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by The Democratic Peoples Republic of Franconia Empire. . 3 reads.

The Ecodome

The Ecodome is a high tech security system that comes the Franconia Empire. Due to the fires in the Northeast, we have placed vents to filter out the smoke.

The Ecodome comes with a large display that tells you when troops are killed and where troops are. It also gives you the outside air temperature, air quality and any reports from Emperor Lars himself.

Air circulation is a big thing, because, well, you're human. You need air. We put in filters to put in good air and pumps out bad air. It also has man- made rain clouds, just because you need rain.

The Franconia Empire is going to give you a huge tax refund for all of this. Expect over 3,000,000 UCB Credits in the mail Franconia Empire!

We thank you for your time and understandings. We want the Empire to be safe...

*jingle* only with Eco-Dome..