by Max Barry

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by The Rogue Agency of We Are Not the NSA. . 1,055 reads.

I Raided a GCR


There once was a raider, bored and looking for some fun,
Went on at minor, but found there was no tag run,

Skimming through the forum, found a funny hoax,
Saw an opportunity to play one of his jokes,

Gathering a friend for a raid, they jumped into a GCR,
Turned the tide of the delegacy, but their joke soon went too far,

A Delegate transition did in fact occur on that day,
But delegate of The West Pacific United russoasia would stay,

The delegate was Knot content to sit around and wait,
An invasion he then ordered to take place post haste,

Scrambling the forces of the world, attention turning to this stage,
As a new entry was added in Raiding History's third age,

All the while, the raider watched surprised as to what he'd done,
The victor is still contended, but only two of us really won. ;)

The Rogue Agency of We Are Not the NSA