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Map of Atlas - The Most Recent Version Can Be Found Here.

Current Head of Cartography: Alahana

All queries, plot requests and suggestions to it are to be placed in the Atlas Geographic Thread If they aren't addressed, TG the EP and/or Head of Cartography.

Mapmaking Authority: Who does what?
If you would like to request a plot change and are unsure of who to contact in order to do this, look no further than below!
Simple Plot Changes: This category covers moves from your current plot to another, already drawn plot. These moves should be requested by:

  • Posting on the sign-ups thread.

  • Sending a telegram to the Head of Cartography (VACANT) or EP


Special Plot Changes: Any moves that are not from one plot to another predrawn plot. In this case, acceptable methods are:

  • Posting on the Atlas Geographic Thread.

  • Sending a descriptive telegram to the Head of Cartography (VACANT) and the current EP.

Plot Edits: Plot edits are just changes to the plot that you already occupy. These can be requested by:

  • Posting on the Atlas Geographic Thread

  • Clearing the prospective move with the current executive president, and then communicating with the Head of Cartography (VACANT) about details.

    General Inquiries: Have a question about the map? Please do not hesitate to post on the Atlas Geographic Thread, or to contact the Head of Cartography (VACANT) or EP.

Off-limits Plots
This section is just in case someone needs to reserve a plot or arguments necessitate me making it a permanent no-man's land.

Right now, the only thing off-limits to colonisation are the Polar continents. Talk to VACANT or the EP for details.

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