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Historia Novorum | Regional History


Regional History

To the best of our natives' knowledge, Historia Novorum is the fourth region in a line of regions at times ripe with chaos and disorder. Only a few of us remain from the first, and none of us were there at the beginning. How we got to found the region you now see, is a bit of a story, so I hope you'll bear with me as I tell it to the best of my ability.

The first region in our line, now a relic run by third-generation native The Pagan Authoritarian Republic of Baltican Union (Our own The Ethnostate of Latvijas Otra Republika), was aptly named "Alternate History World". It was founded on May 7, 2014 by a puppet of the same name, controlled by the nation of Dennizona.

The first generation of natives would include Dennizona, the Union Charlemagne, Hanchu, Bloodybees, a few others, notable among which was Gaolli. Dennizona was the first everything: Map maker, administrator, founder, and leader. Everything started out fantastic, everyone got along, and the map began smoothly and efficiently.

The nations of the so-called "Big Three" (Dennizona, Hanchu, and Union Charlemagne) formed an in-character alliance, known as the Atlantic Alliance at first, and changed to the East-West Alliance with the addition of Hanchu. The three were at peace for some time, until the aforementioned Gaolli claimed the remaining bits of the United States that Dennizona did not occupy. Gaolli planned a role-play in which he would drop a nuclear weapon on Washington, D.C., a move which, unsurprisingly, angered Dennizona due to the city's proximity to their nation, and the effects of dropping a Gaolli bomb on their own city. Dennizona moved, in-character still, for war against Gaolli for the action, who would end trying to retcon the roleplay through various means.

Hanchu, on the other hand, supported Gaolli's side, both in and out of character. In the first of many arguments to come, Hanchu and Dennizona created the principle rivalry that would eventually tear the region apart, with Dennizona expelling Hanchu from the East-West Alliance and re-forming the Atlantic Alliance with the Union Charlemagne. After Hanchu created the Eastern Coalition as an in-character counter to the Atlantic Alliance, Dennizona branded Hanchu a traitor.

History would carry on, and the second-generation of natives would come to replace some of the first. Dennizona and Union Charlemagne, soon to be known as Deutsches Koenigreich, would come to be joined by that of the Greater Canadian Republic (myself, before I moved my main nation of NAGL in to the region), PR of Concord (who arrived before me), JURER, and others. Many of us arrived at the tail-end of the Hanchu-Dennizona arguments over Gaolli's action, and therefore did not directly witness the happenings. However, its effects were felt.

Eventually, tensions between the region and Dennizona came to a boil when I, after a frustrating set of remarks and rebuttals with Dennizona both in and out of character, formed the Trans-Pacific Alliance with Hanchu, abandoning an alliance I had previously held with Dennizona. It is around this time that Dennizona began to, from where many of us sat, seem to grow more tired of his running of the region and much more aggressive in his rebuttals. He would often choose to ignore roleplayers he did not like, and simply refuse to recognize anything they did, even if it pertained to a region problem.

After a series of arguments with both myself and Hanchu, Dennizona left the region suddenly, deleting the map and exiling himself to his own puppet region. This left us with no government, and no cartographer, essentially dead in the water. Deutsches Koenigreich, Hanchu, and myself worked quickly to re-start the region, instituting the Elder system, in which an oligarchy of the region's most senior members would govern the region in order to prevent another Dennizona situation. Koenigreich assumed the Founder's responsibilities and the puppet nation. I would become the cartographer, and business resumed as usual.

Eventually, we began to grow more comfortable in our system of governing, and we welcomed Dennizona back when we finally had convinced him to return. He somewhat kept to himself when he returned, as the Elders began to grow in ranks. The Elders had originally consisted of only Deutsches Koenigreich, Hanchu, myself, and Bloodybees, but soon grew to include PR of Concord, JURER, and even Dennizona. This decision was part of the reason the region fell prey to him a second time.

Arguments over power, land, and general disagreements became so frequent, that I, in my lapse of judgement, made a decision without the knowledge of the other Elders: To re-make the region free of argument for a fresh start. The others did not have advance knowledge, and seeing as how I had inherited much of the Founder's responsibilities from Koenigreich anyway, I somehow felt I had the authority to do so. And so I made the announcement and we began to move to The Alternate History World, the new region.

However when Deutsches Koenigreich and Dennizona awoke the following morning (at this point it is worth mentioning that after these next events transpired we began to suspect that they were one and the same), they were appalled at the move and accused me of betraying their trust, and taking over in a sort of coup. They promptly re-took control of the Founder nation, and began to eject and ban everyone from both AHWs, leading to a mass exodus for a new region, founded by the Russian-American Colony (A native who arrived between the second and third generations), known as the Alternate History Hub.

Soon after Dennizona and Koenigreich password-protected the original Alternate History World, I left the Alternate History Hub to think on what I had done. The governing of AHH fell to PR of Concord and the New Great Roman Empire, two second generation natives. The region was just one large argument from the beginning, with finger-pointing and disagreements over how we should carry on dominating the message boards until many began to lave from simple frustration. Hanchu continued to try and have Dennizona and Koenigreich re-open AHW, to no avail. The region began to break-down after Concord and NGRE led an intense power struggle for the region.

Soon after, I ended up founding Historia Novorum, and quickly popped back into the AHH to let anyone know who wanted I was up and running. I inadvertently caused another mass exodus that led to the AHH being largely abandoned, which was soon raided, and refounded by the Assassins. Around this time, Hanchu convinced Dennizona and Koenigreich to turn AHW over to him, and then promptly ceased-to-exist, along with the Founder puppet, after Hanchu was elected to the delegacy, so beginning the final decline of the original AHW, its raiding, and its rescue.

And here we are. Alternate History World now stands as a museum, run by third and even some fourth generation natives. Many found their way here, and we are, in all reality, Alternate History World's sole descendant. We are not a perfect region, but we have fixed much of what went wrong in AHW, and hope to stand for many years to come. Many of our community still reside with us, including Bloodybees, Isle of great-britain (then known as Vexilius), Morevonia, Sur-suomi (then and still known as Cinnabarra), Cobalt Chloride, Szech(insert-rest-of-name-here), The union of the isles of britannia (then known as the Clockwork Cities), Best korea- (then known as Concord), and many more indispensable new members like Graeci, Castilian Iberia, Velykyy Ukraina, Italizio, United Provincien, and so many others.

I'm glad you took the time to read this, get to know us, and get ready to start your own history with us.

The Founder of Historia Novorum