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IDU Embassy Policy - November 2015

IDU Embassy Policy

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The International Democratic Union has one of the oldest and most experienced communities in all of NationStates!

Established in 2005, the IDU's original inhabitants were all former residents of The North Pacific and brought with them the experience of a busy Game-Created Region to an exciting new venture in the NationStates world!

The International Democratic Union is home to some of the most prolific and accomplished authors of World Assembly legislation!

Authors such as Sciongrad (11 WA resolutions), Bears Armed Mission (7 WA resolutions), and Sanctaria (6 WA resolutions) reside in the International Democratic Union.

A helpful Linksub-forum where WA veterans are happy to help region-mates and embassy friends with drafting and debating resolutions.

Tap into the unique and much sought-after advice from some of the game's most respected World Assembly participants by Linkapplying for an Embassy today!

The International Democratic Union has one of the longest and richest role-playing cultures in NationStates.

Show off your region's best dairy products in the Imports section of our infamous Cheese Festivals!

Take part in Sister-City programmes to foster better relations and role-playing opportunities with the International Democratic Union!

Ask our veteran role-players like Bears Armed or Gnejs for help or advice on inter-regional sporting competitions!

Establish an Embassy with the International Democratic Union and sign up for regional editions of national newspapers such as the Sanctarian National Times!

The International Democratic Union offers more benefits to regions that establish Embassies than many others!

Establish an Embassy today and be invited to join our Linkregional body as an Observer member.

Enjoy and take part in the conversation on our Regional Message Board.

Nations from regions that have Embassies with the International Democratic Union are treated as friends and equals.

Read below to Establish an Embassy with us today!

Step 1. Sign up on our LinkRegional Forum and register as a LinkDiplomat!

Step 2. Complete our LinkApplication Form!

Step 3. Request an in-game Embassy!

Step 4. That's it! Now just take part in the International Democratic Union and enjoy your time here.