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(Old RP 1) Middle Earth Roleplay - Update 7


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Dark Wood Orcs:
Grumtash had a need of fresh soldiers, as since last night he had just one thought in mind: the unilaterally decision that he's a mighty orc, and that all mighty orcs are able to fight on two fronts - and win.

Probably because the deadlock between him and the dwarves he has to turn his attention elsewhere, until he gets further reinforcements. The darn dwarves have sturdy defenses ...

Luckily enough for Grumtash, some fresh soldiers in Mirkwood are able to advance towards the main battle fields towards west.

Move the 2340 soldiers from Western Mirkwood towards Anduin Vales
Declare The Noldorin Kingdom of Eregion as enemies on sight

After many weeks of hard work, sweat and pain, a new batallion of Orcs were raised and successfully entered the service of Bru'tak Gumdum, under a new banner of his mighty army. The first order was to complete a lengthy march up through the Southern Pass, enter Upper Nurn and travel along its western borders and past the lake, into Nurn, where Bur'tak himself was waiting with his 4000 soldiers.

Many days have passed, with no new battles, and with no new accounts of greatness and of glory - all in the hopes that what comes next will be the talk of legends! And there is nothing - absolutely nothing - stopping them from claiming Mount Doom, in Gorgoroth, now as they get further reinforcements.

There have been a few skirmishes in the past days, both from the significant orcish garrison there and from Gumdum's soldiers, but nothing notable; a few men down, a few beasts down, a few war machines down. Cutting their supplies route and their access to fresh water puts a serious stress on the garrison, and one Bur'tak intends to break as soon as possible, with brute force.

Still, he has to wait.

Move all orcs from Khand into Nurn.

East Rho-Drukars:
Even if the alliance with his kin proved to be a good asset in the eyes of the nobility at his court, Glodurin still felt pressured about retaking old lands and reclaiming what was once Rho-Drukar.

Trading Dorwinion - a land his forces fought for, drank in and felt prized for - for another province that has less strategic significance, was difficult to justify to those that had no understanding just how politics work - and there's plenty of those in his court. "An axe is all ya need nowadays ... " , he pondered.

He was, however, in a deadlock. To the south the allies of his allies have to be his friends, and his new friends have an agreement of some sorts with the orcs south of his borders - right after the pass! The orcs to the west don't look any less intimidating - maybe on the contrary.

Glodurin even envied them - even if that was really out of his nature. But how couldn't he? They both had plans of expansion, but Glodurin is locked on 3 provinces while the Dark Wood Orcs smash, crash, and probably destroy everything in their paths.

In the end, he thought .. that may just well be their demise. While everyone knows what those orcs are up to, it means that they can, eventually, be able to put them in check. While on the contrary, no-one expects what's brewing in Eastern Rhovanion!

No army movements.

Fangorn Dwarves:
Another day ... another night.

The borders felt safer in the past, even if they were under siege. Now orcs have again been sighted ... although with no clear desire to attack.

Which was a shame, as Bildur really expected them to do so. Something about some new cannons and other devices he'd love to test out ...

Embracing the Old Religion proved to be slightly problematic as well. A dwarf playing with religion is a humurous sight to say the least - especially playing with things he could not understand. But Bildur was still fair, and gave it a go, mostly out of respect to Gruumsh and to the new-found peace between the two.

But not hurting the forests? Not getting .. trees? How could he .. operate? How will his furnances burn, how will his smiths work? They have to do at least a few more batches of swords and axes, body armour and helms ... for he mustered a few more Dwarves to his cause. Dwarves that need protection, and their pockets full. But ... how?

No army movements.

Free people of Lamedon:
If it hasn't been obvious until now, it's official:
King Angordor presented himself in front of the crowd, his eyes burning bright:
"My soldier, my friends,

For too long we have persecuted those we shouldn't; for too long we alienated friends and made them foes! for too long we have been blinded, and we have hated.

Not any longer, I say!

Today we extend our apologies to those that did us no wrong, even if we did wrong to them. And today we punish those that needed to be punished.

The Remnants of the Old Religion are now our brethen, and as we will unite our forces against those without honor, I am pleased to announce that we have two new objectives:

First, to regain control of Rohan, with the help of Old Religion.

Second, to do that while we punish the alliance of Harondor and Ithilien - they are the real enemies, hey are those that alienated us and our brethen, they are the ones that went dark, that destroyed our ancient homes and forced us to relocate further to the West.

We may not remember it as the present day finds us fond of our new homes, but our history does not lie.

We prepare for war!"

Attack Anorien with all forces.

Remnants of Old Religion:
The Remnants of Old Religion have their agendas fully booked; requests were filled by representatives of Lindon and Eryn Vorn for further meetings regarding the freedom of religion and peace.

Gruumsh the Infernal still remembered the old days with his masters, in Forests of Brethil in Doriath. His kin were in good terms with the elves, in those days, and Gruumsh wanted to keep the relations as such - even if many centuries have passed since then.

Sending religious and peace bearing envoys towards the Kingdom of Lindon and Maedhros means that the expansion further north is assured - and with the help and commitment of the Free people of Lamedon, conquering Rohan is the next step.

Move all forces to Enedhwaith.

Rhudaur Folk:
King Arundar found himself slightly puzzled.

There's a huge stack of official papers on his on-camp improvised desk. Alliance and war declarations, mostly. After losing Rhudaur in what's not to be called at all a fair battle - after relocating what remained of the administration and the treasury - and after finding enough bedding for the poor young innocent souls that remained from now on without a father, a mother, an uncle and without a roof over their heads: could King Arundar trust elves any more?

A valid question, seeing that half of the official papers are signed by elvish kings. [i]"Is this a trickery?", the king wonders? "Burn those papers, burn them right away!" the king roared. Then, after what was just a moment, he added: "But wait. Just wait! What ... what is this? This?"[/i], pointing to the dispatch from the realm of Angmar. "Are you sure this came from Angmar? Is the seal in order? It is impossible!"

What he saw was the notice ending the alliance, making the two nations now on the verge of war.
"Or is this another trickery?" the king thought. "THIS letter requires a swift answer."

"Witch King of Angmar,

Your orcs threw a nasty piece of paper on my doorstep - in light of recent army movements at my borders, are your orders true? Are you trying to distance yourself from your vassal, or is this nothing more but a cunning trick meant to dissuade them from further attacks?

Awaiting your reply, Esteemed One.

Remaining yours,
King Arundar"

The following letter was to be sent to the elves of the west:
" Elves to the west,

I have received your curious "demands". They come at a point in time where one of your brethen disregarded any whatsoever law of wars, wrecked my Capitol and instilled fear into the children. Keep in mind that we are talking about the same king that probably laughted at my attempts of communication, twice in a row.

Tell me, elf kings, how do you plan to make good of your word when trusting elves basically means sealing your own fate?"

King Arundar still waited on any reply from Dark Wood orcs ...

Move the capital to Upper Rhudaur

The Noldorin Kingdom of Eregion:
Lord Glorfindel looked in some degree of surprise of Ecthelion's message. Though he quickly grasped the tactical role of Rhuduar, being a buffer against Angmar of sorts, he grudgingly ordered his forces to cease hostilities, though the elves maintained a watchful eye both in the north.

He could not conquer anymore of Rhudaur's land anyway, as much as he would have liked to, unless he dared to overextend his forces, which he was not willing to do.

Send affirmative message to Ecthelion agreeing to cease hostilities against Rhudaur for a few days.
Send 600 soldiers to defend the province of Rhudaur, and 100 more to the elven force in the High Pass.

The Kingdom of Lindon:
No update IC post, only the following decisions:

Move all troops from capital to River Lhun.
Attack Emyn Uial woth all troops and Ecthelion from Forochel.

The Witch King was surprised at the treachery of the elves.
"Well, we'll get then for this! Attack them! Kill their families! Pillage their houses!"
In a dit of anger, the witch King drew up orders to attack the river lhun all out with his 3160 men, only leaving the 2300 forces in the capital to protect it.
A messenger comes running up. "A message from the Rhuadar King!"
"What is this?!" The Witch King Quickly reads it. "Send him a message back. Tell him it was only a ruse..."

3160 orcs plus Witch King to attack River Lhun.
Send the message to King Arundar telling him it was only a ruse...

Maedhros: - secret post
No update IC post, only the following decisions:

Move all of my forces into The Shire.

The Dominion of Glim Firebeard

No movements.

Alliance of Haradrim and Ithilien Rangers:
No news, 4th update.
The faction has been eliminated, part of the provinces it previously held are now claimed by Haradrim and Ithilien Rebels.

What has been done until this update :
  • Free People of Lamedon - successfully conquered 1 province: Anorien.

  • The Kingdom of Lindon - failed to conquer 1 province: Emyn Uial.

  • Maedhros - failed to conquer 1 province: Western Arthedain.

  • Angmar - no longer declares Rhudaur Folk as enemies on sight.

  • The Dominion of Glim Firebeard has changed their capital from Withered Heath to Dorwinion.

  • Rhudaur Folk has changed their capital from Rhudaur to Upper Rhudaur.

The Map of Middle Earth Roleplay - Update 7:
The Map of this Update can be found LinkHERE.
** IF you want to check out the other updates, go LinkHERE **


    • Roleplaying Nation: Gothmog of gundabad

    • Kingdom's Name: Angmar

    • NS Player: The olog-hai (Mordor)

    • Race: Orcs

    • Leader: The Witch King of Angmar

    • More info:

      MORE INFO :: region=Middle_Earth_Roleplay
      Name of Kingdom: Angmar
      Race: Orcs
      Provinces: Angmar, Gundabad
      Hero: The Witch King of Angmar. Type: A
      The name of your ruler: The Witch King of Angmar
      Your desired color: 5
      Read dispatch

    • NS Stats: +10% effectiveness

    • God Favouritism: 59 (+ 0% effectiveness)

    • Regions under command: (4) : Angmar, Emyn Uial, Gundabad, Western Arthedain

    • Armies under command: 2465 Orcs in Emyn Uial and 2300 Orcs in Angmar

    • Roleplaying Nation: Northern and southern lindon

    • Kingdom's Name: The Kingdom of Lindon

    • NS Player: Eglamar

    • Race: Elves

    • Leader: Ecthelion of the Fountain

    • More info:

      MORE INFO :: region=Middle_Earth_Roleplay
      NationStates name: The Kingdom of Eglamar
      Name of Kingdom: The Kingdom of Lindon
      Race: Elves
      Provinces: 2
      If 1 Province: Northern Lindon and Southern Lindon, Hero type A, Ecthelion of the Fountain
      The name of your ruler: Ecthelion of the Fountain
      Your desired color: 14
      Read dispatch

    • NS Stats: +15% effectiveness

    • God Favouritism: 39 (+ 0% effectiveness)

    • Regions under command: (5) : Blue Mountain, Forochel, Northern Lindon, River Lhun, Southern Lindon

    • Armies under command: 375 Semi-Injured Elves in River Lhun and 780 Elves in River Lhun

    • Roleplaying Nation: I am but a simple puppet

    • Kingdom's Name: Maedhros

    • NS Player: March of Maedhros

    • Race: Elves

    • Leader: Maedhros the Tall

    • More info:

      Name of Kingdom: March of Maedhros
      In-game name: Maedhros
      Race: Elves
      Provinces: 1
      If 1 province: Eyrn Vorn and Cardolan, Hero type C, Nelyafinwë
      Ruler: Maedhros the Tall
      Colour: 11
      Read dispatch

    • NS Stats: +5% effectiveness

    • God Favouritism: 17 (-5% effectiveness)

    • Regions under command: (4) : Cardolan, Eryn Vorn, Southern Arthedain, The Shire

    • Armies under command: 1310 Elves in The Shire

    • Roleplaying Nation: Glim firebeard

    • Kingdom's Name: The Dominion of Glim Firebeard

    • NS Player: Dor caranthir

    • Race: Dwarves

    • Leader: Glim Firebeard

    • More info:

      MORE INFO: region=Middle_Earth_Roleplay
      Name of Kingdom: The Dominion of Glim Firebeard
      Race: Dwarf
      Provinces: 2
      If 2 Province: Withered Heath, Northern Rhovanion. Hero Type A: Glim Firebeard
      The name of your ruler: Glim Firebeard
      Your desired color: 7
      Read dispatch

    • NS Stats: -5% effectiveness

    • God Favouritism: 45 (+ 0% effectiveness)

    • Regions under command: (5) : Dorwinion, Iron Hills, Middle Rhovanion, Northern Rhovanion, Withered Heath

    • Armies under command: 670 Dwarves in Middle Rhovanion and 1020 Dwarves in Withered Heath

    • Roleplaying Nation: Eregion and hollin

    • Kingdom's Name: The Noldorin Kingdom of Eregion

    • NS Player: The starlight

    • Race: Elves

    • Leader: Lord Glorfindel

    • More info:

      MORE INFO :: region=Middle_Earth_Roleplay
      Name of Kingdom: --- The Noldorin Kingdom of Eregion
      Race: --- Elves
      Provinces: 2
      If 2 Province: --- (Hollin and Dunland, TYPE A, Saerondr Tarembor)
      The name of your ruler: --- Lord Glorfindel
      Your desired color: 2
      Read dispatch

    • NS Stats: +15% effectiveness

    • God Favouritism: 43 (+ 0% effectiveness)

    • Regions under command: (5) : Dunland, High Pass, Hollin, Northern Cardolan, Rhudaur

    • Armies under command: 550 Elves in High Pass, 600 Elves in Rhudaur and 710 Elves in Hollin

    • Kingdom's Name: (NPC) Dark Wood Orcs

    • Race: Orcs

    • Leader: Grumtash the Hollow

    • Regions under command: (5) : Anduin Vales, Redhorn Gate, Southern Mirkwood, Western Mirkwood, Wold and Foothills

    • Armies under command: 3780 Orcs in Wold & Foothills

    • Kingdom's Name: (NPC) Doom'dr'thak

    • Race: Orcs

    • Leader: Bru'tak Gumdum

    • Regions under command: (3) : Khand, Nurn, Upper Nurn

    • Armies under command: 5790 Orcs in Nurn

    • Kingdom's Name: (NPC) East Rho-Drukars

    • Race: Dwarves

    • Leader: Glodurin

    • Regions under command: (3) : Eastern Rhovanion, Horse Plains, Western Rhovanion

    • Armies under command: 1620 Dwarves in Eastern Rhovanion

    • Kingdom's Name: (NPC) Fangorn Dwarves

    • Race: Dwarves

    • Leader: Bildur the Smither

    • Regions under command: (1) : Fangorn

    • Armies under command: 740 Dwarves in Fangorn

    • Kingdom's Name: (NPC) Free people of Lamedon

    • Race: Humans

    • Leader: Andorgor the Brave

    • Regions under command: (5) : Anorien, Anfalas, Belfalas, Lamedon, Lebennin

    • Armies under command: 2300 Humans in Anorien

    • Kingdom's Name: (NPC) Haradrim and Ithilien Rebels

    • Race: Humans

    • Leader: Fuinur

    • Regions under command: (3) : Ithilien, Harondor, Sutherland

    • Armies under command: 3040 Humans in Ithilien

    • Kingdom's Name: (NPC) Remnants of Old Religion

    • Race: Orcs

    • Leader: Gruumsh the Infernal

    • Regions under command: (5) : Andrast, Enedhwaith, Gap of Isen, Minhiriath, Old Pukel Land

    • Armies under command: 4100 Orcs in Enedhwaith

    • Kingdom's Name: (NPC) Rhudaur Folk

    • Race: Humans

    • Leader: King Arundar

    • Regions under command: (3) : Eastern Arthedain, Ettenmoors, Upper Rhudaur

    • Armies under command: 2560 Humans in Upper Rhudaur

    • Kingdom's Name: N/A

  • Angmar

    • Official Allies: -none-

    • Official Enemies: (2) The Kingdom of Lindon, Maedhros

  • The Kingdom of Lindon

    • Official Allies: (2) Maedhros, The Noldorin Kingdom of Eregion

    • Official Enemies: (1) Angmar

  • Maedhros

    • Official Allies: (2) The Noldorin Kingdom of Eregion, The Kingdom of Lindon

    • Official Enemies: (1) Angmar

  • The Dominion of Glim Firebeard

    • Official Allies: (1) East Rho-Drukars

    • Official Enemies: -none-

  • The Noldorin Kingdom of Eregion

    • Official Allies: (2) Maedhros, The Kingdom of Lindon

    • Official Enemies: -none-

  • Dark Wood Orcs

    • Official Allies: -none-

    • Official Enemies: -none-

    • Declared as Enemy-on-sight: (1) The Noldorin Kingdom of Eregion

  • Doom'dr'thak

    • Official Allies: -none-

    • Official Enemies: -none-

  • East Rho-Drukars

    • Official Allies: (1) The Dominion of Glim Firebeard

    • Official Enemies: -none-

  • Fangorn Dwarves

    • Official Allies: -none-

    • Official Enemies: -none-

  • Free people of Lamedon

    • Official Allies: (1) Remnants of Old Religion

    • Official Enemies: -none-

  • Haradrim and Ithilien Rebels

    • Official Allies: -none-

    • Official Enemies: -none-

  • Remnants of Old Religion

    • Official Allies: (1) Free people of Lamedon

    • Official Enemies: -none-

  • Rhudaur Folk

    • Official Allies: -none-

    • Official Enemies: -none-

Wars status throughout the realm:
  • The Kingdom of Lindon have declared war on Angmar! - war will time out in 2 updates
    (The Kingdom of Lindon failed to capture Emyn Uial - in this update)

  • Maedhros have declared war on Angmar! - war will time out in 1 update
    (Maedhros failed to capture Western Arthedain - 1 update ago)
    -- out of 3 coin flips, 1st: defeat, 2nd: defeat, 3rd: irrelevant. Result: Defeat! --

  • Dark Wood Orcs are no longer at war with Fangorn Dwarves! - war timed out
    (Dark Wood Orcs captured Redhorn Gate - 2 updates ago)

  • The Noldorin Kingdom of Eregion are no longer at war with Rhudaur Folk! - war timed out
    (The Noldorin Kingdom of Eregion captured Rhudaur - 2 updates ago)

RANKING: Most Provinces Controlled in last Update:

- (1st): (Player) The Dominion of Glim Firebeard (7) (5 of 5)
- (2nd): (Player) The Kingdom of Lindon (5 of 5)
- (3rd): (Player) The Noldorin Kingdom of Eregion (5 of 5)
- (NPC) Free people of Lamedon (5 of 5)
- (NPC) Dark Wood Orcs (5 of 5)
- (NPC) Remnants of Old Religion (5 of 5)
- (Player) Angmar (4 of 5)
- (Player) Maedhros (4 of 5)
- (NPC) Haradrim and Ithilien Rebels (3 of 5)
- (NPC) Doom'dr'thak (3 of 5)
- (NPC) East Rho-Drukars (3 of 5)
- (NPC) Rhudaur Folk (3 of 5)
- (NPC) Fangorn Dwarves (1 of 5)

NPC talk and decisions for next update:

Dark Wood Orcs:
Grumtash // edit later the IC post

Received blind orc that came from Glim realms.
Keeps Eregion and Hollin as enemies-on-sight and adds The Dominion of Glim Firebeard as enemies-on-sight
Send words of support to Angmar and to Rhudaur Folk, but no pledge of forces

Bru'tak Gumdum // edit later the IC post

Attack Gorgoroth

East Rho-Drukars:
Glodurin // edit later the IC post

Attack three provinces: Heart of Mirkwood, Southern Mirkwood and Dagorlad

Fangorn Dwarves:
Bildur // edit later the IC post

No army movements.

Free people of Lamedon:
King Angordor // edit later the IC post

Attack Rohan with Remnants of Old Religion

Haradrim and Ithilien Rebels:
Having profited from the mumakil riders rebellion, a mighty warrior named Fuinur, Numenorean by birth race, rose to power among the Haradrim. Much of the lands previously owned by Faramir remained loyal to the past master, with those of Ithilien and of Sutherland pledging loyalty to Fuinur, King of Harondor.

No army movements.

Remnants of Old Religion:
Gruumsh the Infernal // edit later the IC post

Attack Rohan with Free People of Lamedon

Rhudaur Folk:
King Arundar // edit later the IC post

Asks again for a reply from the elves, as the orcs seem a bit untrustworthy. In the same time, asks the Witch King if they are willing to re-enter an Alliance and if so, how can they guarantee the integrity of their territories

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