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Europe and the World Assembly


What is the World Assembly?

The WA is the world's governing body. Membership is voluntary, but all member nations must abide by legislation it passes.
In effect, this makes it much like the real-world United Nations, but with the concept of mandatory compliance, that is, that nations cannot not abide by its legislation. The Assembly passes or defeats resolutions and in doing so, provides a statistical effect on all member nations. Those statistical effects are derived from the category of the resolution. For that reason, Social Justice resolutions generally decrease economy scores whilst Free Trade resolution generally increase economy scores.

Also, joining the World Assembly is a requirement to be able to endorse other nations.

How do I get involved in the Assembly?

The World Assembly is also a place to get involved in the game. There, you write legislation on certain topics which are interesting to you. If your proposal is not illegal and is supported by the members of the World Assembly, it will become adopted as a World Assembly resolution. You will also get an authorship badge. For example, our current Delegate, Imperium Anglorum, has more than five.

If you want to be involved in the World Assembly, send a telegram to the Delegate so you can be briefed on the rules and operations of the World Assembly (since you can be ejected from the WA for breaching those rules too many times). Involvement in the WA is a very rewarding affair, though it has a large learning curve.

What can Europe do for me in the WA?

To pass a resolution, you must campaign for it. That means, writing a telegram to all of the Delegates of the World Assembly or perhaps, even the members of the Assembly themselves. In doing so, you have a chance to explain your reasons on why a certain proposal should be adopted or no and inform the Delegates that a proposal is up.

Europe provides assistance on those fronts. The Delegate has run many campaigns in the past, so here in Europe, you have experience and the resources necessary to run a campaign for your resolution. With our API key and the assistance of the government, we can have your voice heard throughout the world of NationStates.

Furthermore, due to Europe's strength in the World Assembly, your voice in Europe is stronger than just any old region especially since we have strong interplay and integration between our Delegate, European WA members, and alied regions. The Delegate votes on resolutions early and strategically, thereby swaying the voters who only vote based on who currently has a majority.

What can I do for Europe in the WA?

As a nation of Europe, please vote your opinion on resolutions if at all possible. If you are interested in the World Assembly and also have some experience in analysis of policies, you can also try joining our World Assembly Office, which handles the issuing of WA Office Opinions on various resolutions. The Government aims to provide a high quality overview of various perspectives on the benefits and drawbacks of proposals.

Also, since you need to be a World Assembly member to submit legislation or vote on WA proposals, please endorse the Delegate, Imperium Anglorum. The Delegate represents the region to the World Assembly and gets extra votes based on how many endorsements he has. Every endorsement is more power to your region in the World Assembly!