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Things I've thought about the Imperial Demesne, but has not written down

<Feel free to ask me which aspect do you want to know>
hello this too is also largely obsolete

- Regardless of form, always ruled by the same Council. The constant of that council always happens to be named by the initials "S.S." Contrary to popular belief, we're not ruled (at least directly) by an explicit "God-Emperor".
- Spans a mind-screwing large area - to say the least. The term "Apeiroverse" was coined to refer to parts of it, even.
- If your political entity doesn't tamper with dimensions (and sometimes even then), chances are an alternate-universe version of it (or several thousands of such a thing) would end up being Imperial territories.
- Has Utopian elements, but most definitely not a Utopia - given its premise and political mechanism. Possibly a Marysuetopia, but author is trying to avoid that.
- Is either a reactionary totalitarian fascist slave-based oligarchical empire or a visionary libertarian liberal freedom-based meritocratic confederacy, take your pick.
- Governmental system much closer to Feudal Japan than it is to Imperial or Modern Japan, but without a clear/physical Emperor.
- The leader is, theoretically, "Big Brother" - legendary founder of the Imperial Demesne; he's either a revered god, if you're a believer in him; a great saint, should your god be somebody other than him; or a historical hero, if you aren't religious at all.
- Kept glued together by a privy council. You don't want to know more about them.
- Lingua Francas are, nominally, English, Latin and Japanese.
- Technologically advanced in many fields. Has great knowledge of magic.
- Part of developments in many fields revolves around Lifewave. Enough said.
- Multi-species. Has a broad definition of "Humanity". Homo Sapiens considered a predecessor to/by some of the human sub-races within the current "Human Race" - Allkind, Homo Sacer.
- The population varies in appearances, shapes and sizes, dimensions (yes, there are 2D people), etc. You can realize the numerical balance between two overarching themes, however: Cuteness and Manliness. You'll see plenty of meowing kitten-girls as you'd see chainsaw-wielding grandpas.
- The genders have the same rights. A great many scholars have argued that they have different responsibilities, however. Doesn't prevent lots of women from joining military posts and attaining respectable positions.
- Daily life varies, depending on location. Given the Imperial Demesne's size, it ought to happen. However, prices are always reasonable, red tape is not to be expected, and the trains run on time.
- Eating daily all-vegetable meals is the norm. Due to genetic conditioning, there is now no longer a need for "lower body waste ejection".
- Tolerates Incest, Homosexuality and BDSM.
- Architecture is a mix of modern and futuristic with what have been observed in the past in Europe (especially Gothic architecture) and East Asia. Same thing can be said about everyday attire.
- Religiously syncretic. "State church" - not compulsory - is a strange mix of 95% Shinto and 5% the Roman Catholic Church, "Big Brother" is God.
- The (Holy Office of the) Inquisition is the intelligence agency and, in a way, the secret police.
- The Inquisition always knows what you're doing. It won't intervene, until you start to follow HERESY that is.
- Knightly Orders fight Frontier Wars and deter Heretics.
- Run by "the power of imagination". So, lots of things happen.
- Economically, seemingly monopolized by SS Omnicorp. Money is a complicated, case-by-case-basis matter.
- Culturally quasi-liberal, but tends to discourage abortion and emphasizes on female virginity. Anime-related culture is still a thing, but it's not so much as to dwarf the other parts of pop culture.
- Activities can get pretty shady at times. Has Nazi tendencies and internment camps for a "select few".
- Has a race tailored to be a bad example for everyone, the inherently evil Homo Uguricus - the Ugurians. They live segregated and left to their own devices on Ghetto Planets, or in Ghetto Systems and/or Ghetto Galaxies.
- Likes to grant freedoms to a reasonable extent. However, frowns upon any attempt to abuse them. This leads to...
- Governmental intolerance towards HERESY. SUFFER NOT THE HERETIC TO LIVE.
- The unwritten rule in the military is to treat everyone with mercy and rationality. This rule does not always extend to Heretics, thus...
- Do not voice the Geneva Conventions to Imperial representatives. Those are archaic.
- Talking about concepts such as "nations", "countries", "independence", etc, is considered taboo. Substitutes include "polities", "entities", etc.
- Owning light weapons are legal after proper registration and authorization.
- Our mechs are H.E.R.C. - Heavily-Equipped Reinforced Cavalry. We have other toys too, but we feel like reminding you of this more interesting part.