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(Old RP 1) Middle Earth Roleplay - Update 5


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Dark Wood Orcs:
The fight in the Wold & Foothills was nothing less than magnificent. Nothing beats fighting a real, serious, all-stakes fight - against Dwarves. And winning. Because, there's no way else to put it. Winning. Even if .. as his scouts inform him, he may have received an unexpected help by another Orc, that attacked another of the Fangorn's provinces in the same turn.

"An orc? Magnificent! Although ... they might be aiming for the gold themselves! Ohh .. crush them! Crush the dwarves!"

... later, when asserting that the forces of Dark Orcs aren't enough to capture by themselves the capital of Fangorn, Grumtash had a clever solution: ally, if possible, with the Orc. And crush them afterwards if they so even plan to grab any gold.

Grumtash wondered when the scouts he sent will return .... "if no-one returns soon, then most likely no-one's of importance near me and the scouts had to travel too far to reach any of interest. Which is a good thing ..."
Send alliance request to Remnants of the Old Religion. If agree, ask to support with attacking Fangorn. If agree, attack with all forces

Bru'tak Gumdum's Small Council came to a conclusion: next attack would be on Gorgoroth.

All the army will be conserved, and trained to succeed in such a task.

Expecting new recruits, before attacking.
No army movements

East Rho-Drukars:
Glodurin received no reply from his envoy to Glim. And Glodurin felt ... isolated. Too isolated. The humans near his borders, the orcs near his borders and .. the silent dwarf, at his borders.

If Glim offers no reply, then Glodurin should not stay idle!

"Send word toward da Alliance of Haradrim and Ithilien Rangers - inquire about thy future plans, nd assure em dat our expansion dinno involve nay of their current realms. Extend a offer of friendship towards them."

"Send word ta the orcs ... inform dem dat our expansion dinna involve nay of their current realm, nd extend n offer of friendship towards th... ".
Glodurin did not finish his last phrase, as he was interrupted by one of his servants. "What'sit??!", he said.
"Sir'Glodurin, there be orcs from Dark Woods waiting in da main hall, askin' ta talk with ya.", the servant replied.
"Oh be daaamnnn in all languages what they be wantin?! Hastly lad, take me to them!"

After a brief conversation, Glodurin informed the orcs that he's merely the ruler of a small conservative nation, with no serious plans of expansions, other than reclaiming lost lands. Certainly not a nation of interest ...

After the orcs left, Glodurin called all his council and told them what happened. He also informed everyone to keep quiet of what happened, although he feared of spies ... it happened once, why couldn't it happen again?
"Last thing me needs now is explanations ... safeguarding me kingdom is paramount. Did what me had ta do ...."

No army movements.

Fangorn Dwarves:
Conquering the mines of Moria was a great feat, and one that was the last piece to be integrated to Bildur's masterplan. But oh, to what cost ... news of fighting, news of defeat ... losing the Gap of Isen - to the orcs, and losing the forests of Wold - to another orcs! The armies in Moria are isolated, and the capital is guarded by just a small force ... enough to protect it against a frontal attack, as Bildur's siege engines are capable of fending off any daring attackers. But .. there's no way the capital would hold against a fight on two fronts ...

Ask of help from nearby nations, if anyone is able to receive word and send an alleviating force!
Send pleas of help to nearby nations (especially to the Noldorin Kingdom of Eregion and to the Alliance of Haradrim and Ithilien Rangers)

Free people of Lamedon:
Conquering Lebennin meant that all that's beneath the mountains is now under Angordor's rule. There's no need for further expansion, now that the orcs moved their eyes elsewhere, and humans are on the eastern borders.

And when there isn't war, there's plenty of time to pray ...
No army movements.

Remnants of Old Religion:
Gruumsh the Infernal knew that Minhiriath was his target, yet something, unexplicably changed ... the need to punish the dwarves of the Gap, for not replying to his letter, to his request. This ought to be a warning to any not embracing the righteous path.

Coincidence made it that, in the same time, another part of Fangorn's realm got captured, by another band of orcs. And, as coincidences come in pairs, not long has passed and Gruumsh the Infernal received word from the one named Grumtash, of the Dark Woods, about an alliance to strike, and to finish the dwarves.

And this is fine. Minhiriath can wait. Punishment can not.

Agree to alliance with Dark Wood Orcs.
Attack with all forces with the help of the Dark Wood Orcs army the province of Fangorn.

Rhudaur Folk:
Arthedain, Ettenmoors, Rhudaur and Upper Rhudaur - King Arundar has enough to be proud of. The protection of the Witch King of Angmar, and the reassurances he received after his latest tribute meant that he can now turn around, and respect the last part of the deal - to declare war on any elves!

This proved to be easy, considering that the elves of Hollin didn't even bother to write any replies to his dispatches. The Witch King is right ... elves are nothing more than a nuisance!

Send word to the Witch King and inform them that we are ready to start war, let they propose to us a target!

On a side note, scouts were sighted - orcish scouts, and not from Angmar - but from the forests to the east!
"Welcome, orcish friends! You are talking with King Arundar, ruler of Rhudaur folk and ally of the Witch King, the most mighty of your race!

You ask of the might of my forces? This is it, I say! The might of my friends can become your might, if you so choose to tell your master that Rhudaur is friends with orcs, with any orc."
No army movements yet.

The Noldorin Kingdom of Eregion:
Lord Glorfindel grinned as he read the name on the letter. Lord Ecthelion of the Fountain, former lord of Gondolin, and his best friend. Ecthelion who had slain 4 Balrogs, one of which being Gothmog, Lord of the Balrogs himself. He quickly penned a letter in response.
"My dear Ecthelion,

It is good to see that you have prevailed against these rebels, though it is always a sad thing to see elves fighting against elves. Maedhros and I have already formed an alliance, and it will be my pleasure to welcome you into this alliance of elven nations. The orcs, the humans, the dwarves, they have all forgotten the fury and might of the Eldar. Let us relight that flame, and long may it burn!

The darkness is indeed rising. Here among us now are three Lords of the Eldar who have not forgotten our might, whom have seen the glory of Valinor. Let us unsheathe our swords and fight. And if this is to be our end, let it be in a blaze of glory, the light of the Eldar shining in our eyes, our swords keen and our armor glittering like stars. It is my hope that we shall stand side by side on the battlefield once more."

May the grace of the Valar guide us,

Lord Glorfindel of the Golden Flower."

He then moved his eyes towards Rhudaur, sending a letter to declare war, sending an army of 1000 elves led by Lord Saerondr soon after to attack the capital of Rhudaur. It was indeed time to strike. Rhudaur had claimed the fair city of Imladris to be theirs. They were sorely mistaken, and so, he would strike.

He had also received a letter from some pagans to the south. Scoffing but recognizing that he did not need another enemy, he replied.

"To Gruumsh the Infernal,

You are welcome to attempt conversion to your 'Old Religion'. Be aware, however, that I beheld Valinor in all its glory myself. If or when your prophets are asked to leave, I expect them to do so with grace and dignity. Your prophets may enter my lands for religious reasons, not for spying out the land nor my forces. Any attempts to do so will be met with appropriate force.

Lord Glorfindel"
Send letter to Ecthelion, accepting alliance. Send letter to Gruumush, welcoming him to spread religion. Declare war on Rhudaur and attack their capital with 1000 Elves, led by Hero.

Maedhros: post 1 of 2
Maedhros glared afar from the top of bag-end it wasn't tall but his elvish eyes could see far. And was clear to him that Rhudaur had learned of his and Gothmog's plans, as they had put all their eggs in one basket. 1480 soldiers in Upper Rhudaur, they were preparing for all-out war with Angmar, and they knew the Elves were to far to aid their new allies. Maybe they had learned from the elvish forces that attacked their capital? Maybe from Angmar? But the knew alliance deserved the benefit of the doubt. Maedhros decided to move, 880 soldiers were to attack Eastern Arthedain the moment Angmar attacked Upper Rhudaur. It was to be like the Nírnaeth Arnoediad, crushed between hammer and anvil, but now Man had no allies and could turn to none for aid.

Attack Eastern Arthedain with 880 Elves, on the condition that Angamr hold up their alliance and destroy Rhudaur's armies (in Upper Rhudaur).

The Dominion of Glim Firebeard
The feasting lasted for three days, at which point even the hardiest Dwarf was drunk to the point of passing out. Noone could really believe that they'd recaptured the Iron Hills so rapidly, and every Dwarf in the nation was filled with a newfound enthusiasm. Most of all, the Dwarves were ecstatic at the rapid rise to power fuelled by their leader.

On the fourth day, Glim finally had a chance to escape from the frenzied Dwarves chanting his name. There was, after all, still official business to conduct. A group of Orcs had been captured near the border with Southern Mirkwood, and Glim had to decide what to do with them. There was also the issue with Glodurin. However arrogant the Dwarf was, Glim didn't really want to wage war on his kin. However, he also really didn't like the idea of giving the Dwarf enough troops to wage war on him. Finally, there was the matter of the capital. With their newfound wealth, the holding in the Withered Heath was insufficient. The question was whether to move the capital to the a more sufficient location, or to simply construct a new Hold in the Heath.

Glim decided to start with Glodurin. Relations had, after all, been cordial so far. He sat down and started penning a letter to the other Dwarf Lord.

"Ta Glodurin o' tha East Rho-Drukars.

A pardon fer not replying sooner. As yer may have heard, ah had some business in the Iron Hills. Ah do appreciate tha difficult position that yer in, but 500 of mah finest Dwarves seems too much. In exchange fer a territory swap as previously discussed, ah'd be happy to offer ye 250 o' mah finest, as well as an Oath of Friendship ta last our lifetimes. When yer mull this over in yer noggin, keep in mind that, with no enemies nearby, mah troops would be able ta move te yer aid in any trouble ye might have. So even if yer don't get all yer 500 troops, ye'd still have more than that, ready ta aid ye in yer time of need.

Ah hope ta hear from ye soon.

- Glim Firebeard"

As he finished, he had finally decided what to do with the Orcs. Orcs were the filth of Middle Earth, vermin no more fit to live than rats. As he hoped to have secured the alliance with the East Rho-Drukars, he saw no real need to maintain a false sense of friendship with these Orcs. So a message was sent to the leader of the garrison where the Orcs were held.

"Captain Baelog,

See ta it that yer captives be dispatched. All except tha leader. Instead remove his eyes and tongue, and throw him back in tha forest as a warning. Whether he makes it back ta his nest is less important.

- Glim"

Finally Glim decided to reach out to the humans, and offer them aid in their plans. He knew about their ambitions for taking Rohan, and reckoned that a powerful ally like that would help secure the south and east for good.

"Mah Lord Faramir,

Ah am pleased ta announce the retaking of tha Iron Hills. With this, ambitions fer me own people have been reached. Ah remember what yer said about Rohan, and see yer position is a little... finicky. Ah would be happy ta march me army south ta yer aid, should yer need it.

- Glim Firebeard"

With all that taken care of, Glim rejoined the feasting. When they were done, the army would march south. For now, all this writing had left him thirsty for more ale.

Message to East Rho-Drukars, proposing to swap Western Rhovanion for Dorwinion, and offering them 250 Dwarves and an Alliance in exchange.
Kill captured Orcs from the Dark Woods Orcs, but leave one alive with no eyes or tongue to stagger back to his leader if he can.
Message to Haradrim and Ithilien Rangers offering aid in capturing Rohan.
Move all troops to Western Rhovanion.

Maedhros: - post 2 of 2
Maedhros' armies were on the move, but Angmar was stagnant? Had they betrayed him? No, it was too early to believe that. They must be rallying their forces, yes; that must be it. We should do the same, make sure Rhudaur is demolished in one fell swoop, only one. They shall move at the same time. Separately, but together in mind.

DO NOT attack Easern Arthedain this turn, instead bring all 400 troops from Eryn Vorn to The Shire ASAP and prepare for war with Rhudaur.

The Kingdom of Lindon:
Ecthelion was glad to receive positive news from both Maedhros and Glorfindel.
His messengers also reported about Glim Firebeard reclaiming back the Iron Hills. Ecthelion, remembering times when Elves and Dwarves lived together in harmony and mutual respect, was wiling to try to bring those times back.
"- Send this latter with congratulations and a few pieces of jewelry from my personal collection to Glim Firebeard. Those made in Gondolin by my clansmen. "
The People of the Fountain of the South were masters of work with silver and diamonds and the quality of work of Gondolindrim remained quite a standard even today. While issuing orders, the elf thought - As a token of good will these jewels will do, but I wonder if dwarves will understand the history behind them. Well, maybe Glim Firebard will surprise me... It's rare for a dwarf to know the history of elves, apart from Silmarils...
During these days rumors came to Lindon about a peace pact between Maedhros and Angmar. Ecthelion, of course, thought of them just that - stupid rumors. After all that happened to his family, Mardhros surely wouldn't peace with an enemy. But then... Lord of the Fountain wasn't sure, and now with weakened Lindon he had to be careful. Let us see what happens next and then act accordingly. He called in messengers again:
"- And send a short notice to the closest orc-post - "Should you attack Mithlond or Numariador, you will be considered as arch-enemy of the elves. If you, however, wish peace for your orcs, then we could talk". "
What was Ecthelion thinking? Who knows...
No army movements.

No news.

Alliance of Haradrim and Ithilien Rangers:
No news, 2nd update.

What has been done until this update :
  • The Noldorin Kingdom of Eregion - successfully conquered 1 CAPITAL PROVINCE: Rhudaur

  • Dark Wood Orcs - successfully conquered 1 province: Redhorn Gate.

  • Remnants of Old Religion - successfully conquered 1 province: Minhiriath

  • The Dominion of Glim Firebeard and East Rho-Drukars have established an Alliance.

  • Remnants of Old Religion and Fangorn Dwarves have declared peace. Can not attack one another for 2 updates.

The Map of Middle Earth Roleplay - Update 5:
The Map of this Update can be found LinkHERE.
** IF you want to check out the other updates, go LinkHERE **


    • Kingdom's Name: Alliance of Haradrim and Ithilien Rangers (AHIR)

    • NS Player: Teya lone

    • Race: Humans

    • Leader: Faramir

    • More info:

      MORE INFO :: region=Middle_Earth_Roleplay
      Name of Kingdom: Alliance of Haradrim and Ithilien Rangers (AHIR?)
      Race: Humans
      Provinces: 2
      If 2 Provinces: Ithilien and Harondor, Hero type D, Faramir
      The name of your ruler: Faramir
      Your desired color: 1
      Read dispatch

    • NS Stats: +15% effectiveness

    • God Favouritism: 25 (+ 0% effectiveness)

    • Regions under command: (4) : Anorien, Dagorlad, Ithilien, Harondor

    • Armies under command: 1520 Humans in Ithilien, 640 Humans in Anorien and 640 Humans in Dagorlad

    • Kingdom's Name: Angmar

    • NS Player: The olog-hai (Mordor)

    • Race: Orcs

    • Leader: The Witch King of Angmar

    • More info:

      MORE INFO :: region=Middle_Earth_Roleplay
      Name of Kingdom: Angmar
      Race: Orcs
      Provinces: Angmar, Gundabad
      Hero: The Witch King of Angmar. Type: A
      The name of your ruler: The Witch King of Angmar
      Your desired color: 5
      Read dispatch

    • NS Stats: +15% effectiveness

    • God Favouritism: 54 (+ 0% effectiveness)

    • Regions under command: (5) : Angmar, Emyn Uial, Forochel, Gundabad, Western Arthedain

    • Armies under command: 4100 Orcs in Western Arthedain and 320 Orcs in Angmar

    • Kingdom's Name: The Kingdom of Lindon

    • NS Player: Eglamar

    • Race: Elves

    • Leader: Ecthelion of the Fountain

    • More info:

      MORE INFO :: region=Middle_Earth_Roleplay
      NationStates name: The Kingdom of Eglamar
      Name of Kingdom: The Kingdom of Lindon
      Race: Elves
      Provinces: 2
      If 1 Province: Northern Lindon and Southern Lindon, Hero type A, Ecthelion of the Fountain
      The name of your ruler: Ecthelion of the Fountain
      Your desired color: 14
      Read dispatch

    • NS Stats: +15% effectiveness

    • God Favouritism: 47 (+ 0% effectiveness)

    • Regions under command: (4) : Blue Mountain, Northern Lindon, River Lhun, Southern Lindon

    • Armies under command: 960 Elves in River Lhun

    • Kingdom's Name: Maedhros

    • NS Player: March of Maedhros

    • Race: Elves

    • Leader: Maedhros the Tall

    • More info:

      Name of Kingdom: March of Maedhros
      In-game name: Maedhros
      Race: Elves
      Provinces: 1
      If 1 province: Eyrn Vorn and Cardolan, Hero type C, Nelyafinwë
      Ruler: Maedhros the Tall
      Colour: 11
      Read dispatch

    • NS Stats: +0% effectiveness

    • God Favouritism: 35 (+ 0% effectiveness)

    • Regions under command: (4) : Cardolan, Eyrn Vorn, Southern Arthedain, The Shire

    • Armies under command: 1380 Elves in The Shire

    • Kingdom's Name: The Dominion of Glim Firebeard

    • NS Player: Dor caranthir

    • Race: Dwarves

    • Leader: Glim Firebeard

    • More info:

      MORE INFO: region=Middle_Earth_Roleplay
      Name of Kingdom: The Dominion of Glim Firebeard
      Race: Dwarf
      Provinces: 2
      If 2 Province: Withered Heath, Northern Rhovanion. Hero Type A: Glim Firebeard
      The name of your ruler: Glim Firebeard
      Your desired color: 7
      Read dispatch

    • NS Stats: +5% effectiveness

    • God Favouritism: 61 (+ 0% effectiveness)

    • Regions under command: (5) : Dorwinion, Iron Hills, Middle Rhovanion, Northern Rhovanion, Withered Heath

    • Armies under command: 670 Dwarves in Western Rhovanion (on allied territory)

    • Kingdom's Name: The Noldorin Kingdom of Eregion

    • NS Player: The starlight

    • Race: Elves

    • Leader: Lord Glorfindel

    • More info:

      MORE INFO :: region=Middle_Earth_Roleplay
      Name of Kingdom: --- The Noldorin Kingdom of Eregion
      Race: --- Elves
      Provinces: 2
      If 2 Province: --- (Hollin and Dunland, TYPE A, Saerondr Tarembor)
      The name of your ruler: --- Lord Glorfindel
      Your desired color: 2
      Read dispatch

    • NS Stats: +15% effectiveness

    • God Favouritism: 46 (+ 0% effectiveness)

    • Regions under command: (4) : Dunland, Hollin, Northern Cardolan, Rhudaur

    • Armies under command: 770 Elves in Rhudaur and 430 Elves in Hollin

    • Kingdom's Name: (NPC) Dark Wood Orcs

    • Race: Orcs

    • Leader: Grumtash the Hollow

    • Regions under command: (5) : Anduin Vales, Redhorn Gate, Southern Mirkwood, Western Mirkwood, Wold and Foothills

    • Armies under command: 1440 Orcs in Redhorn Gate

    • Kingdom's Name: (NPC) Doom'dr'thak

    • Race: Orcs

    • Leader: Bru'tak Gumdum

    • Regions under command: (3) : Khand, Nurn, Upper Nurn

    • Armies under command: 4170 Orcs in Nurn

    • Kingdom's Name: (NPC) East Rho-Drukars

    • Race: Dwarves

    • Leader: Glodurin

    • Regions under command: (3) : Eastern Rhovanion, Horse Plains, Western Rhovanion

    • Armies under command: 1080 Dwarves in Eastern Rhovanion

    • Kingdom's Name: (NPC) Fangorn Dwarves

    • Race: Dwarves

    • Leader: Bildur the Smither

    • Regions under command: (1) : Fangorn

    • Armies under command: 160 Dwarves and also 140 Injured and 140 Semi-Injured Dwarves in Fangorn

    • Kingdom's Name: (NPC) Free people of Lamedon

    • Race: Humans

    • Leader: Andorgor the Brave

    • Regions under command: (4) : Anfalas, Belfalas, Lamedon, Lebennin

    • Armies under command: 1560 Humans in Lebennin

    • Kingdom's Name: (NPC) Remnants of Old Religion

    • Race: Orcs

    • Leader: Gruumsh the Infernal

    • Regions under command: (5) : Andrast, Enedhwaith, Gap of Isen, Minhiriath, Old Pukel Land

    • Armies under command: 1670 Orcs in Minhiriath

    • Kingdom's Name: (NPC) Rhudaur Folk

    • Race: Humans

    • Leader: King Arundar

    • Regions under command: (3) : Eastern Arthedain, Ettenmoors, Upper Rhudaur

    • Armies under command: 1480 Humans in Upper Rhudaur

    • Kingdom's Name: N/A

  • Alliance of Haradrim and Ithilien Rangers

    • Official Allies: (1) The Dominion of Glim Firebeard

    • Official Enemies: -none-

    • Declared a Non-Aggression-Pact with: (1) Doom'dr'thak

  • Angmar

    • Official Allies: (1) (NPC) Rhudaur Folk

    • Official Enemies: -none-

  • The Kingdom of Lindon

    • Official Allies: (2) Maedhros, The Noldorin Kingdom of Eregion

    • Official Enemies: -none-

  • Maedhros

    • Official Allies: (2) The Noldorin Kingdom of Eregion, The Kingdom of Lindon

    • Official Enemies: -none-

  • The Dominion of Glim Firebeard

    • Official Allies: (2) Alliance of Haradrim and Ithilien Rangers, East Rho-Drukars

    • Official Enemies: -none-

  • The Noldorin Kingdom of Eregion

    • Official Allies: (2) Maedhros, The Kingdom of Lindon

    • Official Enemies: -none-

  • Dark Wood Orcs

    • Official Allies: -none-

    • Official Enemies: (1) Fangorn Dwarves

  • Doom'dr'thak

    • Official Allies: -none-

    • Official Enemies: -none-

    • Declared a Non-Aggression-Pact with: (1) Alliance of Haradrim and Ithilien Rangers

  • East Rho-Drukars

    • Official Allies: (1) The Dominion of Glim Firebeard

    • Official Enemies: -none-

  • Fangorn Dwarves

    • Official Allies: -none-

    • Official Enemies: (1) Dark Wood Orcs

  • Free people of Lamedon

    • Official Allies: -none-

    • Official Enemies: -none-

  • Remnants of Old Religion

    • Official Allies: -none-

    • Official Enemies: -none-

  • Rhudaur Folk

    • Official Allies: (1) Angmar

    • Official Enemies: (1) The Noldorin Kingdom of Eregion

Wars status throughout the realm:
  • Remnants of Old Religion and Fangorn Dwarves have declared peace! - unable to attack each other for 2 updates

  • Dark Wood Orcs have declared war on Fangorn Dwarves! - war will time out in 2 updates
    (Dark Wood Orcs captured Redhorn Gate - in this update)

  • The Noldorin Kingdom of Eregion have declared war on Rhudaur Folk! - war will time out in 2 updates
    (The Noldorin Kingdom of Eregion captured Rhudaur - in this update)

RANKING: Most Provinces Controlled in last Update:

- (1st): (Player) The Dominion of Glim Firebeard (7) (5 of 5)
- (2nd): (NPC) Dark Wood Orcs (5 of 5)
- (3rd): (NPC) Remnants of Old Religion (5 of 5)
- (Player) Angmar (5 of 5)
- (Player) The Noldorin Kingdom of Eregion (4 of 5)
- (Player) The Kingdom of Lindon (4 of 5)
- (Player) Maedhros (4 of 5)
- (NPC) Free people of Lamedon (4 of 5)
- (Player) Alliance of Haradrim and Ithilien Rangers (4 of 5)
- (NPC) Doom'dr'thak (3 of 5)
- (NPC) East Rho-Drukars (3 of 5)
- (NPC) Rhudaur Folk (3 of 5)
- (NPC) Fangorn Dwarves (1 of 5)

NPC talk and decisions for next update:

Dark Wood Orcs:
The Dark Wood orcs got ... how to say ... slightly burned. Grumtash blamed it on his scouts; how could they not have known that those weren't Orcs? Yes, they were hideous, but still ...

There was no alliance. It was just a trick. But Grumtash was smart enough to let the Remnant of the Old Religion forces take the blunt of the attack on Fangorn, with him to ride from the back, and emerge victorious.

But when he saw that no-one attacked ... and moreover, that his scouts noticed that the Old Religion forces aren't even at the borders anymore ... only then he realised.

The capitol can not be attacked. But the mines of Moria were in reach. And at least some dwarves to be masssacred ...


After the attack on Redhorn Gate (and the obvious victory), Grumtash cursed the day he trusted the Remnants of the Old Religion. If he was a lesser orc, he would have feared them. But, the defenses of Fangorn are now insurmountable, and his eyes have to turn elsewhere.

The message from Rhudaur Folk returned. "Ahh, excellent! Replies from my envoys!", Grumtash mentioned.

Grumtash's attack plans are so deeply convoluted that only he knows what he's planning for the next update ...

Bru'tak Gumdum is still waiting for his reinforcements.

No army movements

East Rho-Drukars:
Glodurin received, at last, the reply from Glim. Reply that came with a force of 250 dwarves.

"Wha' be this? Me fingers dunno count 500 heads. Tis a joke, I wonder?

They not be finest dwarves, bet ... after trainin the, more than half wou'be dead ...

But meh, tis exactly what I needed. Mah position is strong enough even with what'll remain of those 250; and meh borders will be defended by strong warriors!

Gimme the papers to sign, for ta alliance with Glim!"

After signing the alliance, Glodurin sent word to Glim;
"Kin Glim,

Accepted the alliance with ya, on good terms.

Ye soldiers be stationed in meh Western Rhovanion. Wha be your plans now, if meh can inquire?
There is so much bread my kingsmen can serve yar armies, and for so much time ...

Besides, so much fightin' seriously left ya forces depleted, from wha I can see .."

No army movements.

Fangorn Dwarves:
There was no reply to any of the pleas of help - None! Bildur sweared that this slash will not remain without a response; his smithers and his furnances will not work anymore for the pleasure of work, for the gems and marvels of beauty - they'll work from now on, around the clock, for swords, armors and other, more dangerous weapons!

And even if he felt secure in his fortress in Fangorn, or that he knew the forest of Fangorn like the back of his hand (what remained of the forest, anyway!), not being able to sally out left him with both of his hands tied;

... Oh, but when the the time is darkest, hope is found! A private emissary from the Remnants of Old Religion asked for a meeting with Bildur. Quite skeptical, Bildur agreed ... and was lucky enough to do so;

The meeting had a positive outcome for both parties involved; Explaining to Bildur that the Old Religion can attack Fangorn, with the help of Dark Woods, but not wanting to do so - made Bildur, on behalf of the Fangorn Dwarves, agree to a peace request from the Old Religion, on the grounds that Bildur will respect more the forest, and officially convert to the Old Religion.

Bildur agreed ...

No army movements.

Free people of Lamedon:
Nothing is known in this update about the whereabouts of King Angordor.

It is like everything is shrouded in mystery ...

No army movements.

Remnants of Old Religion:
When the envoy from the Dark Woods came, he mistook the uglyness of the Remnants to an orcish uglyness.

Those orcs were real blind ... even if that is passable as accident by a too young emissary, but mistaking Gruumsh, a flaming statue, as an orc chieftain? Too much ...

Gruumsh the Infernal received the message from Lord Glorfindel of Eregion. A reply was in order.

"Lord Glorfindel,

Your reply is acceptable, although hear us out.

Us Drughu or as your folk likes to call us, Drúedain, or Oghor-hai by them orcs, we hold the creator and his instruments in proper awe, but of all we worship most the First Mother, or, Mâm-ugu-Mâm.

We are aware that you do not practice organised worship, as there is no point in worshipping someone you have met in your own life, or in the lives of your grandparents;

But us Drughu have far shorter lives, and for us serving the earth and practicing religion has purpose.

If you claim to share our beliefs in a common denominator, then you will find no trouble erecting shines on your land, treasuring your own. More followers will most certainly follow.

You may find our practices, at first, strange, but the fire at our holy sites does burn bright, and is not estinguished by any force, and you can see it in our glowing red eyes ...

If you claim not to share our beliefs, or you feel too unbothered to adopt such a pure concept as religion just becaue you are too ... old, for it, then .. there are some mysterious powers that we would like to introduce you to.

In a different way.

For the benefit of the world, to clease that which is not clean, be it a first born or a darkish spawn of the netherworld.

I leave it up to you, Lord Glorfindel, as you took the time to answer.

I hope our message cleared any ... misconceptions, regarding us, and regarding our motifs.

No matter what others say .. or how others view us."

Move all forces to Enedhwaith.

Rhudaur Folk:
King Arundar felt the shock of having his capital conquered by elves.

"ELVES!! Ahh, Angmar knew best .... how can you trust these ... fossils?"

"Send word to the Witch King. A war is coming! Prepare all of our forces ... and make all the preparations to establish Upper Rhudaur as our new capital."

"Oh, send word to our newfound friend, the orc of Dark Forest. The defiant elves have met their doom..."

No army movements yet.
Send word to Angmar and to Dark Wood Orcs towards a rally of forces and attack of elves.

The Community of Dispatch