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Getting Involved in Europe

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Bored of just answering issues? If want to get involved in Europe, there's always something to do here.


[box]Endorsements are the manner in which players build influence and their Delegate. That means that endorsements are both the way to protect Europe's security and safety as well as the way in which influence, which is expended to protect that security, is built.

Each endorsement also increases the voice of Europe in the World Assembly, as the Delegate gets an extra vote for each endorsement he has. This means that Europe is more able to have its interests represented and its prestige as a region boosted. They also build camaraderie and a connection between all members in the European community to build friendship and a stronger society.[/box]

Europe has a free endorsement policy. That means that your Delegate is chosen freely by the people. As former delegate Alsted replied to the question 'Don't they force the nations to endorse the current WA Delegate and limit their endorsements?', the answer is 'In 10000 Islands and The North Pacific? Yes. Here? No'.

You are free to endorse or not endorse whoever you please. Whilst we encourage you to do more endorsements so you build influence, expand the power of the region, and increase the number of endorsements all around (thereby assisting our security), we do not force you to do any such thing.

If you are curious on how to endorse someone, click [url=][u][color=#0000EE]here[/color][/u][/url]. If you simply want to know whom you have not endorsed, simply use this [url=][u][color=#0000EE]handy-dandy tool[/color][/u][/url]!


Europe has an off-site community. From the start of Europe, this off-site community has consisted of some of our most ancient members, stretching further back than EuroFounder. [size=85]If you want to learn about how EuroFounder became founder, click [url=][u][color=#0000EE]here[/color][/u][/url]![/size]

This forum community runs a roleplay based off technology from the post-war period. So, if you want to talk about 1955, this is the place to be. Also, this forum hosts Europe's map and with its strong roleplay situation, is always a place for fun. The forum community always welcomes new players and is represented by one of their moderators, [nation=short]Ivernia[/nation].

The forum is also the place where the government deliberates on decisions and generally, runs. If you want to join the government, that is the next heading, but it is also a place where members and aspiring members of government should make an account to join in discussions on Europe's future.


If you want to make a difference in Europe and do good for and by the region, you can join Europe's government. The government is composed of the WA Delegate and two Secretaries, one for the Home Office and one for the Foreign Office. These two Offices, not including the Delegate's WA prerogative, have entirely different matters (though only a few overlap).

The Home Office deals with affairs of internal security and player retention. If you have any skills in investigation or retaining players in Europe and persuading them to return to the region, this is the place to be. The Home Office also deals with the moderation of the RMB and responses to threats once they have entered Europe. In summary, the Home Office generally deals with all things relating to the internal affairs of the region. This makes it the most important office.

The Foreign Office, by contrast, deals with affairs outside the region. These mostly deal with recruitment of new players, maintaining positive relations with foreign embassies and ambassadors (especially those with embassies on Europe's forum), and most importantly, maintaining our status as a neutral region. Should the Foreign Secretary open spots for Ambassadorships or representatives, this is a starting point for a career in our diplomatic corps. [size=85]Our Delegate, Imperium Anglorum, is putting out a call to all Java programmers in Europe to help on building a better and more powerful set of tools to help administer and recruit for the region. If you have any interest, send him a [url=][u][color=#0000EE]here[/color][/u][/url]![/size]

The WA Delegate has personal control over his or her domain in the World Assembly. Affairs in the World Assembly are dealt with by analysing the proposals which come up for vote and recommending to the population their votes. These are entirely recommendations with no mandate. The Delegate is always looking for more people to advise and discuss WA proposals in the General Assembly as well as utilise Europe's ~175 votes best.

All of these positions are not set in stone, as many of their powers overlap. This is nothing more than a blueprint of the specialities and focuses of these different positions which specialise in a function integral to the operation of Europe. You can join this government by being available to assist any of our Secretaries or our Delegate.

[anchor=nsg][/anchor][color=#1D2951][size=150]NS Forums[/size][/color]

If you're still bored, there's always more to do on the NS Forums! There, you can roleplay with members of other regions throughout the world in the Diplomacy forums, build a better NationStates in the WA and Techincal forums, or just play around in Forum 7! NationStates is a land of infinite possibilities from primitive RPs to far-future spaceships and lasers, there is always something to do from here in the ancient and glorious land of Europe!

[anchor=dispatch][/anchor][color=#1D2951][size=150]Dispatches and Factbooks[/size][/color]

And if you still have nothing to do, you can write Dispatches and Factbooks for your nation or for our region! The government has endless need for people to help write for Europe and so does the elements of roleplay! You can start by:

[list=1][*]Upvoting this Dispatch by clicking on the up arrow on the top-right corner,
[*]Telegramming the Delegate and this nation of InfoEurope, and
[*]Helping Europeans dispatch information more effectively by joining the crew![/list]

Also, you can do this for your nation as well so you can establish the historical elements of your nation and its essence in coming to be. Build a history and a story for your nation to present to the world. Be proud of your creation and tell its stories!

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