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ALL ABOUT RIDLEY! (Pretty much Facts and Questions....)

"And now a special message from everyone's favorite space dragon, Ridley!"

"Hello my friends/enemies/frienemies/fellow Nationstaters! If you're here you must want to know who the heck I am and what I'm all about, right!? No? Well......then.......turn your heinie around and go screw around in Forum 7 or something!"

"All the idiots gone? Good, let us start shall we?"

Part 1 - Who the !@#$ is Ridley?

"So you wanna know who/what I am? As you already know (atleast I hope so..) my name's Ridley. Famous and notorious Space Pirate! Pillager of the Galaxy! However, I am the last of my kind.....depressing, huh? No? Hehe.....I think I'll let that slide, 'cause I'm nice. Anyways, I'm a Space Pirate so naturally I am violent and sarcastic. Don't let my initial impression fool you though, for I can be quite intelligent and serious when the need arises.

Part 2 - What does Ridley like to do?

"Most of the time, I like to terrorize and destroy colonies and villages of the Galactic Federation. But when I'm not I do what every other human with next to no life does, browse the internet. Normally I like to be on Nationstates and browse the different Roleplays and Forum 7 shenanigans (though....mostly I'm too shy to participate sometimes). I also like gaming and science-fiction. Star Wars, Halo, Half-Life, you name it.

Part 3 - Why do you always put quotes when you type things down?

"What? You mean YOU wouldn't put quotes down when you're talking? need to criticize......NEXT!"

Part 4 - What personality does Ridley have?

"Eh, most of the time I tend to be kind of quiet. I find it hard to reach out to others (whether it be my monstrous appearance or otherwise) but to those I know. I'm kind of egotistical sometimes and a bit sarcastic, but (as stated before) I can be serious or intelligent if I need to be."

Part 5 - So what's your nation based on?

"Well obviously it's based on the greatest being in here, ME! As you can shows a bit of my personality in the motto. Plus, I practically let the nation run itself (I prefer to stay an "Inoffensive Centralist Democracy".....'cause y'know......pirates can be democratic). I don't really like to follow the NS canon and such cause that would mean I would be....."downgraded"...*shudders*"

Part 6 - But your Nation's economy sucks!

".........Shut up."

Part 7 - What's your favorite thing to do on Nationstates?

"I mostly chat or roleplay with my friends in the RMB Whenever I'm not though, I usually browse the forums to see if I can cause some hav- I mean find anything interesting that catches my eye."

Part 8 - Do you have any goals on this site?

"Erm.....somewhat.....does conquering it count?"

Part 9 - What is your political alignment?

"I don't participate in politics......can we get a less boring question?"

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