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RP Depository of the Western Isles

The Western Isles is a primarily RP region that is centered on a map with MT technology. Many RPs take place in a day and here is where you can find the majority of them.

Good Resources for RPing
This is a very nice resource run by very good people, PPU and Ostehaar. This can be used to see the weather across the Isles, and is rather nice to create stories with, or affect your existing RPs.
Arms Dealers of the Western Isles
A great place to see the Arms dealers in the Isles, and find weapons and vehicles for your nation.
Directory of Nations
Look here to quickly get a feel for a certain nation without having to go too indepth into factbooks.
Guide to making Nuclear Weapons
Made by Ostehaar, this will show you what it takes to create a nuclear bomb so that you can RP it more effectivily of what having a nuclear bomb will do to how your nation conducts itself.

These are the Main RPs, the ones that are either fully open or semi-open. These are ones that will most likely continue on indefinitely and are useful for defining your nation or characters in your nation.
The news is a place to put stories about your nation. These will help you define your nation and items going on with it in, Domestic Affairs, Foreign Affairs, Economic Items, Military Items, etc.
Twitter is a place to post, Tweets, from the viewpoints of people in your nation, which can be used to flush out characters, your nation, and other items that need to be fleshed out, so in a way it is an informal news.
Citizens of the Isles
A place to put short stories about citizens in your nation. It is a good place to flesh out the smaller stories that go on daily in your nation.
The league is a place that discusses Foreign Affairs in the Isles. It is the UN of the isles. TG the Secretary General to get in.

Open RP

Semi-Open RP

Closed RP




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