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OSD-AV1 Wheeled Light Armoured Personnel Carrier

OSD-AV1 Vulf (wolf) Armored Vehicle


The Vulf is a wheeled light armoured personnel carrier, combining a commercial truck's speed and maneuverability, and APC-like armour - qualities necessary for low-intensity confrontation or in situations in which speed is a crucial element.

The idea for the Vulf was born from the need of transporting soldiers safely during missions in an urban environment, and in peacekeeping missions.


The Vulf consists of a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) Ford F-550 chassis modified by the Institute for Special Development (ISD) in Ostehaar, so it can be easily maintained anywhere. It is equipped with a diesel 6 litre 350 hp engine and automatic 5 speed transmission, and can weigh up to 7.5 tonnes. The armor envelope is built independently from the chassis, so it is possible to use the same armor envelope on another chassis (of the same model) when the chassis goes out for service.


The vehicle is completely protected; All of the doors of the vehicle are bulletproof, including the engine and gearbox compartments. There are six doors—four on the sides and two at the rear—which enables troops to get in and out easily and quickly with all of their equipment. The vehicle interior is equipped with a double air conditioning system, seats and brackets for items that a soldier might need. Since no major changes have been done to the F-550 chassis, except the addition of armor, the vehicle does not have any problems with engine overheating or handling.

The Vulf can carry a crew of up to 9 personnel, with an additional 2 stretch beds, if necessary.


  • AV1-10 Infantry Carrier Vehicle

  • AV1-18 Medical Evacuation Vehicle

  • AV1-17 "Shock" Vehicle - Equipped with riot control measures

Inside view of the MEDEVAC variant:


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