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Unique Military Vessels used by the Imperium

TNC - Throne
Length: 4.6 Kilometers
Width: 3 Kilometers
Height: 2.6 Kilometers
Crew Compliment: 24000
Armament: 800 Heavy Particle Projection Cannons, 1600 Pulse Laser Turrets, 480 Heavy Anti-Ship Beams, 48 Large Anti-Ship Missile Bays [400 Missiles per Barrage, 8000 Missiles each, 120 Megaton], 2000 Laser Flak Turrets
Armour: 36 Meter Thick Reinforced Battlestation Plating, Eight Layer Hardened Battlestation Shields
FTL System: Quad Subspace Drive
Subsystems: Full Sensors Array, Quad Hyperpulse Generator, Military Oversight Headquarters
Weapon Breakdown:
800 H-PPC | 200 Port/Starboard | 200 Above/Below
1600 PLT | 400 Port/Starboard | 400 Above/Below
480 H-ASB | 120 Port/Starboard | 120 Above/Below
48 L-ASMB | 12 Port/Starboard | 12 Above/Below
2000 L-FT | 500 Port/Starboard | 500 Above/Below
Notes: The largest ship the Imperium has ever (partially) constructed, the TNC - Throne is the personal command ship of the Military Overseer, and Flagship of the First Fleet. For this reason, it has only once left the New Harron System, in order to test its Subspace Drives. Due to a combination of poorly-thought-out policy regarding it, and the sheer scale of it, the ship is technically 'operationally-incomplete'. It serves primarily as an experience project for Imperial Engineers and Technicians.

TCO - Ashes of Eternity
Length: 1.2 Kilometers
Width: 600 Meters
Height: 400 Meters
Crew Compliment:
Armament: 60 Anti-Ship Beams, 80 Particle Projection Cannons, 320 Pulse Laser Turrets, 400 Point Defense Beam
Armour: 16 Meter Capital Ship Armour, 4 Layer Hardened Capital Ship Shields
FTL System: Subspace Drive
Subsystems: Full Sensor Array, Hyperpulse Generator, Civil Oversight Mobile Headquarters
Weapon Breakdown:
60 ASB | 25 Port/Starboard | 25 Above/Below | 10 Forward
80 PPC | 40 Port/Starboard | 40 Above/Below
320 PLT | 160 Port/Starboard | 160 Above/Below
400 PDB | 100 Port/Starboard | 100 Above/Below
Notes: The TCO - Ashes of Eternity, is the personal command vessel of the Civil Overseer, and officially organized in the First Fleet. The ship, while heavily armed, was not designed with Combat in mind, and fails as a Battleship when considering comparable Capital Ships in the Imperial Navy.

TDV - Citadel
Length: 1.4 Kilometers
Width: 800 Meters
Height: 400 Meters
Crew Compliment:
Armament: 600 Pulse Laser Turrets, 400 Laser Scatter Turrets
Armour: 12 Meters Reduced Mass Capital Ship Armour, 4 Layer Hardened Capital Ship Shields
FTL System: Subspace Drive
Subsystems: Hyperpulse Generator, Imperial Embassy, Diplomatic Quarters, Assembly Chamber, Full Sensors Array,
Weapon Breakdown:
600 PLT | 150 Port/Starboard | 150 Above/Below
400 L-FT | 100 Port/Starboard | 100 Above/Below
Notes: The TDV - Citadel, being the only purely diplomatic vessel within the Imperium, is almost entirely unarmed, and relies on an escort of First Fleet Vessels in the event of conflict. The vessel was commissioned by Diplomatic Overseer Alexander Markhov, on his appointment to the position, and serves as a mobile Imperial Embassy, and the center of Diplomatic Oversight operations. Vessel also contains private quarters for Overseer Markhov and Daughter.

TNS - Arm of Orion
Length: 2.8 Kilometers
Width: 1.8 Kilometers
Height: 1.8 Kilometers
Crew Compliment: 10000 [4000 Marines]
Armament: 160 Heavy Anti-Ship Railguns, 520 Heavy Particle Projection Cannons, 800 Pulse Laser Turrets, 120 Heavy Anti-Ship Beams, 400 Laser Flak Turrets, 6 Heavy Planetary Siege Bays [800 Anti-Surface Missiles Each, 120 Megaton], 24 Large Swarm Missile Bays, [200 Missiles per Barrage, 4000 Missiles each, 80 Megaton]
Armour: 24 Meter Thick Reinforced Battlestation Plating, Seven Layer Hardened Capital Ship Shields
FTL System: Dual Subspace Drives
Subsystems: Weaponized Hyperpulse Generator, Full-Sensor Package, Alpha Strike [Beams], Total Command Center, Dropship Bays
Weapon Breakdown:
120 H-ASB | 120 Forward
800 PLT | 200 Port/Starboard | 200 Above/Below
160 H-ASR | 40 Port/Starboard | 40 Above/Below
520 HPPC Turret | 130 Port/Starboard | 130 Above/Below
6 H-PSB | 6 Forward
24 L-SMB | 6 Port/Starboard | 6 Above/Below
400 PFT | 100 Port/Starboard | 100 Above/Below
The Arm of Orion, is an attempted Modernization of the Rassvet Class Dreadnought. It has undergone several attempts at this throughout its operational life, and its current state has proven to be most effective in increasing the effectiveness of the Frame. Due to introduction of Refit Rassvet Dreadnoughts, the vessel has undergone further modification, to further utilize Reactor Systems.

TNS - Silent Cast
Length: 2.025 Kilometers
Width: 800 Meters
Height: 600 Meters
Crew Compliment: 3000
Armament: 120 Heavy Pulse Laser Turrets, 144 Laser Scatter Turrets
Armour: 8 Meters Reinforced Capital Ship Armour, 6 Layer Capital Ship Shields
FTL System: Subspace Drive
Subsystems: Hyperpulse Generator, Full-Sensor Package, Strikecraft Operations Center
Weapon Breakdown:
120 H-PLT | 30 Port/Starboard | 30 Above/Below
144 H-PLT | 36 Port/Starboard | 36 Above/Below
Strikecraft Bays:
48 Venators
72 Imperator Cs
144 Victors
144 Antov IIIs
60 Tramenevs
Notes: The Silent Cast, is actually an Imperial refit of Excidium planetis's Crossbow Class Carrier, and is currently being used as a test of the combat effectiveness of Strikecraft Carriers on the scale of Capital Ships.

UTS - Silent Song
Length: 80 Meters
Width: 22 Meters
Height: 22 Meters
Crew Compliment: 16
Armament: 1 Union Naval Pulsed-Laser, 2 Nuclear Missile Bays [1 Missiles per Barrage, 12 Missiles Each]
Armour: 0.4 Meters Reinforced Steel.
FTL System: None.
Subsystems: Radar/Lidar Array, In-System Communications,
Weapon Breakdown:
1 UN-PL | 1 Forward
2 Missile Bays | 2 Forward
The UTS - Silent Song, while officially registered as an In-Service Imperial Vessel, was initially constructed, and operated by the Union of Tinfect Continental States, and served as the command ship of their Interplanetary Fleet, which, at its height, consisted of 7 Ships, 5 of which were armed Shuttlecraft. Lost during the Collapse, it was located in high-orbit of Hathien, unpowered, and lacking oxygen, but otherwise undamaged. Since then it has been restored, and now sits in an Orbital Dock, from which it has not been removed for 70 Years, and currently serves as a Pre-Imperial Museum. Its sister ship, the UTS - Lunar Eye, has not been located.

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