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The Hitchhiker's Guide to Eurth

★ The Hitchhiker's Guide to Eurth

Welcome Getting started About NationStates History Feedback

  • A solid, active and dedicated community

  • Creative efforts going into writing an design

  • Excellent world map that can compete with the best

  • A humble history stretching back to 2004

1 Welcome to Eurth




United in Diversity




9 January 2004
2 April 2019







LinkSee atlas

You step off the plane, and a fresh breeze hits you in the face. Greetings esteemed leader of your glorious and well-respected nation! A driver is waiting to take you to your embassy. But first...

If you haven't already heard this from the Delegate, other leaders on the RMB, or elsewhere: Welcome to Eurth!

This pristine region was established in January 2004, relatively short after the creation of NationStates. That makes us one of those rare ancient regions. Originally, the region is named after the real-world continent of Europa (Linksee Wikipedia). In April 2019 an April Fools' Day joke by one person nudged us to move to this secondary location of Eurth.

As a community, we are committed to freedom and personal choice. Here is the place to be part of this venture, Project Eurth. In many ways, the people who come to Eurth hold those values dear. Even thought we're spread across the globe, everyone knows one another for so many years now this has become a "third place"

Now that you have arrived in Eurth, let met outline some of the best reason to stay.

  1. We are an open and accepting community. A diversity of political views are welcomed here, as long as such views are in accordance with NationStates' rules.

  2. We are one of the oldest regions in NationStates. This region has seen many nation rise and fall while creating a lasting legacy. Stay and become part of a legacy that stretches back all the way to the foundation of NationStates!

  3. Eurth remains neutral. While other regions gladly join the interregional cat-and-mouse game of crashing and defending, we prefer to build a lasting legacy. Our peace and neutrality are guarded and guaranteed by our founder Planet Eurth.

Since you're reading this, we'll assume you are convinced to stay in Eurth. To prevent your inbox from overflowing you can turn off recruitment telegrams in the future, just go to this page and disable recruitment telegrams settings.

2 Getting started in Eurth

Satellite image of our planet, Earth / Eurth / Alemi, taken by EOSAT in 2017.
2.1 Join the Community

The LinkRegional Forum of Eurth is where most of our business is conducted. To gain access to it and get involved you will need to apply for membership. To do so, you will have to Linkregister for Membership. After you have submitted your application, you may want to Linkstart a new thread to introduce yourself.

The Linkregional Discord is another area for all of us to chat, meet up, share jokes, and whatnot. We usually have at least a handful of member online, up to circa 50 members in total, and it is a good way to make friends in Eurth. The Discord is also used to spread news, important content, and information to the general public fastest, so it is a great way to stay informed of what is going on at all times. Link to Discord: LinkClick Here!

2.2 Crafting your nation
Once you have figured your way around the Forum, you should create some standard RP topics to help shape your nation. We recommend that you start by publishing both a Linknational factbook and a Linknews agency. Look to others for inspiration.

Once you are active in our regional roleplay, you will qualify for Linka place on the Map of Eurth. The most effective way of having your application approved is by following the simple rules as explained in the applications topic. The questions will help is decide where you would most enjoy establishing your nation.

2.3 Create your role-play story
In a game revolving around nations, the more realistic your nation the more fun you will have. LinkLook at the factbooks of other nations. You can also look at the Wikipedia articles of Real Life nations to get yourself started. Once you have something put together you may want to post it for everyone to see. Another good starting point is Linkcreating a news agency that publishes recent happenings in your nation. Unsure how to write a news article? Follow this guide on how to write an RP news post. Should the unfortunate event arrive of conflict and warfare, here are some articles for your consideration.

2.4 Join the NationStates World Assembly and endorse the World Assembly Delegate

Go to the World Assembly page and join the World Assembly (WA). The WA is an international organisation, similar to real life international organisations, that passes international laws, restrictions, and other legislation. Being a part of the WA will help you get involved in the international community and significantly improve your NationStates experience. To join the WA, simply click the "Apply to Join" button at the top of the page, and check your email for an approval letter. After you have joined the WA, remember to go to the WA Delegate's nation page, and give them your endorsement. Your endorsement will give the Delegate more votes in the WA, and therefore help Eurth be more influential in the World Assembly when voting on resolutions in the General Assembly and Security Council. This also allows you to vote in the WA on all resolutions as well as propose resolutions to the WA.

2.5 Foreign relations
Embassy requests should always be preceded by a telegram or RMB message. Random offers to exchange embassies without any context or explanation will be ignored.

Regional travellers are extremely welcome. On the past we've had some wonderful experiences with this concept. You don't have to believe me. Just read the interviews with Chatalhoyuk, A Flying Turtle, or Migrating Geese. In 2020 Eurth was rated as a "favorite region".

3 More about NationStates

Whether you are a new nation or oldtimer, there is a lot to do for everyone. To cater to those many different tastes, we have a collected a series of tutorials to help you out.

3.1 For beginning players

3.2 For intermediate player

3.3 For advanced players

How the game works, and the voting on issues.

A deeper look at factbooks. War in the form of raiding and defending.

All about calculators and how the World Assembly works.

4 History of Eurth

4.1 Genesis (early 2004)
Early days for Europa. The first light appeared on January 9th, 2004. The Europa Empire decided to (re)found Europa in his own image. And he saw that it was good. Every year we celebrate this period with some nice regional festivities. Many other first creations happened in this period. Four months later Linkthe regional forum was created. Back then the RMB didn't hold more than 10 posts, so everyone was happy to have a dedicated place to continue their conversations. Everything older would get erased. Since we had a lot to say to each other, an off-site forum was established quite quickly. It evolved throughout the years but all of the history is still preserved. Some other people prefer to use the NS forums. But they probably haven't experienced the Jolt forums (2006-2010), creation of NationStates 2, and the subsequent implosion and erasure of old stories. 🤞 We've never had that happen.

4.2 Golden Age (mid 2004 to 2008)
We experienced a first golden age between 2004-2008. A regional government was formed, organised around our LinkCitizen Plaza. A place for everyone to spill their guts regarding the policy of the government, for open discussions and comments. Seasonal elections were held for the Senator. There were also 3 ministries: internal affairs, foreign affairs, and defence (TEA: The Europa Army).

International relations were established across the Nationverse. Built along the Hermes Avenue are the embassies of our strong allies, and the consulates of our honourable friends. This proved Linkthe best place to talk to foreigners, just as long as you don't feed them. Our old friend Thel D'Ran of Lemuria even included us Linkin his regional rankings.

This period of high activity led to a natural influx of new members, pushing us towards 300 players. These were good times. Much of this OOC and IC history Linkis preserved in our archived blog The Europan Times.

4.3 Middle Ages (2009 to 2014)
Every Golden Age like that is usually followed by a less spectacular silver age. In Europa, this period is described by some as the "Great Lull". While our activity did not completely come to a standstill, it did slow down when compared to the previous period. The influx of new nations was less than before. This period also corresponds with the steep rise of social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Perhaps that's where everyone spent their days? And don't forget about real-life, the harsh mistress that stole away many a writer from our midsts.

4.4 Renaissance (2015 to April 2019)
A new spark triggered the light for our Renaissance period. An actual LinkProject Renaissance led us down a five-year path of rejuvenation. This saw both the arrival of new creative spirits as well as the return of many classic colleagues. We cleaned up our act, replaced IRC with Discord (May 3rd, 2017), merged with UBPSSIF (May 30th, 2017), upgraded our forums (September 23rd, 2017), established a Wiki (January 2018) and stepped up our roleplay game. These years showed to be an excellent time for our growing community.

We're always busy with community activities (NOTM), story polls and organising games (ex. EurthCraft). Most visitors are pleasantly surprised this community has been going for so long. The second most heard comment is about the stories and maps we make for our RP. We have quite a number of writers, designers and even developers among us who regularly blow us away with the quality of their creations.

After this internal freshening-up, we restarted our external outreach by making ourselves more visible to the wider NS audience. A public embassy was opened for NS GP. Helpful answers on Reddit NS attracted some lovely people. We opened Linka regional booth during the NationState World Fair 6 and participated in an interregional football tournament hosted by The League of Conservative Nations where our 'Valiant Vertibirds' went down fighting. When there's a NS game going on (e.g. zombies or nukes) we also join in on the fun and it can become quite competitive. Our world became a much bigger, well-rounded place.

4.5 Reformation (April 2019 to present)
In 2019 a belated April Fools' Day joke by one person nudged us towards an unscheduled move from Europa to Eurth. Someone drank too much of the Kool-Aid and decided it'd be a fun idea to go and change the locks on all the doors. What a way to go... Naturally, because it was still April and cold outside, we had to look elsewhere for shelter. Everyone helped out carrying boxes to our new place at Eurth.

Together with the new living space, we also introduced the concept of an RP Academy, together with volunteer mentors to guide newcomers. This serves two roles: guiding new players around the vast lore and particular rules, while also creating a threshold for low-effort ghosts. The community began holding regular events, story polls and welcomed many visitors. Recruitment telegram were restarted by Tagmatium which had a positive effect.

5 Feedback

If you have more questions or want to share feedback, feel free to telegram our delegate Orioni 2. You can also post on the regional message board (RMB), post your questions on the forum, or stop by our chat room. We look forward to hearing from you and helping out with any of your requests.