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Defence & Liberation Guide(originally made by The DEN Private First Class of Brysor, then it was saved from being deleted forever by The Great Almighty Holy Empire of The Democratic Empire of Dirt)


What is Defending?
  • Defending is the process of keeping raiders out of a region to keep the region secure.

Why Defend?

  • You defend to help keep your region or an allied region safe and secure.

How do I Defend? (For Founders)

  • If you are a founder the defending is simple, all you have to do is make the WA Delegate position non-executive or eject/ban any nations that are suspected raiders.

How do I Defend? (For Non-Founders)

  • You need to be a WA Member and endorse a single WA member or you need to convince all other WA members to endorse the same WA member.

Benefits of Defending

  • Keeps enemy raiders out

  • Can show unity


What is Liberating?
  • Liberating is the act of freeing a region from rule of an enemy or hostile force.

Why Liberate?

  • Liberating hurts enemy land ownership and their military forces by showing depletion of their territories

How do I Liberate? (For Founders)

  • If you are a founder just ban all raiders including the raiders WA Delegate and fix anything that they have done in your region such as embassy offers, WFE, flag, etc.

How do I Liberate? (For Non-Founders)

  • You need to send in multiple WA Members and endorse one WA Member to put them as the delegate, when you become a WA Delegate you need to Detag the region.

Benefits of Liberating

  • Remove enemy raiders

  • Detag the region you have liberated

  • Have control of the region (this is NOT raiding, do not mistake it for that)


Rules of De-tagging
  • You should not impose your own World Factbook Entry. Instead retrieve the region's original WFE, using the resources provided below.

  • You should not impose your own region/org's flag. Instead retrieve the region's original flag, with the resources below, or if you can't do that abolish the region's flag.

  • You should not impose tags that haven't been chosen by the region's natives. Instead retrieve the region's original tags, with the resources below, while removing tags imposed by the tag raiders (usually "Invader," often "Recruiter Friendly"). If you can't find the original tags, remove all tags.

  • You should not establish embassies with your region. You should instead close the embassy or embassies the raiders established, and try to restore any embassies the raiders closed.

  • You should not post on the Regional Message Board unless invited to do so by natives.

  • You should suppress any raider posts on the RMB and unsuppress any native posts that the raiders suppressed.


  • LinkWayback Machine - If Google cache doesn't work, the Wayback Machine often will.

  • LinkWFE Index - This resource, maintained by Eluvatar of the United Defenders League, will almost always give you a region's original WFE.

  • LinkFlag Database - This resource, also maintained by Eluvatar of the UDL, will almost always have a region's original flag.

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