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by The Deutsches Reich of Auzkhia. . 233 reads.

OOC: Fatuous Facts about me and Obnoxious Opinions

The basics:
Name: Auzi, Auzkhia
Birthday: 2nd March (You don't have to wish me happy Birthday, but it's fine if you do)
Birthplace: Chandler, Arizona
Home: Pennsylvania
Race: 24 Hours of LeMons
Ethnicity: German, probably Hungarian, Scottish, Irish and English.
Nationality: US citizen
Species: Humanoid, I suppose
Gender: Non-Binary, genderfluid, transfemme, demigirl, androgyne.
Pronouns: They/them.
Sexuality: Bisexual and pansexual; queer AF
Age: 22 Laps around the sun.
Religion: Agnostic Atheist
Party affiliation: Registered Democrat, but so I could participate primaries and there really isn't much choice in progressives.
Languages: English, German, and French

Link8values test results

Political Test: Social Democratic Cosmopolitan

Political Spectrum Quiz

Economic Left/Right: -8.0
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -7.85

RP details
Auzkhia is a game, not a serious political project. I blend both my serious beliefs, worldbuilding, and satirical humor. Though I've been somewhat inactive due to university and finding work.

Summary of my real world political beliefs in detail.

For/Pro: Socialism, Communism, Anarchy, Market Socialism, Democratic Socialism, LGBTQIA+, Civil Rights, Feminism, Black Lives Matter, European Unification, Gradual abolition of the state, Direct Democracy, Multimember Proportional Voting, Parliamentary system, Decentralization, Federalism, Multilingualism, Metrication of the US, universal healthcare, legalization of cannabis, Non-binary and genderqueer inclusion, autistic advocacy, Hedonism, Libertinism, Left-Libertarianism, Antifa, copyright abolition, secularism, housing collectives, co-ops, and pacifism.

Neutral: Religion in general, Green parties/Environmentalism, Gun control, gun culture, constitutional monarchy, republics with a president, social democracy, moderates, liberalism, the Democratic Party.

Against/Anti: Unjust Hierarchies, Nazism, Fascism, Right-wing populism, Nationalism, Ethnic-nationalism, Autocracy, Totalitarianism, Eurosceptism, Capitalism, Social Conservatism, Neoconservatism, current PA Legislature, the Alt Right, The GOP, FN, AfD, GMO-Labelling, Sex-gender system, police, anti-car sentiment, gentrification, Nativism/Xenophobia, Religious Fundamentalism, Stalin apologetics, Anglophone laziness, strict monolingualism, mandatory military service, autism $peaks, child worship, general bigotry, white supremacy, racism, sexism, toxic masculinity, heterosexism, homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, TERFs, SWERFs, the "war on drugs"/ Prohibition 2.0, Electoral College, and First-past-the-post voting.