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Vancouvian Ambassador to the World Assembly

Vancouvian Ambassador to the World Assembly

Washington W. Washington,

Washington Washington is Vancouvia's thirty-first ambassador to the World Assembly. Washington has served as ambassador since September 12th, 2015.

Washington, 49 years old, has a long and storied history in Vancouvian affairs. Prior to serving as Ambassador, Washington was a fisherman, COO of Zalt Industries, a sergeant in the Vancouvian National Army, and most recently, mayor of Angeles. Washington has a Masters of Business Administration from Vesuvius University, graduating in 1991.

He has been ranked as one of the top most influential Vancouvians since 2013, typically cited for his continued clout in Angeles and in the Vancouvian Congress. Despite endorsements and support to run for Congress, Washington as thus far declined to test, citing his desire to spend time with his family.

Washington is married to Penelope Washington and has four children, Mary, Adam, Francis, and Washington Jr. Washington maintains homes in Angeles and Greenview.

Artistic Interpretation

Man With a Gun,
A Man With a Gun

Little is known about Man With a Gun other than the fact that he currently has a gun pointed at the back of Washington W. Washington. He smells like pastas and for some sick reason he sometimes pours spaghetti and lasagnas onto the back of Washington, causing Washington to have to spend a small fortune on dry cleaning. Man With a Gun continues to exert total influence over Washington's votes, submissions, and approvals in the World Assembly, and has repeatedly squashed any hope of Washington trying to get a message back to Congress that he is being subjugated.

Man With a Gun has warned Washington that either he or a Different Man With a Gun has access to his family. Despite this threat, Washington has tried to escape on multiple occasions in the past few days. Most notably, Washington broke the window of the hotel room he is being held in and attempted to climb down the fire escape in the middle of the night, but he was quickly caught by Man With a Gun before he was able to get to the street.

Man With a Gun forces Washington to conduct most of his business from the hotel room, but occasionally he will allow Washington a brief walk around town, provided that Washington be made very aware that Man With a Gun has a gun.

The exact type of gun Man With a Gun has is unknown, but Washington notes its coldness and metallic feel against his back.

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