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The United Defender Brotherhood

Under construction!
The United Defender Brotherhood


Motto: "The Liberations Have Begun"

Peoples Federation of Qandaristan
The Cavalry of the DuckCrocs
The Atlas Federation

Launchpoint: Occidelia
Total brigades: 10

Qandaristania of Peoples Federation of Qandaristan
Ducrotia of The Cavalry of the DuckCrocs
Trigori of Krumpelberg
Langor empire of Union of Confederate Regions

Sister organizations:

  • Established unitary parliament

  • Military alliance and pact

  • An HQ

  • Troops with a high morale

Upcoming Features
  • Defender Assembly

  • Frequent operations

  • Several Institutions (RP etc.)

Who are we?

After the initial failures of the PFQ Regional Network and TIRNA (that wasn't even able to launch a kickstart), the United Defender Brotherhood strikes again in their goal to unite defenders under one goal, flag and symbol. The idea is simple. In order to tackle the raider enemy, we need to first ensure that we're united and strong, before engaging in battle. That's the purpose TUDB serves - to unite the defenders under one flag, goal and symbol.

TUDB is actively seeking new members and new soldiers and we would appreciate if you joined our efforts at removing raider scum once and for all. The mighty TUDB is in need of you and your forces immediately.

Pfq founder