozens of nations, including a Foreign Affairs template which enables easy access and encourages international interactment

  • Established The Western Isles News thread which has approximately 5,000 posts and 325,000 views

  • Authored hundreds of dispatches and dozens of unique factbooks

  • Participated in countless role-plays and started numerous role-plays

RP Posts/Threads I Wrote

The Dead Indistinguishable - Vancouvian Special Forces conduct a disastrous naval invasion of northern Arvan


The 35th of May - Vancouvian Special Forces new graduates are gunned down amidst a devastating terrorist strike on Vancouvian soil


Redundancy - Vancouvian Special Forces prepare for the assassination of a foreign President, but are interrupted by a UAV strike with massive collateral damage


The Atomic Secret - the Vancouvian storage of nuclear weapons on an island off Vancouvia's coast is almost revealed, before being ruthlessly put down by a secret quasi-governmental society


Independent District - Sergeant Riley of the Vancouvian National Army responds to an ambush in the International District


The Free Lands of Vancouvia