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Interior Executive Order 3

Interior Executive Order 3
On the Subject of Population Limits
October 27, 2015
Enacted by Polar Svalbard

This order is to formalize and write down an oral and traditional rule on population limits to put it on record. The Western Isles is a collection of island nations, with some nations on shared islands. Population limits should be set in place, mainly to keep RP fair for all nations. A hard limit is one that you cannot pass; it is set in stone. A soft limit is one in which it is advised to stay below but if you can prove that you will RP well, and you have my permission, you can go past it.

This order mandates:
1. That the hard limit on population is set at 40 million.
2. That the soft limit on population is set at 30 million.

Polar Svalbard, Secretary of the Interior

The Much love from Polar of Polar Svalbard