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New XKI Rift Banners

XKI Rift Banners

Want to show off your 10000 Islands pride? Don't know what to do with the new Rift-theme banners? Want to display some great designs by fellow Islanders as you build your nation and defend other regions?

Use the official 10000 Islands banners below for your nation!

Islander Banners

TITO Banners
(TITO members only, please—find out Linkhow to join yourself!)

TITO EF Banner
(TITO Expeditionary Force members only, please)

How to Display a Banner

Here's an easy, step-by-step process for displaying a 10000 Islands banner:

1. Save any banners you like to your computer (if you don't know how to do that, you can find instructions Linkhere).

2. Make sure you have your theme set to "Rift," which you can do on the "Theme" option of the settings page.

3. Go to the banners page, then click "Upload Banner" under "Custom #1" (or "Custom #2" or "Custom #3"!), then click "Browse," then select the banner from your files:

It's that easy! If you want to display only your 10000 Islands banners and none of the default ones, you can use the "Toggle All Off/On" option at the top of the banners page, turning on only your 10000 Islands banners.

Designs by Almonaster Nuevo, Randomain, Renisia, Coreyo, and Kon island. Factbook by Paffnia. Inspiration from The West Pacific.

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