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Useful Defender Links

Most Active Invader Regions:





The Black Hawks


Defending Guides:

What Is Defending?

What is defending and why do people defend?

All you need to know about defending and the NZDA

All You Need To Know About Defending

Dealing with Gameplay and Raiding: An RPers Perspective

Liberating and Defending Guides:

Linkpage=dispatch/id=408866" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank">Defence & Liberation Guide(cached version of the orginal)

Defence & Liberation Guide(revived by The democratic empire of dirt)

Thou Shalt Not Retag: 10 Commandments of Detagging

Invading Guides(use these to help you understand what invaders do to invade regions and use these guides against them and their tactics):

Quick Info by the DSDZ

The Basics of the Tactics Invaders Use

LinkThe Tactics Invaders Use

FAQ Invading in Gameplay Summary

FAQ Region Invasion Summary

Guides for Both Defending and Invading:

Basics of Military Gameplay

Military Gameplay: A Basic Guide to Raiding and Defending

Building Your Military

Raiding and Defending Guide

Hobbes' Handy Guide to Military (R/D) Gameplay

Complete Guide to Military Gameplay

Recruitment Guides:

How to set up a Recruitment Campaign for your region on NS++

NationStates API Documentation

Getting Help

FAQ Accuracy - Recruitment telegrams

Lists of Regions:

Lists of Defender Regions:

Defender Regions

Defender Regions, Organizations, and Affiliates

Defender Tag

Lists of Invader Regions:

Raider Regions, Organizations and Affiliates

Any active raider region?

Invader Tag

Lists of Invader Regions and Defender Regions:

Raider/Defender Region Directory

Invader/Defender Organizations

Lists of Puppet Storage Regions:

Puppet Storage Tag

Lists of Recruiter Friendly Regions:

Recruiter Friendly Tag

Lists of Founderless Regions:

Founderless Tag

Lists of Password Regions:

Password Regions


Organisations we are part of:

The Unified Regional Network

The World Unification Treaty Organization


Military Alliance Coalition

Organisations we are not/not yet part of:

The United Defender Brotherhood

Děūbūwī Cast‚b (DěC)

The Minute Region Treaty



LinkNationStates clock

Puppet Management Tools:

NationStates++: Old Thread New Thread


NationStates Nation Manager

Recruitment Tools:

NationStates AutoTelegram


Revival Tools:

LinkWorld Factbook Entries

LinkRegional Flags

General-Purpose Archiving:

LinkThe Internet Archive Wayback Machine

Lists of Cache Tools:

LinkCache Tool List

Cached Page Opening Websites:




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