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Code of Conduct of The West Pacific


Our region, The West Pacific, is usually an easy going, fun to be, relaxed region, that welcomes anyone willing to be a part of the joy and the weirdness, but also feels strongly against those that are not willing to go with our (snarky) flow. In order to help new nations understand us a little better, we present you with this Code of Conduct. Should you find yourself in violation of any of these principles you will most probably, and without previous notice, find yourself the winner of a one way non-refundable ticket to The Rejected Realms.

  1. Respect the Endorsement Cap
    The endorsement caps can be consulted in this dispatch. Any nation violating the cap will usually be contacted first, but this is not a rule... Be mindful of the cap at all times!

  2. Follow the proper RMB Etiquette!
    Our RMB is a public place where we all come to have a chat, share something funny, debate or simply find entertainment. As such, we not only discourage but utterly dislike any sort of inappropriate subjects from being discussed there. The list of inappropriate subjects include, but is not limited to, things like: racism, sexism, Fascism, Nazism, mature content, profanity and the like. Since this is not an exhaustive list, you should always listen to your fellow TWPers when a topic of yours is not welcomed. The appointed Regional Officers have the authority to decide when a topic is inappropriate and act accordingly, which means they can give you from a public warning and suppression of your posts, to banjection from the region without further warning.

  3. Do not harass your fellow players!
    If you are discovered trying to harass a fellow player publicly in the RMB, or privately through telegrams, you will not only found yourself quickly kicked out, but you'll also be reported to the Moderators. We want everyone to enjoy this place in a safe environment. Please understand that what may NOT seems harassing to you, may seem harassing to the receiving person, and in this kind of details lives the devil.

  4. Respect other nations names and symbols!
    Each nation in TWP belongs to a player who has worked it out to whatever he/she desired it to be, including symbols, descriptions, name, etc, and we believe it is disrespectful if you use / abuse any of those without the proper permission. Some level of similarity can be understood, for sure, but sometimes it is clearly obvious that disrespect is flowing through you. As usual, our Regional Officers team will take whatever actions they deem necessary.

  5. Use your nation's name and motto wisely
    If we do not allow inappropriate subjects in our RMB, it should be obvious for anyone that we don't allow them in our region's nations. Your nation's name, national motto, and even your national currency can be considered a violation of our region's etiquette principles. If you decide to go stupid with these fields, you will most surely find yourself we are totally capable to go smart with our red banjection buttons quite quickly. Yes, this also includes your flag. If the flag content is questionable, you'll also get the boot! And quickly!

  6. Respect our policies
    We don't like troublemakers who come and try to, as their moniker implies, make trouble. There's a huge difference between coming and creating an impact, and just being a huge pain in the... backyard of our regions. So, if you think our regional policies and mandates are BS... you'll be soon given a "GTFO Card" for free. Remember the Delegate is the ultimate authority in game, and his Regional Officers and Guardians inherit the authority given to them directly and may use it at their discretion and that of the Delegate that appoints them.

  7. Don't try again without learning!
    If you are a puppet of an already unwelcome nation, and you haven't changed your ways, then you are basically begging us to kick you again. Please learn from your mistakes and try again. We won't witch hunt you if you correct your behavior. But beware of the door on your way out if you didn't learn your lesson!

  8. Do not come here with ill-intentions
    If you come here trying to topple the rightful delegate of The West Pacific, or to harm our RMB with unwanted spam, or to support a foreign organization trying to harm us, you will quickly find out we are neither passive nor welcoming when threatened like this...

  9. English please
    The game's language is English, and hence TWP has decided English is the language of its RMB. This does not means all other languages are forbidden: we are not fascists. It does means that we expect you to offer a TRANSLATION of whatever you said in other languages, for the benefit of the community. No hay nada peor que abrir el RMB y ver toda una conversación de la cual no se puede entender ni la mitad. What? You say you can't understand what I said? That's my point! There is nothing worse than opening the region's message board and see a whole conversation from which you can't understand half, or any, of it.

  10. Proper English please
    Like our beloved Weird Al says, "(we) hate these word crimes". So, "if u gonna rite lik u know, tis, u no what I say?" then we will probably be like, "Yeah, now, GTFO!!!!!!"... Before you go posting like if you were raised in a sewer, you should better watch/listen to Linkthis video. Then again, we are NOT idiots. If English is not your first language, we can understand some errors here and there. Remember Google is your friend to avoid them, and thank those that correct you, is the polite thing to do when you are given the chance to learn.

  11. All your chocolate belongs to Darkesia. Period

  12. Don't be a dick

Just remember that the Delegate and his/her appointed Regional Officers and Guardians are committed to allow The West Pacific to become your home region, and to make you feel welcomed. However, just realize we have our own culture. We are snarky, sometimes cynical, sometimes satirical, but never pitiful or cruel. We aim to find entertainment in this game, without allowing anyone to ruin that entertainment. This is a GAME after all, and it is meant to be fun for EVERYONE. Develop a thick hide and a playful spirit, be wise with your words and quick with your keyboard, and you'll fit in here.

Is this all clear? Then, WELCOME TO THE WEST PACIFIC!

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Thank you for reading! If you found this dispatch useful, your upvoting it will be greatly appreciated.

This dispatch's BB Code is brought to you by the teachings of Drachmaland!

The Dragon Empire of Elegarth