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Commanders during the Thracian Wars RP

Caspian I, Imperator of the Second Empire

Caspian I, sometimes called the "Dragon of the East", was the Twentieth Imperator of the Second Empire. He was one of the fiercest Imperators the Second Empire has ever seen - a skilled military commander, he consolidated the Second Empire's territories to the south and east, defeating the Kingdom of Magnus in the Battle of Arlington in 1585. It was under his rule when the Roman Guards were reinforced as some of the best military units in the entire Empire.

When the Thracian Wars begin, Caspian I is in Nova Roma, with his sons Saladin and Tristan gathering forces from all over the Empire. Later, he dies in battle during the Battle of Fort Paladin, killed by three shots from a Thracian musketeer.

Status: Taken by Celibrae

Saladin IV, Imperator of the Second Empire

Saladin IV was the Twenty-First Imperator and First High Emperor of the Second Empire. Born in Nova Roma in 1551 as the second son of Caspian I, Saladin became the Imperator's Heir after the death of his older brother Severus in 1583. He spent most of his early days as a military commander, standing at the forefront of the Empire's campaign against Celibrae and the Timurians. He is a skilled military commander on par with his father Caspian I.

When the Thracian Wars begin, Saladin IV is gathering forces from all over the Empire. While his brother Tristan is sent to battle the Thracians in the front, he is given the task to defend Nova Roma. His first appearance in actual battle will be during the Siege of Nova Roma.

Status: Taken by Atlantica

Tristan Akulov, Prince of the Second Empire

Tristan Akulov is the third son of Caspian I, two years younger than Saladin IV. When his brother Saladin fights on the battlefield, Tristan studied military tactics on the table: although he still went out to command battles, he went more in-depth into theoretical military tactics than his brother and later Imperator.

When the Thracian Wars begin, he is sent as one of the commanders to fight in many of the Empire's notable battles, including the First Battle of Kronos Edge, the Battle of Fort Paladin (though he had to retreat shortly after the battle) and the Siege of Nova Roma. He is said to have died directly after the Siege of Nova Roma, when the Thracian Emperor Charles IV captured him and publicly executed him.

Arthur Bane, Marshall of the Toridians

Arthur Bane, unlike most commanders during the Thracian Wars, was Toridian in ethnicity. Although living in a Toridian stronghold west of the Empire, Arthur Bane befriended Prince Saladin, who would later grow to become Imperator Saladin IV. Unaware that his friend was to become Imperator, Arthur Bane trained the Toridian Militia enough to fight the Second Empire, for that his goal, before the Thracian Wars, was to gain sovereignty from the Second Empire through military force.

Because of this, when the Thracian Wars begin, Arthur Bane is seen not even lifting a finger about the Second Empire, until Saladin IV himself visits him and asks for his help after the First Battle of Kronos Edge. He will appear in all battles since the Siege of Nova Roma.

Status: Taken by Mapleston

Peter Winters, Admiral of the Second Empire

Peter Winters, like Arthur Bane, has a rather unusual origin: he was a former pirate. Coming from an impoverished fisherman's family, Peter Winters became a pirate at a relatively young age, pillaging ships and spreading his name and notoriety around the Second Empire. Just before the Thracian Wars, his fleet was so powerful that even the Second Empire thought twice about destroying him and his stronghold at present-day Port Skyholder.

When the Thracian Wars begin, Peter Winters is seen doing nothing until the First Battle of Kronos Edge and the Battle of Marina Bay, where he is convinced that he will do something to save those he had loved. Although he does not appear in official battles until the Second Battle of Kronos Edge, he is seen raiding and pillaging Thracian fleets until then.

Igor Bashkir, General of the Second Empire

Igor Bashkir, even before the Thracian Wars, was a well-respected military commander of the Second Empire. During his earlier days, he played a prominent role in bringing down Timurian rebellions in the Armata Mountains, while he fought alongside Saladin IV during the Second Empire's campaigns against Celibrae.

When the Thracian Wars begin, Igor Bashkir is assigned with the role to defend the mainland, alongside Prince Tristan and other commanders. Note that he is to die in the First Battle of Kronos Edge, which is said to be a critical defeat to the Second Empire.

Alexander III Verayne

Alexander III was one of the greatest Thracian Emperors. He took the throne when he was 20 years old, after the death of his father, Charles III. He continued the militaristic policy of his predeccessors, the so called “Cresco Imperii”. His successful campaigns in the East brought a large territory under the Holy Imperial banner, and earned him the nickname “Lion of the West”.

At the start of the roleplay, Alexander III is 50 years of old, but he looks younger then that. He is an excellent military commander, and has earned himself quite a reputation.

Status: Taken by Golfia

First Prince Charles of Verayne, Marshall of the Empire. Emperor Charles IV.

The First Prince Charles of Verayne was born as the first child and son of His Imperial Majesty, Alexander III. From a young age, Charles was designated as the successor of Alexander, and served in many of his father’s campaigns, becoming an extremely good military commander. He is extremely popular in the Holy Empire. Rumors say that he has more then a simple sibling relation with his twin sister, Julia Verayne.

At the beginning of the roleplay, Charles is 19 years old, and he has already gathered the people that will later form the group of generals known as the Caroleans.

Status: Taken by Tracian Empire

First Princess Julia Verayne, General of the Empire

Princess Julia Verayne is the twin sister of the First Prince Charles. She also followed her father in camapigns together with her brother, and has shown to be great in tactics and combat. Rumors say that the relation between her and Charles isn’t only on a sibling level.

At the beginning of the roleplay, Julia has already earned quite a reputation, and leads her own legion in the First Thracian Invasion.

Duke Frederick of Ragnus

Duke Frederick of Ragnus is the Holy Empire’s oldest commander. Currently 65 years old, Frederick knows the current Emperor from when he was a child, and also served under Alexander’s father, Charles. He is the head of the House of Ragnus, one of the richest and biggest noble families in the Empire. A greatly experimented commander, Frederick is the “leader” of the conservationist faction in the Holy Imperial Army.Frederick is an old but still massive man, with white hair and purple eyes.

At the beginning of the roleplay, Frederick is well known as an experimented and cautious commander, and the commander of the 2nd Legion.

Status: Taken by Albiorix

Duke Michael of Armfeld

Michael is the son of one Thrace’s smaller nobles, John of Armfeld. A childhood friend of Charles, he has shown incredible skills in military strategy and tactics, and is unstoppable with a sword. He is one of the First Prince’s most trusted friends. He played a great role in the last campaign, where he took command of the 4th Legion after the death of his father, and launched the daring attack that destroyed the enemy lines in the final battle. Michael is a young tall man, with blonde hair and purple eyes.

At the beginning of the roleplay, Michael is a young and promising commander who just earned the command of the 4th Legion.

If you are willing to participate in the Thracian Wars RP and would like to take part as commanders, telegram Atlantica and/or Tracian Empire for the name of the commander you would like to take.

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