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The World Unification Treaty Organization

Worldwide Unification Treaty Organization

"To promote the development and safety of all regions. Alliances we stand."

Founded: The 12th of June, 2015
Estimated Population: +800 Nations
President: Abumwe Sanctonava of Xovland
Vice-President: Arnold Schwarzenegger of Kortat
Founder: Nikolai Palk of Slattsenw
Senator: Bill Billson of Yu krane
Minister of Defense: Sylvetch De Wolf of Sylven
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Ulfrid Greyhorn of I p a s

Sister Organisations:

The United Defender Brotherhood

Founder: Pfq founder
Estimated Population: +700 Nations
Date of Sisterhood: The 9th of August, 2015

The CDźD Defender Alliance
Founder: Rowicto and delod
Estimated population: +2 nations
Founded as a Sister: The 6th of September, 2015


WUTO is a treaty organization that aims to develop it's members and keep them safe. As it is a collection of regions and nations, WUTO encourages bonding, especially in the form of mergers and assistance for regions that are in need. The WUTO government will be here to help, but we also encourage members to help each other.

Regional Members and their Representative:

POLATION: Slattsenw
U R N: Xovland
The Dirt Alliance: The democratic empire of dirt
Jeoate: Jeoate
The Cavalry of the DuckCrocs: Ducrotia
The kingdom of Illinois: Fordana
The League of Sovereign Nations
The Edge Union: Teletubland
World Conference
The Constitutional Union
The United World of Battlefronts: Lycanberg
The Robust Military Alliance
Westphalia: Iescech
Military States
States of a Raven
The Union of Economists: South-east antarctica
The Insane Region
Followers of the Ferret
United Federation of Nations: Wildefay
Libertas Terra: Kronomia
Magni Fratres in Arma: Carraway island

To-Do list
•Get a Minister of Communications, a Minister of Culture, Minister of Immigration, and a new Minister of Foreign Affairs.
•Increase size to 25 member regions
•Increase awareness by the NS community of WUTO.