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Legends of Grayskull: The Yggdrasil Tree

The Palace of present day Yggdrasilia
The City of Yggdrasilia, capital of the Dominion of the same name:

Yggdrasil (Or the Divine Bridge) as it is called is the supposed first living thing to be created by the Iliyah.  The Tree had roots in both the Divine world and the Mortal world, with its leaves stretching outward to embrace the light of both worlds. Yggdrasil's creation was actually a test between Sherah and Heoman, for both had used the Primordial Power (the life-force of everything) to cast out Sithos into the Emptiness, and thus was to become the ruler of the Universe.  Heoman and Sherah both created a tree, Heoman created the Divine realm where his Tree's light created the holy realm of Everlast, the dwelling place of the Gods, and thus creating souls, memory, and the concept of wisdom.  Sherah used her tree in order to create the fleshly forms of mortals and the impulse of passion.  Both were unique on their own, but both were lacking.  Bowas said that the flesh-forms that were driven to acts of impulsiveness and festivity, but lacked meaning and were finite.  Orko said that the souls quickly were bored and tired of remembering and being conduits of wisdom, yearning to explore and question.  So the two Gods merged the Trees into the one Tree, Yggdrasil.   Thus the Tree was finished and more beautiful than ever, and both the Gods who wanted Sherah to rule the Universe and those who wanted Heoman to rule were reconciled.  Thus was established the route of which souls traversed to the beyond and to the mortal realm, and the world prospered as a result.
Yggdrasil, in all of it's glory:
Scholars later would describe this as a rather philosophical viewpoint, mirroring that of the Bhumidolian Buddhists, in which the souls would reincarnate until reaching Enlightenment.  However, worldly desires would eventually result in the person seeking higher wisdom. As the philosopher may grow tiered of philosophizing and return to more worldly pursuits.  Nevertheless it is a heartwarming tale of two sides reuniting once again.

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