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Memorable Moments from the NationStates Forums

This is not a repository for awesome or funny quotes. You can find that here. Neither is this a repository for low-tier sh*tposts or unfortunately common summer troll comments. Instead, this factbook is my personal collection of the most atrocious posts on the NationStates forums, many of them offering a unique blend of hatred or stupidity to the NationStates forum scene. I disagree with all of them to the point that they make me want to , and I hope you do too. If you don't, I can only imagine that you will find at least one that you can recognize as grade-A horseshit. Their links are listed below with a brief description of the body of the post, or the part of it that I find most memorable.

Feel free to telegram me with suggested additions or questions about why a certain post has made the list.

Ceased to Exist

Accelerationist Poland-Lithuania:
All of this.

American Imperial State/American Imperial Union:
Torturing innocent children "has done a world of good for many teens". Let's institute government torture camps for children and call them "moral therapy centers".
Hitler wasn't corrupt. Neither was Stalin. Both did great things for their nation.

"The Allies made the world worse than what the Axis would have."
"I feel like you're expecting me to care about people killing themselves. So weird."

"People who complain about McCarthyism or the 'red-scare' seem to leave out that McCarthy was right."

Archbishop Cranmer:
Atheism is a neurological disorder. Why? Because Conservapedia told me so!
"Catholicism is likely to also be a neurological disorder."

"Blacks are lucky they're not slaves."

"It would be better if it was state mandated" that "women should be married by 21". If not that, a Nazi policy meant to produce "racially pure and healthy" offspring should be implemented.
"Who cares about freedom? I'd rather live in an Orwellian state with a high standard of living than a democratic sh*thole."

Blitz Epidemic:
Homosexuals are trying to force homosexuality upon everyone.

"I think every child in high school should be given a gun, only as long as they have a C grade average - that would solve crime and boost education cos no one wants to be the kid in a playground with no gun."

"Wipe Mecca off the map."
If China commits genocide and violates basic human rights, why shouldn't we?

"F*ck Muslims. They molest children and suck Muhammad's tiny penis. They should be exterminated like the Jews."
"Muslims shall all be blown up with anti-aircraft guns. That would make a great video."

"I hate Muslims/Arabs and they should all go back to Persia or Mongolia or Turkey or where ever the hell they are from, then we should proceed to nuke the hell out of that region and convert the surviving ones to Christians, honestly...they disgust me and I despise them so much, they do nothing good for the world apart from waste our resources and tax payers money and just come here with their families of 11, breed, and sit their asses on state welfare." And so on and so forth...

"I propose that each heterosexual person be placed into a lottery system - both male and female. Once the person is called up, they are to be paired with the other person drawn from the lottery alongside them. They are then to be man and wife, preferably for the rest of their lives."

Make everyone stop talking about LGBT issues, and if they don't, shoot them in the head.

Israel and Iran both deserve vaporization in a nuclear war.

Even Less of Mackonia:
"Watergate wasn't real, Nixon was framed doing the behaviour any dignified head of state engages in."

First Order Moffinate:
"I even am in favor of Christian and Jewish terrorist groups."

"Diversity is nothing more a jewish species enslavement agenda that has been planned for centuries since the f**king 1500s where they brought blacks here TO ONE DAY KILL ALL OF US WHITE PEOPLE."

If you don't agree with me, "you are just a f*cking sh*tstain too afraid to be proven wrong."
Federal law prohibits all forms of abortion, and classifies it as murder.
"Screw you sh*tstains. I'm f*cking done with this debate, pro choicers, go f*ck yourself in a pool of baby blood."
"Mods please lock this thread. It's becoming a flame war," except I'm the only one flaming, and I'm just here to shut down the entire debate because I can't handle my ideas being challenged.

Violent crime didn't exist in Sweden before Muslims began immigrating.

Treating transgender people like human beings is one step away from defending child rapists.
Recognizing bodily sovereignty "allows people to rape dogs and f*ck small children".
Transgender people are not people.

If the Australian Liberals stay in power, the economy will crash. Inflation is at 900%. But there will be a massive revolution, and that will make everything better.

Ghuraba Al-Khorusani:
It is okay for twelve-year-olds to be married and have sex.

HMS Vanguard:
"America is a Communist country, and this thread is full of Communists."
"Fox News is a Communist news source."
"Republicans are Communists."

Hoppean Snake:
"Of course the leftists are blind to cultural marxism. Why would they want to admit there was a jewish agenda against the white race? Perhaps because that would mean they were wrong?...Most anti-racists are cucks who've been brainwashed by the elite."

"Christianity isn't a religion."

Imperial Union of America:
"I believe in ethnic cleansing in order to assure ethnic homogeneity. Multiculturalism looks like Detroit and Miami is a sh*t hole. I think we should deport them to their own lands."
"Ethnic cleansing is the only way to preserve what our forefathers intended. Even Abraham Lincoln understood that."
"The Constitution should be repealed, the State is the Law. The Dictator is the State. Those who oppose the will of the state will be removed. I'm suggesting that the police should no longer be law enforcement, but charged with enforcing the Will of the Leader. If they cannot enforce the will of the leader, they should stand back, turn around and let the militia handle the problem. If they resist, then they should be removed. There is no right to protest without the permission of the Leader. And in any case, those protesting at the moment need to be removed from the United States anyway."
"Hate is good."
Women should be stripped of their suffrage because their ability to vote hurts Trump.
"The Constitution must be repealed. All non-whites must be resettled. The founding fathers never intended for homosexuals or non-whites to have rights under the Constitution."

Imperium Sidhicum:
It is good and just to torture, rape, murder, and cannibalize inmates.
There are no human rights, might makes right, murder is acceptable.
Murder victims are to blame for not defending themselves enough against their murderers.
"I do remember enjoying to watch videos of those two towers collapsing over and over again. Not every day you see something that size go down, and it didn't bother me in the least that several thousand people died there even as I watched those infamous moments of some poor souls leaping to their deaths to escape the flames."

Implacable Death:
"Violence always comes from the left. And I'm not going to cite sources". I don't need any facts or evidence, Trumpiness shall prove me right!

"Atheists are evil, untrustworthy and unable to change. F*ck atheists and f*ck the U.S Constitution."

Transgender people are all insane, and treating them like people makes it worse.
They are all delusional and suffer from a disorder.
"I would totally be up for a civil war."

"Claiming you are gender fluid is offensive to those who are gay or lesbian."

Linux and the X:
"Men are inferior to women. Sorry, that's just a fact."

The Kurdish forces in Syria are far-right.

Mega City 5:
Because flaming the moderators on the Moderation forum is such a great idea.
Murder anyone crossing the border who doesn't like beer and bacon cheeseburgers.
Muslims are a danger to Western civilization, and we should kick all of them out. All of them.

"Texas is a nation being illegally occupied."
"Taxes are a twisted Zionist plot."
Donald Trump is a "Devil worshipping piece of crap." "The Jews, Russians, and the Devil it's one alliance. Look at his wealth he got it from the Satanic federal reserve which has forsaken the gold standard for usury, paper, and greed. He is a thug who got rich from a socialist scam called the federal reserve and the banks, he is the puppet of the banks and federal reserve these are things that Russia and the Zionists want to destroy freedom and sovereignty."
"The Holocaust is a hoax that is exaggerated."

Nordland Reich:
Islam is barbaric and incompatible with democracy! The Swedish government is a bunch of fascist commie closet Muslims!

North American League:
"I straight up, in an OOC sense, hope that the founders and members of this region [Elite Global Command] get curbstomped repeatedly in real life."

"Liberals are enemies of democracy and traitors to their people. This extends to degenerates as well." Arrest them without due process and ban any ideology that dares conflict with my own.

A natural-born citizen is a refugee. Shooting and killing people is arresting them.

"Whites don't need to be mixing with other races, instead we must preserve our race because before you know it there won't be any of us left once Europe falls into Islamic hands. Also, it is my firm belief that it is us that built modern western civilization. So that makes it much more important to preserve our legacy than throwing it away once the elitists start shaming us for even thinking about it.... oh wait that's already happening with the demonization of white people in the media and the terrorist organization known as Black Lives Matter"

Homosexuality accounts for almost 90% of HIV diagnoses.

Remember kids, even racists suffer from microaggression.
One case of Ebola in Africa will inevitably go on to turn into a pandemic in the United States.
The Sandy Hook shooting never happened.

Islam is not a religion. "Islam is a death cult at best. The Quran is closer to Mein Kampf than it is to the Bible or the Torah."

Americans should be immune from foreign and international law, and war crimes aren't real.

Terran Empire:
"Don't wanna be raped? Don't put yourself in that position, don't drink alcohol, don't go to frat parties...Yea I'm victim blaming, but you wouldn't have been raped if you weren't a typical stupid college girl...Hope the majority of you die in a fire."

Atheism is a religion and a cult, and is unconstitutional and a violation of human rights.

The disunited states:
Believing in civil and political rights and liberties makes you a statist.

The Kievan People:
"Secularism is a Western value. Non-Westerners do not comprehend it."

The Parkus Empire:
Women wearing worn jeans is whorish.

"We should stay with our own, white with white black with black. If the Lord wanted us to all look like mud he would have made us that way."

"The US would be better off without blacks. The only countries that are better than the US are basically more homogeneous and white. Racial diversity weakens social cohesion, trust, and the ability to cooperate. It creates identity politics, increases crime, causes social problems, etc."

"Rights do not exist."
"I am the law. I am law enforcement."
"I am the federal government. And I am the law."
"Adolf Hitler, one of the greatest men to ever exist, served as this great Hero, and as the Overman."
"I dislike strongly the new neo-muslims that promote unity and peace and all that BS. ISIS is fine. Taliban too, and Al-Qaeda."
"Nazi Germany was the best thing to happen to Central Europe." "Everything it lead to was good."
"Bigotry is inherent in humans in general. Embrace it!"

United Capitalist America:
"Nationstates is under control by the Jews. The Jews don't like my comparison of modern society and the Jewish communist state of Russia and their propaganda."

United Marxist Nations:
"It's not necessary to be reasonable, because rights themselves [are] unreasonable. If you have an opinion, there's no reason to abandon it because of an absurd premise of 'rights'."

United States of Atheism:
"The very definition of feminism is sexist."

Canada cannot possibly be a developed nation.
Rape victims should be blamed for being raped.
AIDS victims have only themselves to blame. They should all be imprisoned.
Recognizing that nobody chooses to be LGBT is disrespectful and hateful toward LGBT people. Saying that it is not a choice is saying that it is a tragedy to be LGBT.

Leftists support rape and violence.

Visegradian Poland:
Muslims are not Muslims.

Racism doesn't exist, because it is 2016. It isn't homophobic to say that homosexuals are psychotic and immoral.

White European States:
Deport all ethnic minorities!
Nuke Iraq and Syria!
I support raping women with dogs.
"LGBT [people] should be killed without mercy."
I hate anyone who marries outside of their race. Europe is for the European-born only.
The best way to deal with protesters is to murder them all.
Clinton, Merkel, and liberals in general are leading "white genocide".
Hispanics must stay in Mexico for being Spaniards.
If you are Hispanic, you should have to bear the weight of cartel violence every day.
People who want communism "are dumb, like people from the South! THEY ARE IMMIGRANTS! And they wanna interracialism."
Russia should rule Europe, because Russia stronk!
Iran and Israel should both be destroyed.
Einstein was the Antichrist.

Veterans are murderers and deserve to be homeless.

Currently Active Players

"Chile is one of the most democratic, free and prosperous nations in latin america, and a huge part of that is that Pinochet didn't let Allende turn it into another single party state."

For every terrorism-related death, "kill from one to ten thousands of their men, women and children" in the Middle East.
An opt-out organ donation program will lead to compulsory organ harvesting.

"Unless the rape victim commits suicide they are hypocrite if they seek abortion."

Big Jim P:
Calling those who cannot produce more than they consume "useless" is better than they deserve.

All gay men have "white privilege".
"Non-whites cannot be racist, exactly as women cannot be sexist."
Men found not guilty of sex crimes should be registered as sex offenders.
"The whole world is a men-only space."
"I don't think that heterosexuality is truly a thing for most women, I think that most times heterosexuality is enforced by the patriarchy in order to keep women in a subjugated state."

How is it harmful or ''prejudice'' for someone to think that black people like fried chicken? Nope, it's called growing thicker skin.

"Democracies suck, majoritarianism is bad."

Costa Fierro:
"As far as I am concerned, the words "egalitarian" and "feminism/feminist" can't be used in the same sentence."
All women are "money hungry c*nts".
"Men cannot be feminists."
Misogyny doesn't qualify as bigotry.
"Any feminist that outwardly questions some aspects of feminism isn't doing so because she disagrees with it, it's basically an elaborate form of trolling."
People are incapable of empathizing with those of the opposite sex.
Slavery was appropriate before it was made illegal.
There are no overweight women with husbands or boyfriends.
Fetishes do not exist.
"Women are vicious towards one another", they are vicious, evil animals.
"Most feminists want women to be raped because that keeps the fires of misandry going."
It is more valid to make an argument with no evidence at all than to make one relying on anecdotal evidence.
"No one ever works together."
"Anyone in a heterosexual relationship or marriage should avoid having children."
Women and men are enemies.
Mass murderers are victims.

Dragging someone behind a dumpster and sexually violating their unconscious body is not rape.
"Martin Luther King would have encouraged racism."

We should have the most inconvenient voting system possible.

Doge Land:
I prefer millions dying of COVID to potentially having a less satisfying experience on NS. "This year is perfect the way it is."

Eastfield Lodge:
Why not torpedo boats full of unarmed women and children.

Empire of Narnia:
Homosexuals should undergo forced brain surgery to completely rewrite who they are.

The fascists only did couple of bad incidents from what you named here but American and the Soviets and the globalists did a lot worse and continue to do so

I am not a female supremacist. I am a female supremacist.

"Objective truth does not exist."

Greater Hunnia:
The ebil Mozlumz are coming to destroy our culturez! Hide your children! Lock your doors! The ignorant leftists will bring hellfire down upon us!

Great Nortend:
"Rape does not require violence. Is this such a difficult concept to grasp? People are capable to doing things against their desire but willingly without actual violence or physical force."

Greed and Death:
Refusing to contribute your genes to the human race should be punished by mandatory sperm/egg donations.

"I am a Christian, and therefor Christianity is the correct view."

Infected Mushroom:
"If the US were a real democracy, then anyone should be eligible to run [for president]...even a Canadian with no US passport."
All cars must have breathalyzers and government trackers in them.
Parents should be fined whenever their children cry in public.
"Protesting is a form of troublemaking; it is behavior that is good to discourage."
"Americans should completely unite under Trump instead. If the Democrats were patriotic, they would declare their allegiance for their new overlord immediately...To oppose him is to be un-American. To oppose him is to oppose America."
"There's no reason to care" about widespread ecological disaster. "I'd be willing to pay any 'ecological cost' just to see all these mosquitoes destroyed."
"Dragons may exist."

"The government legalized alcohol, therefore they should be responsible for drunk people's actions."

Kauthar/Kautharr/Great Kauthar:
Swedish preschoolers are being taught to build bombs and behead non-believers.
Three people dying at the hands of religious extremists is not terrorism. The West calls Islamic terrorists "democratic freedom fighters".
Zionists control all the medias!
"Protestants aren't real Christians."
"The end goal of homosexuality is pedophilia so they'll end up sodomizing their child."
"I'm a proud racist and proud bigot."
"A woman's place is in the home to nurture and raise the children. A man's place is at work or at war. Back when that was how the world was, there were no gay or transgender people."
Arson and hate crimes are fine if nobody dies.
"Pornography is being used by the international elites to destroy the family and end the white race."

Thank God Libyans are free to sell each other in open slave markets.

Korhal IVV:
"Evolution violates the second law of thermodynamics."

Loben The 2nd:
International law does not matter.

We need totalitarianism to send people who don't want to have kids to die in labor camps.


"Democracy was invented by Western homosexuals to brainwash the youth and vulnerable."

SJWism is basically incompetent people hating competent people. Nazism of course satisfies this definition.

Nekostan-e Gharbi:
Women are despised and accused of all crimes simply because they haven’t killed enough men randomly to achieve gender parity in terror.

New Edom:
Progressives are a monolithic hivemind.
Until all progressives abandon feminism for my backward concept of gender equality, I will not recognize the rights of women or LGBT people.
I don't need to back up my own claims. Do it for me.
Proof is not proof.

Oil Exporting People:
"There has never been [a genocide of Native Americans] in American history."

Climate change cannot be solved by restricting pollution. Instead, let's start sterilizing everyone. That's sure to fix climate change. Oh, and screw children, let 'em starve for all I care.
There are no Western rapists.
"The only reason Muslims would travel to a non-Muslim country is to colonize us."
Cockneys moving from one place to another is white genocide.
We should not imprison dangerous criminals.
"Ethnic minorities demand solidarity and offer none."
"The press are the enemy, and should be treated as such. Freedom of the press has outlived its usefulness IMO. They're a gang of terrorizers. That's all. More people dead from the press than the klan too probably when you get right down to it."
"'Journalist' belongs in the category with 'Spy' and 'Saboteur'."
To reduce suicides, whites should form clubs, we should ignore criticism of government interference in personal business, and we should make weekly church attendance mandatory.

"I want to bring civilization to the inhabitants and by this I of course mean, take over the whole place on behalf of a modern nation."
Every Republican hates democracy.
A shrinking white majority is a threat to the existence of Western civilization.
All refugees to Europe are welfare queens and terrorists.
Leftists "are bringing about the fall of Western civilization."
Europe should be destroyed.
"The solution for containing the spread of HIV in my view, is the internment of infected people."
I cannot agree that racism is bad.
"All of the Blacks, Asians, Latinos, Arabs, and such appear to reproduce way too much. None of these groups should be expanding. They're hogging more than their fair share of the gene pool. Only the populations of the wealthy countries (with no immigrants included) should be reproducing at present. In other words, the White people."
"The only solution" to Macron's victory "is to eschew democracy entirely and attempt a coup d'état. It has to be done to save the country from further ruin."
Plotting to assassinate political leaders is "doing nothing wrong".
"Nazism isn't such a bad ideology", and Poland should reopen Auschwitz as a prison.
"Chickenpox isn't a big deal if someone survives it, and chances are that they will. Unless of course, they get Shingles when they're older but how often does that ever happen? They're just unlucky if that happens. Shingles is no big deal if someone can get through the pain. It is really exaggerated so far as how bad it actually is by wimps. Shingles eventually goes away just like Chickenpox."
"One such example of the Jews I don't like, are those protestors who tried to interfere with that ICE facility in Rhode Island. I can honestly say that I hate them and if given the governmental power, I'd do what it takes to disperse them as needed. The crack down would be so fierce, the entire protest group would disband. Never Again Action would ironically never again, be a thing. I'd aspire to have even the Chinese government be impressed with how quickly an opposition group was resolved."
Not backing off when women say no to having sex isn't sexual harrassment, because women are just out there to manipulate beta males into giving them free drinks.
I wouldn't rape or sexually assault women, but only because that could send me to prison. On the other hand, "the police where I live don't do anything about domestic violence that falls short of a felony. Until the letter of the law is broken, nothing can usually be done."
"Asides from religious differences, is the Taliban's political platform really so bad? They're pretty socially conservative and presumably know what they're doing if the political issue isn't an economic one. I'm willing to learn more of what they're about."

"I for one think that the dissent in the US is rather shameful, and attributes to one of the many reasons the US seems to be slipping into 2nd and 3rd world status."

"Attacking Feminism is inherently misogynist."

"A raped woman in most cases was part of a bad entourage or she lives in a dangerous area. In this case, she (should) knows that she's exposing herself to be raped."

The Confederacy of Nationalism:
"There's nothing right or wrong about genocide, it doesn't make sense to do anything but accept it."

The East Marshes II:
I like seeing passengers having the sh*t beaten out of them when they refuse to give up seats they have paid for.
Chinese-Americans should be banned from national security jobs.

The Empire of Pretantia:
Non-Christian marriage "is as illegitimate as gay marriage, because it isn't sanctioned by God...Only Christian marriages are legitimate regardless if they themselves are Christian, since they know God's word is the Truth...Can you imagine somebody being raised as a Marxist instead of an American? It's the same thing in non-Christian families. We can't have our children growing up on lies."

The Last Abode of Pando:
"It is just bad for humans to have rights that they will actually use."

Tornado Queendom:
"Eventually, Free Gas Cars and "Unlimited Free Refills" for Gas for everyone will be rising if this keeps going. Gas cars will be seen as a sign of wealth, and electric as a sign of poorness."
"I wouldn't even use an electric car for FREE! I'll stick to my gas cars, thank you very much."

Assault and battery should be legal.

"Pinochet is the savior of butchering several thousand souls, he saved well over ten million from famine, death, torment, and an even worse dictatorship."

Union of Despotistan:
If a woman's contraception fails, maybe she doesn't deserve to live.

United Muscovite Nations:
"Bring back arranged marriages."